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Mekanix X

Mekanix X
Theme for Windows 10 RS5 & 1903 Builds.

Supports 100% scaling settings only.

NewUpdated to version 1.2New

Fixed explorer navigation pane & items view colour mismatch.
New explorer items view background texture.

Updated to version 1.1

Fixed margins for taskbar thumbnail preview background.
New system tray notify flyout button.
Fixed system tray notify flyout button alignment.
Fixed immersive context menu item highlights.

How To
You'll need your system patched with UXThemePatcher


You'll also need 'StartIsBack' (check the 'SIB Settings' screenshots included in the zip, for theme specific settings in StartIsBack)to apply the start menu 
& taskbar style as well as 'OldNewExplorer' for windows explorer to look exactly like it is in the screenshot. 



Extract the contents of the 'Theme' folder & copy them to: 
From Personalization, select & apply the theme.

Aero Glass is recommended with this theme.

Aero Glass for RS5 1809:…

Windows 10 1903
To use this theme with Windows 10 1903 copy the Shell folder from inside Windows 10 1903 Shellstyle.dll to the Mekanix folder replacing the existing one.
Copy the theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
From Personalization, select & apply the theme.

Mekanix Lockscreens in 1920x1080 & 2560x1440 resolutions.


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Hi @devillnside , i have a bug on Startisback poweroff button. It appear duplicate and separated by some milimeters. How can i to set 1 button only? For the rest, the theme is superb

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uncheck the 'show glyph icons' option in start is back configuration

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Senikmat Rasa Rambutan Mojokerto

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Thank u, really great job! Love windows 10. <3
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thanks a lot... enjoy!!!
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Great colors combination! well done!!
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Stunning work mate!!!
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fucking nice bro&nbsp;
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jo jo men long time ago hou are you now i hef a qwastion i hef  a problem  i wil let you sie it in mega file you hef my log in he
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upload the file & post the link
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you hef my mega code
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you have search enabled in start menu.. which is why it looks like that.. look for it in settings & disable it.. i don't remember exactly where because i have cortana & all the other windows crap turned off so it doesn't show on mine
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thanks men it is done .only you hef the same if you load a nieuw theme only the first stil steay fisabole
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Killer design mate!
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