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Gen 2 Laser Red Plasma Blue and Antitoxin for 1903

Gen-2 Series: Laser Red, Plasma Blue & Antitoxin X Edition
For Windows 10 1903 Builds.

Supports 100% scaling settings only.

How To
You'll need your system patched with UXThemePatcher


You'll also need 'StartIsBack' (check the 'SIB Settings' screenshots included in the zip, for theme specific settings in StartIsBack)to apply the start menu 
& taskbar style as well as 'OldNewExplorer' for windows explorer to look exactly like it is in the screenshot. 



Extract the contents of the 'Theme' folder & copy them to: 
From Personalization, select & apply the theme.


Laser Red, Plasma Blue & Antitoxin Logon/Lockscreens in 1920x1080 & 2560x1440 resolutions.


D@rkside Of Aquarius™
DOA Themes
© 2019 - 2021 devillnside
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Beautiful theme, love it...

will there be a 1909 ver? :< luv your themes btw! <3

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you can use this

Gen-2 Plasma Blue 2004

on 1909 for Plasma Blue, it's updated recently & a bit different i cwertain places from the original theme, but if you would prefer the original one, then all 1903 themes are compatible with 1909 also, so you can go ahead & give the 1903 version a try.

Actually i've already downloaded that one, I just wanted to try other colors because they all look so cool that I can't even choose for myself.:la:

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well then you can use the 1903 colour variants on 1909

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Thank you mate for this awesome themes.. keep it up!

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and you are being too kind!!!! thanks nevertheless!!!
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Do you only make themes that support 100% of scale?

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themes i make only support 100% scaling
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sad /: I liked them (until tested, but all were strange to scale (use 124%)

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i'm sorry to hear that mate... if i update the themes with other scaling sizes i'll let you knopw
Hi, when I click on your download link in upper, right corner, nothing happens. When I right-click and choose to open link in new window, it has a 404 error. Is this theme still available? Thank you.
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i just clicked it right now & it worked just fine!!! :o (Eek) 
Yea, I just got it working when I opened EDGE. For some reason, Firefox won't download the file. Strange. Thank you, I look forward to using your theme!
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Unique work, special skills in graphics!Clap La la la la +fav 
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THIS IS INCREDIBLE..  Emoticon - Scootaloo Jaw Drop Emoticon - Scootaloo Jaw Drop 
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Amazing themes m8!
Thanks for the 1903 updates
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thanks mate..enjoy!!
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