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Why it sucked 2



Here's the 2nd part people, hope you haven't waited too long .
Of course stay tuned for the last installment of the trilogy .
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While some of Morrison's X-Men run is bullcrap, the only part I like about it is the revamped Toad where he became less pathetic with no ridiculous costume he had worn in the last decades and he grew his spine by expressing his disgust when he found Xorneto had gone too far.
When I read the issue about the part where Cat!Beast told Trish that he's "gay", I felt that it was an insult to the true homosexuals and any LGBT community (I don't know my sexuality yet but like many open-minded people, I support homosexuals and their rights). Though Beast has bromance moments with Wonder Man when he was an Avenger, he also flings with other ladies as well (e.g. Trish Tilby, Cecilia Reyes, Abigail Brand in Astonishing X-Men...)