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OC lineup by Devilishkitty21 OC lineup by Devilishkitty21
Sorry, for the crappy quality.. Anyways, since the words aren't​ easy to read, I'll just type it here, here I go! Alright, so the first one is a 6ft 1 human male who's name is Matthew or Matt for short. He's kind hearted, playful, forgiving, and optimistic. Since he is living on a version of Earth where everything and almost everyone has been destroyed and it's basically in an apocalyptic world. Since almost any sign of life has been wiped out, monsters from beneath lurk on the surface and the Heavens don't seem so bothered by it. They were actually relieved, since that meant they didn't have to keep protecting humans from the monsters. Matthew was only a small child at that starting point of the Apocalypse. His parents and siblings seemed to disappeared, and he was left alone. A survivor picked him up and lent him a hand. For a few years, they had a good mother and son relationship, until she was killed. Afterwards, Matthew became this angsty teenager who never understand his surroundings or purpose, so he took it all out on the world. A witch, Mother Gruuth, found and took him in as family. Along side her was a tall and fairly tough girl named Maggie. She is 5ft 9 human female that has a fairly broad and muscular body. She is tough, playful, aggressive, friendly, and blunt. She loves to practice self defense and other fighting moves. She was the one who treated Max like a brother and taught him what she knew. Yet, he took it as more of a reason for his heart to flutter. He had quite a crush on her strength and strong personality, plus he admired her skill. She rejected his feelings and laughed at how pathetic it was. He took out his aggression and beat her to a pulp, then forever trapped her soul in his second "mother's" bow he kept as a memorial. He soon regretted what he had done and trapped himself in his room with only his thoughts. After 29 years of solitude, experience and thought, he decided that his attitude should be changed. He instead became kind and optimistic to make his terrible existence happier and more enjoyable. Daphne is goddess that lived a luxurious life. She had a wonderful spouse, sexy looks, and could have any luxurious thing she wanted. Yet, her husband decided to fall off the edge and land in on the surface. Since she was too cocky and sheltered, so she dived right after him. When she landed, monsters quickly attacked her and tried weakening her enough to become a human. Fortunately, Matt saved her, but her eye vision was terrible, her body resembled a bony child and she took a weak human body. Now on, Matthew cared for her and made sure she understood many morals and his point of view in his life that she didn't understand. When a human, she is rude, cocky, weak, and sensitive. That's a bout it.
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June 12, 2017
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