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Slate for Windows 10 1903

Theme for Windows 10 1903 Builds.

Supports 100% scaling settings only.

How To

You'll need your system patched with UXThemePatcher


You'll also need 'StartIsBack' (check the 'SIB Settings' screenshots included in the zip, for theme specific settings in StartIsBack)to apply the start menu 
& taskbar style as well as 'OldNewExplorer' for windows explorer to look exactly like it is in the screenshot. 
a.Extract the contents of the 'Theme' folder & copy them to: 
b.From Personalization, select & apply the theme.

Slate Logon/Lockscreens in 1920x1080 & 2560x1440 resolutions.


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Awesome themes they work great. One question though, only thing that doesn't seem to work in any theme is the forward and back buttons in the windows folders. They are still the ugly round blue ones. Also, black background behind file names...

Any thoughts?

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black background behind file names: need to install aero glass for win 10 to fix that

navigation buttons: guessing you are running a display scaling higher than 100%.. unfortunately, my themes only support 100% scaling settings

ah...thanks much. Awesome skins

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Great creation m8!! Love it.

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thank you kindly!!
nice theme!

I think the start menu needs some love, can you do it less transparent or enable blur on it?
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you can enable blur on the start menu from SiB appearance panel, check the use custom start menu coloring & click on the teardrop glyph beside the slider & you'll see a dropdown with the options clear, blur etc... select blur & adjust transparency to your liking using the slider
Already tried that, no changes.
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Real graphic work with top skills.. artistic beauty!OMG 
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thanks a lot mate
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I really like this one! :D
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