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Daily Deviation
June 10, 2020
Onyx by devillnside
Featured by DasGnomo
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Theme for Windows 7

NewUpdated to version 1.2New
Screenshots updated for new version
Completely new window frames for dwm windows.
New min, max/restore, close buttons.
Explorer command module background tweaks.
Explorer details pane tweaks.
Control panel command module background tweaks.
New control panel top navigation pane background.
Changes to start menu colours.
System tray notify flyout header & footer background tweaks.
Scrollbar arrow & thumb buttons colour fixed.
Improved branding & genuine images.
System tray calendar & clock background image tweaks.
Some colour property changes.

Updated to version 1.1
Screenshots updated for new version
Fixed taskbar, taskband & system tray margins
DWM window top frame completely redone.
Increased transparency on dwm window frames.
Fixed the clock & calendar background gradients.
Tweaked the navigation buttons.
Made some changes to highlights & hot tracking colours.
Tweaked the branding & genuine images.

How To:
You'll need your system patched with either UXTheme or UXStyle & have Theme Resource Changer installed for the theme to apply exactly like in the screen shot.

Links to UXTheme Patcher & UXStyle Core for both 32bit & 64bit systems are in the 'Links For Softwares' text file in the zip.
Links for Theme Resource Changer for both 32bit & 64bit systems also included in the text file.
All links are to my Mega Account, so they should be clean.


Use this link to the folder on mega containing all required software:!TAYGGBCR!xa83jWcTS9…

Extract & copy the contents of the 'Theme' folder to:
'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' & apply.
Be sure to have Theme Resource Changer installed before applying & it will take care of the rest.

A logon screen is included with the theme. 
Instructions for changing the logon Background manually is included in the Logon folder


If you prefer the easier way, there are free programs available, namely Windows logon changer, that changes the logon screen background easily. 
A quick google search will get you results.

Theme Extras:
Shellbrd (Branding) Image
System.cpl (Genuine) Image
Timedate.cpl (Date & Time Clock) Image
& instructions on how to use them are included in the zip.

Freepik for the vector arts used to make the wallpapers & logon screen for the theme.


D@rkside Of Aquarius™
DOA Themes

© 2020 - 2021 devillnside
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What a damn shame. You went to all that trouble of designing all this beautiful artwork and then give half-assed technical instructions. Instructions are supposed to be literal, systematic, number steps that are complete in themselves and don't expect the user to infer anything or read between the lines. I followed your half-assed instructions and got half-assed results.

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Hi, it turns off Aero in my case. Does this happen sometimes?


My Friends Are Shocked!!!


Here is my desktop:


heya, pretty late to the party. I absolutely love this. Never knew you could change your ui so much XD

Im experiencing one problem, with onyx. Managed to install everyhing just fine, even changed the system clock. When i type something in start however, there's no text bar. Ive included a screenshot of this. Here I typed 'paint' to make the paint program appear, but no words are visible. is that feature? Or am I misisng something XD

Onyx Screenie
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I had some issue where my browser was copying my high contrast theme (i have photosensitivity) and it broke buttons on certain sites, a real nightmare for me. Tried everything I could google and think of and a random help thing led me here, tried installing your theme despite not knowing anything about hacking my own machine and damn,m it fixed it, it works, and my eyes are spared the light. Thanks so much for all the downloads in one place, was super easy!

Damn bro, working cool in 2021, thx a lot, please you should give some instructions to fix the black coloured sheet on Office Word after applying it, but really nice :3

there are some people who dont under stand hklm stands for hkey local machine so i think it would be easier for people if you used the actual folder name

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What icon pack you were using I want to use it to?

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It's Alienware Invader & the installer's for windows 7 only.. here's the link:

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Thanks. Now my windows looks pretty neat. Good job :)

Hey man this is super cool theme, nice visuals but animations are lagging on my pc, don't know why (maybe coz my hardware is old).

So I applied your 'Mercurian' theme an its working perfectly.

any idea why this is happening?

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thanks mate... and to answer your question, this theme has a lot more graphics intensive parts in it than Mercurian & i mean LOTS more like textures, gradients etc. but for that to matter enough to slow down you pc so much that animations start to lag, would have to make your hardware extremely old ... so is it that old? if not, then it's something else.. why don't you download this copy of the theme i linked below & try to use this one & see if it still causes problems... this is literally the copy of the theme i was running on my pc so should be working without issues...

Thanks man, i tried the linked theme, it works flawlessly, and i love it. (btw my pc is running a core2duo, so yeah its slow af and can't handle too much textures i guess)

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WOW!!! that IS old!!!

I wish there was a red version for this(for windows 7)

where do you teach

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teach??!!!:o teach what!!! i don't teach!!!!

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