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The Duckburg tribute
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Published: August 17, 2012
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Ladies and Gentleman , I would like to give you one piece of information about Disney in general . A lot of people constantly talk about the fairy tales and princesses when it comes to that company , I am on a whole different bandwagon altogether : it's a company of mice and ducks . We'll get to the mice another time (Mickey needs to be seen for what he truly is , a badass adventurer rather than just a logo ), now we dvelve in the duck side (well a part of it anyway since St Canard also counts . I apologise for the quality of this picture , it's a really old one and my style hasn't matured yet so it is subject to improvement.)
I took all the characters from the various masters like Carl Barks , Al Taliferro , Dick Kinney, Romano Scarpa William Van Horn and various others . Now being tunisian , I came across these comics in french and then in english as an adult . Therefore you try to guess who's who !

Donald , Scrooge McDuck ( Balthazar Picsou ) , Huey Dewey Louie (Riri, Fifi , Loulou) , Gladstone Gander (Gontran Bonheur ) , Daisy , Fethry (Popop ), Elvyra Coot (Elvire Ecoutum ) , Gyro Gearloose ( Géo Trouvetou ) ,Filament , Crac Badaboum , Panchito Pistoles , José Carioca , A guy from plainawful ( sétatrocien ) , Brigitte Van Doren , Mr Jones (Lagrogne ) , Mami Baba , Webby (Zaza ), Miss Frappe , Baptiste , Dickie ( Yéyé ) , Goldie O'Gilt , Ludwig Von Drake (Donaldingue ), The Beagle Boys ( Rapetou ) , John Rockerduck ( Cresus Flairsou ) , the Black Knight ( Lucien Arpène ) , Bombi the zombie , Soapy Slick , Magica DeSpell ( Miss Tick ) .

Hope you've enjoyed one of my inspiration when it comes to drawing !
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Khai2000Student Artist
Disney Duck ————> The greatest expansion and load of characters.
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FiremanHippieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Whose the butler and self pointing girl?
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Baptiste and YéYé
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FiremanHippieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, didn’t know there was another butler
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He's mostly used in the italian stories .
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FiremanHippieHobbyist Traditional Artist
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TheGfleetHobbyist Filmographer
Ma Beagle though 😂
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Hi there, I'm glad that I found someone among others, who also appreciates the comics. I think, the true character and heart of all the mice/ducks lies in the comics, not in the cartoons, which are obviously more well-known. I miss some more fanarts showing for example a badass phantom blot. As I’m also familiar with the comics, I would strongly recommend you to read the stories by Andrea Castellano (or Casty), he does awesome work around Mice stories and for me, he is kind of a Barks/Rosa for the Mouseverse.

Well, maybe you know that the mouse/duck universes from the (European) comics are different or even better from the ones in the (US) cartoons (or even video games). However, while Donald and Co are pretty underrated in America, some other US writers created some highly acclaimed cartoon shows, with very adult writing, a lot of imagination, realistic characters and so forth, i.e. Avatar, Korra, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, etc. I’m not sure if youre familiar with these, if not, you can find them in the website “kisscartoon”.


So, I compared a bit the best pieces of the comics (i.e. Barks, Casty, Rosa), and those best US cartoon shows. At the same time I thought about the further development of Mickey and Co, what new stories could be made.


Well, although the writing by Barks, Casty and Rosa are great, I still appreciate the mentioned cartoons a little bit more. The comics are highly imaginative and have good characters, but there’s something I miss in the comics which is very difficult to explain. I’m not sure if I explain it well enough, but I think the writing in the cartoons is better, because it has more realistic and memorable characters and more interesting interactions. In Avatar for example, you know each characters motivation, feelings, thoughts, fears and so on; its not only the straight-up adventure, you cry and laugh with each character. With all the elements from both comics and cartoons, I think very interesting new conflicts could be made for ducks/mice.

For example, we know from Disneys history, that Mickey replaced Oswald the rabbit. We also know that Mickey is a smart adventurer and detective in the comics. What about a series, where Mickey has to solve a new mystery, where Oswald tries to take revenge on his family for abandoning him? The phantom blot could also play a role, by influencing Oswalds negative feelings towards his family (with the family, I mean Mickey, his sister, his nephews and his parents, with Walter as a dogface character).


Or what about the friendship between Mickey, Donald and Goofy? We know, that Donald is a very unlucky guy in the comics and gets quickly angry. Mickey is in the comics the everyday hero and likes justice; did they begin a friendship because Mickey accepted Donald as he was and helped him out in difficult situations, while Donald was an outcast because of his temper? Did Mickey also the same thing for Goofy, as he also kind of was an outsider because of his naivity and clumsiness? Is Donalds friendship towards Mickey and Goofy stronger than towards Jose and Panchito? Is Donald sometimes jealous of Mickey, because the one is a hero, the other one is always unlucky?


So, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool, if the writers from the “very best cartoon shows” made a new show around Mice/Ducks, combining and further developing all the elements we know from both duck/mice comics and cartoons? I havent got any pics yet, but I plan to draw some ideas about interactions that might be interesting.


I know I talked a lot of nonsense, but as you are also familiar with the comics, I got a bit curious: with all the adventures the characters experienced, what do you think could be told and developed further?

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Well I am glad to meet another fan. However you have not seen my better drawings it seems.
Yes I know about Casty and he is damn good ! However the Barks/Rosa universe is complete bullshit. Carl Barks NEVER wanted some toght continuity or any of that "realistic" crap, he is a gag man whose style can be traced back to his days at the Disney studios. Don Rosa however is a completely different style and the perfect opposite of that. The Barks/Rosa "universe" is just some lie the editorial house at the times cranked out. If you want the truth, Romano Scarpa's approach is closer to that of Barks. Another of my faves is Guido Martina, the maestro of dark comedy !

As for the true heart of the characters, it REALLY depends. Scrooge and Mickey ? the comic is definitely where they grew so that might be true, but Goofy or Donald ? No. Goofy has easily one of the best gag-careers ever and "A Goofy Movie" is fantastic. Donald's character traits all started in the cartoons BEFORE his transition to the comics. In Jack King's Donald shorts, he was a more mature character by 6 yeaars prior to his comic version. Another surprise ? Quack Pack is actually more faithful to the spirit of the comic than Duck Tales ever was.

Donald was never jealous of Mickey. Hell, Mickey is a constant underdog , adrenaline junkie and ends up broke by the end of the month. Donald ends up indebted by the end of it so there's a difference :) 

Oswald worked fine in the first Epic Mickey but aside from that , I don't think he should be used ad nauseum. He'd lose what makes him special if they beat him through repeated appearances.
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Of course youre right, i said it wrong, the character development strongly depends and when i talked about "the true heart" i first thought about mickey (i also prefer the cartoon goofy more than the comic goofy).

What i actually ment is i was pretty baffled by the writing of some todays cartoons and i had this downright naive and wth thought how it would be if those writers wrote new stories about ducks and mice. When i read the comics and watched the cartoons i thought myself "what if" combinations and situations out and i imagined how bland characters could be written more interesting what i think could be made up by my fav writers to pretty emotional and exciting stories. I belong to those fans who make up their own theories and fanfic situations about their fav characters. Im sorry i cant tell you exactly what i mean by this and i seem overall naive.
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Mangusto94Student General Artist
Ah, il buon vecchio Gongoro... Che ricordi Love 
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That's nothing, THIS is the real deal !…
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I really love this!!!!
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Great picture featuring all characters from the Donald Duck series.
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This is nothing ! Wait till you see the update !
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No words can describe ow good this drawing is!
Very, very, very good job! :D
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It is an old one, I'll really have to redo it.
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But still very nice ;)
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Super-fox-layer100Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool, I especially love the works of Carl Barks and Don Rosa :)
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Don Rosa and Carl Barks were (and still are) truly the best. :) I'm also familiar with Italian Duck writers/cartoonists thanks to the Donald Duck pocket books we have. Fecchi and Paolo De Lorenzi are among my faves.
I like the style used here, and I recognize all of the characters! :dummy: Great work!
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Thanks I am honored ! Though this one is due for a remake once I get enough time for it . Here are a few others [link] [link]
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I like these colors!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Thanks very much !
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