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Apogee for Windows 10 RS2-RS5

Theme for Windows 10 RS2 to RS5 Builds

Supports 100% scaling settings only.

NewApogee RS5New
Updated to version 1.2
Screenshots updated for new version

Tweaked the taskbar, taskband & show desktop buttons.
Cleaned up the tray notify background image.
Tweaked the Dwm window min, max & close buttons.
Tweaked the DWM window bottom & top frames.
Tweaked the DWM window outer borders(shadow left & right images).
Tweaked the start menu programs list, all programs & searchview images.
Fixed start menu extended places list content margins.
Tweaked the details pane.
Tweaked the library header image.
Tweaked the control panel top navigation pane.
Minor tweaks to the listview & treeview selected state images throughout the theme.
Tweaked the treeview glyph & hot glyphs.
Tweaked the listview header expand & collapse buttons.
Replaced the toolbar extend glyph & the library location button extend glyphs.
Tweaked the progress bar images.
Tweaked the pushbutton, radio button, & checkbox images.
Tweaked the combobox & lisbox images.
Tweaked the scrollbar gripper images.
Tweaked the addressband & the searchbox images.

Apogee RS5
Updated to version 1.1
Tweaked taskband content margins.
Replaced taskitem buttons with new(round) ones.
Replaced the taskband flash count images & changed some related colour properties.
Recoloured the touch indicator images to better accomodate the round taskitem buttons.
Tweaked the taskbar jumplist content margins.
Tweaked the start menu searchview & more results images.
Tweaked the DWM window bottom, left & right side frames.
Changed the window sizing border & padded border widths.
Reduced window caption text size.
Tweaked all the toolbar buttons throughout the theme.
Changed the colorization color in the .theme file.
Replaced the control panel top navigation pane image with a new one.
Cleaned up the start orb images removing the blurry & dirty pixels.

How To
You'll need your system patched with UXThemePatcher


You'll also need 'StartIsBack' (check the 'SIB Settings' screenshots included in the zip, for theme specific settings in StartIsBack)to apply the start menu 
& taskbar style as well as 'OldNewExplorer' for windows explorer to look exactly like it is in the screenshot. 




For RS2-RS4:

Extract the contents of the theme folder & copy them to:
Use the 'Add Personalize Classic' registry file in zip to add the option to your desktop right click menu.
From right click menu go to:
Personalize(classic)>Theme settings
& select to apply the theme.

For RS5:
Extract the contents of the 'Theme' folder & copy them to: 
From Personalization, select & apply the theme.

Aero Glass is recommended with this theme.

Aero Glass for RS5 1809:…


Apogee Logon/Lockscreens in 1920x1080 & 2560x1440 resolutions.


D@rkside Of Aquarius™
DOA Themes
© 2019 - 2021 devillnside
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Looks incredible. But I'm having a problem downloading. Nothing here and the DOA Themes website doesn't have this theme. Either I'm blind or I'm blind. lol Can you help me out?

devillnside's avatar
if you're using eclipse then the download button is right below the screenshots, if you're using the old site then its on the right hand side pf the page near the top
Hey dude, 
Love your work!
Fantastic themes!
I'm having a little trouble getting the theme to apply to Explorer Navigational buttons.
The Nav Buttons just stay normal Windows back and forward buttons.
Any pointers?
Keep up the great work!
devillnside's avatar
did you set up Old New Explorer properly? there is a screenshot of the settings for ONE in the Installation Guide &  Readme folder.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I have ONE set up exactly like the pic in the Install Guide.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled.
Are there extra configs that need to be done with the .dll files?
devillnside's avatar
no .. there is nothing else... strange that problem you seem to have!!! could you try another theme & see if it yields different results?? also, what's your DPI settings?
Surface Pro 3 = DPI 195.
I see the nav buttons change with other themes. 
Its just strange they are not with this one.
devillnside's avatar
it's the dpi setting.. if you set it @ 100% ( to test & see), i believe you'll find the nav buttons gets changed
Right on!!!
That did it!
Things are a little small now, but i can deal with that.
Thanks again!!!
devillnside's avatar
no problems.. good to know it worked out in the end
niivu's avatar
Amazing work!
devillnside's avatar
Pixscells's avatar
nice job buddy, but why don't you use your icon packs?
devillnside's avatar
but i am using it mate .. this is version 2 of the ipack i'm using
Pixscells's avatar
5 minutes after seeing it I realized it was your recent pack .... lol
I'm sorry for the inconvenience CURSE YOU! 
devillnside's avatar
what inconvenience mate? don't be so hard on yourself
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vet vet myn friend cool thema a 10 stars
devillnside's avatar
much appreciated
canjes25's avatar
thanks for the file men simple ting
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