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The Nine Realms

Honestly the only planets I'm not satisfied with are Álfheimr, (and that's just because it resembles the moon too much) and Miðgarðr, because I made Miðgarðr lame. No, I disagree!  

Notes: The elves are also alternatively referred to as "light elves". Its inaccurate to called Jötunheimr the "realm of the frost giants",
because there are actually many subspecies of giants that inhabit Jötunheimr, the frost giants are just one of them. Niðavellir, the home of the dwarves is also called Svartálfaheimr, and its inhabitants are called Svartálfar, meaning "black/swarthy elves". Bifröst is actually pronounced more similarly to "BEEF-roast", just (source:… ) so ya know. 

EDIT: Because I'm a dumbass and forgot the credit the brushes I used. 

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