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My Bio
I like to code web apps in technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. I also :heart: Linux and learning new programming languages. Plus, I do photography and icon making when I can. GIMP and Inkscape are awesome! NumixProject icons are amazing

If you give me a llama and I don't give one back, just ask! I don't mind.

Favourite Visual Artist
Henri Matisse
Favourite Movies
The Simpsons Movie, The Hunger Games
Favourite TV Shows
Top Gear, Doctor Who
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Avicii, deadmau5
Favourite Books
Earthfall, Programming the Raspberry Pi
Favourite Writers
Mark Walden, Michael Morpurgo
Favourite Games
Free Rider HD, Minecraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
SteamOS and Linux
Tools of the Trade
GIMP (general stuff), Inkscape (icons), Gedit (programming)
Other Interests
Programming, photography, icon designing
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XHTML. Nowadays, whenever you tend to hear about it, it's just people complaining and recommending that you never should use it, since it's old. It's not. If it was so outdated, then why would be using it on their webpages? People only think it's out... Read more at World of Linux
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Anyone who also wants me to include their journal here just comment with the URL Journal Repost 1 (Scroll down for more) From Whetsit-Tuya ( › HOW TO HONESTLY SAVE NET NEUTRALITY (Share) ---… (This article explains how cable TV prices went up for times the rate of inflation recently.) --- If net neutrality is destroyed then it's all over, this affects North America and the rest of the world. To everyone who says "I live in Europe so this doesn't affect me" most web servers are hosted in the US so it affects you just as much in this aspect, it would most likely affect Canada first in the full
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Ok, here's the name idea: S Gloss (s for squircle, gloss for... gloss) I made some more icons and refined others: What changed since the last journal... Updated:                         Old Chrome      /      New Chrome (Colours modified)                                            Old Folder        /        New Folder (Sort of remade, colours same)                        Old Terminal [Normal / Root]          /          New Terminal [Normal / Root] (Made font bold) New: Chrome Beta Chrome Canary Chromium My User picture Firefox Aurora Firefox Beta Firefox Nightly S Gloss Logo
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Thanx for the :iconfavplz:

Glad you like it:D (Big Grin)

Thanx for the :iconfavplz:

Glad you like it:D (Big Grin)

Thanks for the fave!
CianDesign Thanks for watching!
You're welcome 
ntim007 dakoder simobortolo Started on a new HTML5/JS desktop today, hopefully it won't be discontinued in one week like virtually all of my other projects... I'm aiming not for it to be like Galaxy html OS - but more like a platform for other people to build on. So the first thing I might do is make it run CloudDesk apps! (Remember I was going to do that with some Galaxy OS version?... but then abandoned it) Anyway, here's a first look:

Maybe you could let CloudDesk users choose a desktop environment, like in Linux??? As in, downloads from the CloudDesk app store. (Examples of Linux desktop environments - Google SmartSearch them - GNOME 3, LXDE, KDE etc.) Just an idea, anyway.
Looks nice ! Sorry I didn't notice the mention earlier (I recommend sending notes, it's more noticeable).

Anyways, in case you wanna make running CloudDesk apps possible. You should limit which apps can be used. Only a limited set of apps will be allowed (copyright issues otherwise).

Well, choosing a desktop environment would require lots of maintenance works. Besides, symbiose web OS already does that.