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In case you're wondering none of the quotes are invented, they're straight from the book & instead of railing about them , I'll let the characters comment on this "genius" of a run ...

Narrator: Everyone on the Internet was in love with "New X-men"
When asked if they loved it, they'd say "yes" it was an omen
Morrison's a god , and Quietly's art a gem
And his stories are perfect for them
Yes, the stories seemed to make so many people happy
But the tunisian comic reader found it all crappy
He hated "New x-men" with every cell of his body
Please you can ask why -- we can find out how this could be
It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right
Or perhaps it could be that his shoes were too tight
DEVILKAIS: Screw that pal! we don't have all night
NARRATOR: But the most likely reason of all, I should think
Is that this man's hatred was far too big
But whatever the reason you might want to pick
The reader spent his time hating the comic
Staring down with an enraged big frown
He never got what pleased all the people in town
DEVILKAIS: Can't they see—
NARRATOR: ...said the man .
DEVILKAIS: ...that this whole run is shitty?
I'd rather go read an Austen X-men story!
[Beat] Wait that equally sucks ass !

(Ripped off from the Nostalgia critic )

BTW folks , you'd better get used to these facial expressions, I'll use them a lot ...
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Narrator: But the mostly likely reason is because of his knowledge of X-men was too big
The whole Superheroes should use tights is one of the reasons why I have the feeling that Whedon actually hates Morrison's run too (last time I comment on him)
Also, was so difficult to say "Apocalypse possesed him?" ah of course, it's only wrong when someone else writes it in the least accesible way possible.
Not to mention, Wolverine wasn't that attracted to Jean as he was in the first cartoon and the movies.
This run really seems  to ignore also that the X-men are part of the Marvel Universe (at least to the parts I could stomatch to read) as:
-No superhero team went to help the possible survivors of Genosha
-The U men concept
-Magneto attacks New York and...AGAIN!! no superheroes gets involved