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Gen-2 Series 7TSP Icon Packs for Windows 10 1903+

Gen-2 Series: Antitoxin, Plasma Blue, Laser Red, Lady Pink & Desaturated 7TSP Icon Packs
For Windows 10 1903 & above builds

Big thanks to Moonnique @ Virtual Customs for all the hard work she put in into recolouring, compiling, testing the new 7TSP release & updating the icon packs for 1903.

To install these icon packs you need to use 7TSP GUI 2019 Edition found here:

Open up 7TSP & click Add a Custom Pack & select the icon pack you want to install.
Click on Start Patching.
By default 7TSP will create a restore point & install the icon pack.
Once installation is done reboot & you're done.

Do not use any of these icon packs on any other Windows 10 builds other than 1903 19H1, 19H2 & 20H1.


DOA Themes.
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Ada Apakah Gerangan

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Sir, How to Remove And Get Back Windows 10 Default Icon?

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open up 7tsp & use the restore function

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massive update moon!!! thanks a lot mate for the many hours you put into this!!!!

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Estos iconos funcionan con la versión 1909?

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yeah they work with 1909
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What is this exactly? An add-on for a pre-existing icon pack?
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no.. the others are ipacks, using the ipack installer which isn't compatible with windows 10 1903 onward .. so this is for windows 10 1903 & 1909 meant to be installed using 7TSP GUI
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no problem, happy to help
Hi. Have you been able to solve the problem of the changed icons? Since my July 24 message I have not known about it. Greetings and thanks for the work you do.
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i'll be testing a this out on an new icons pack in the coming week & if the issue is fixed there then i'll update these packs accordingly... apologies for your troubles
You do not need to apologize. You do a great job. My respects. Thank you
Hello, my problem is that the symbol of the explorer does not change.

Windows 10 1903
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hello and if you can't change explorer.exe (File Explorer) icon

you need to run 7tsp GUI as Administrator thats all

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file explorer icon?

how to change file explorer icon?

do u have icon only file?

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can you post a screenshot of where the icon does not change?
Hi. Excellent work. I have found 2 errors. The "ISO" images icon does not correspond, and it is also of a low resolution. In addition, the thumbnail view of videos appears covered by a generic video image. I had to uninstall this icon pack and use the "Media Preview Configuration" program to restore the thumbnails. Otherwise, everything works and looks excellent. Good job👍
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Hello and sorry about this but please if is possible can you upload one image or link for the image with your errors only then i can help to you

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