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My Bio

discovered photography at age 19 when my father handed me his film Minolta complete with lenses, filters, tripod and a camera bag! i shot downtown with bnw film and i remember the looks on his face when he saw my prints. "these are GOOD NeNe" :) that was a rare thing - he is super critical. i beamed.

then i met isabel. my muse. she was my guinea pig for portrait photography before i learned the art of self portraiture.

then i got a macro lens.

then i got a wide.

i've won contests, been on magazine covers, have work hanging in commercial buildings and graduated with an art degree. in the end i just want to share - not compete.

beauty is all around us and within every human.

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Favourite Visual Artist
rothko, leibowitz, klee, kandinsky, sherman, gabbachoo
Favourite Movies
godfather flicks, scorcese flicks and woody allen flicks
Favourite TV Shows
food shows, liberal news, comedy stand up, SNL, the Chi, Billions, Shameless, Colbert
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
all music - rock/funk/disco/hiphop/pop
Favourite Books
the Illiad; the day the crayons quit; appropos of nothing; lolita; feminine mystique
Favourite Writers
nabokov, homer, hardy, woody allen
Favourite Games
Tools of the Trade
heart, eyes, Canon Rebel XT 350D slr, pc, photoshop
Other Interests
my son, photography, cooking, yoga, fashion

Deviousness Award

At times a person will shine like the brightest star, `devilicious is one of those deviants. Mary has been personally committed to deviantART and its members since she joined. Not only does she leave an immense amount of intelligent comments on work, but she provides friendship, ideas and support for many deviants as well. People who can be dedicated on so many different levels to those they do and do not know for the simple correlation of one passion for art truly deserve to be honored. Congratulations and thank you to `devilicious.
Awarded Feb 2004
i find it depressing that the community that wants to support all humans/transgender in particular (which I support) has lost their way in pieces of extremity and looks like a new form of patriarchy against women. you can change your sex, from male to female, because you are female and not meant to be male - i applaud and support you. but whatever you change/add - you cannot take away the nature given power/speed/strength that presented you as heterosexual male human being at birth - and because of that - you have an unfair advantage you should not exploit despite your sex change in sports against women. it's selfish and unfair. i said it. i'm pro trangender. we can disagree.
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233 Days

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862 to go (or less) to truly feel FREE. Impending DOOM is a human condition. This is why living sober, living in the present is so key to human happiness. It's ironic that no child escapes without the trauma of growing up. Clearly some more heavy handed than others. I understand more than ever why my Grandmother would find such joy when the SUN IS SHINING. It's so healing to notice it, bask in it, and know you can count on it rising every day - even on those days the clouds cover it. It's fucking there. Every single day. I feel at peace honestly about literally everything. I have matured to know that regret is to be acknowledged and then TOSSED AWAY. I still miss people. But it no longer debilitates me. My sadness no longer controls me. That has taken a lifetime. Sobriety again has been key for that to even be possible. If you're burning. Just walk through the fire. It won't kill you. Even when you want it to. It simply is threatening you to control you. That
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Happy Birthday! :)

:woohoo::party::cake: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :cake::party::woohoo:

It's March 6th which means it's that time of year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :heart:


The Birthdays Team

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Happy B'day Mary :love::hug::flirty::bounce::blowkiss::blowkiss::blowkiss:

happy birthday

Birdy Beginning Character

thank you my friend for you support...appreciate...:) have a great week-n...:sun: