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neko-sango by DevilHunterTrish neko-sango :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 8 4 neko-kagomai by DevilHunterTrish neko-kagomai :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 3 10 neko-miroku by DevilHunterTrish neko-miroku :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 3 10 killer bunny pg.8 by DevilHunterTrish killer bunny pg.8 :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 2 0 killer bunny pg.7 by DevilHunterTrish killer bunny pg.7 :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 2 0 killer bunny pg.6 by DevilHunterTrish killer bunny pg.6 :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 4 0
Legacies Ch.3
Legacies  //  By: DevilHunterTrish
Chapter 3
“Oh, well that sucks,” Holden said with a shake of his head still holding Lady’s hand.
“Mathematically I figure we should leave tomorrow for Lucedio Abbey,” Dante spoke.
“Like you could ever do math, you retard; although you did sound halfway smart when you said it,” Vergil laughed.
“Thanks, and by the way, I didn’t do halfway bad in math, I had a C plus,” Dante said proudly.
“So, what do we do? I mean besides Mental Math over here, do we know what’s really going on?” Holden asked while Dante stuck his tongue out at him.
“I believe all of your questions will be answered in Italy ,” Lady interjected as she held his arm.
“How cryptic. Fine, let’s pack what we need and get the hell out of here,” Holden said.
“I concur, what we are doing now is wasting time,” Vergil spoke as he stood up and grabbed Yamato.
“Hey, could you
:icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 1 0
Legacies Ch.2
Legacies  //  By: DevilhunterTrish
Chapter 2
            “Thanks, I owe you one.” Holden said stuffing the number in his pocket.
            “Hey, you cleaned the place for me today, so we’re even, and thanks.” Patty said as she sat back down in front of the T.V.
            Holden walked to his pickup with the sudden realization he didn’t know where anything was in Capulet city. As he started the truck he dialed Lady’s number on his cell phone.
            “Hello?” Lady’s voice issued from the other end.
            “Hey, it’s me. Do you know any good places where we can have breakfast?” Holden asked as he
:icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 1 0
killer bunny christmas by DevilHunterTrish killer bunny christmas :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 3 0 neko-sesshomaru by DevilHunterTrish neko-sesshomaru :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 10 4 sesshomaru by DevilHunterTrish sesshomaru :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 8 2 SesshKag by DevilHunterTrish SesshKag :icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 4 2
Legacies 1
Legacies  //  By: DevilHunterTrish
Chapter 1
Prologue: After the Great War
            “Is it over? Please let it be over. This is starting to get boring.” Rausten said standing over the bodies of the dead demons with his large sword Eternity in his hand which was pulsing with green energy. Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and a huge grinding sound in the distance and his devils body turned into a human who appeared to be in his early twenties. He then proceeded to examine it with the sword in his hand. Long white hair spilled past his shoulders and gold rimmed eyes looked back at him from the sword.
            “There you are. Are the last of the demons dispatched?” Sparda said walking up; also human, except he appeared to be in his early thirties and he was carrying Yamato and Rebellion; and a strange amulet hung f
:icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 1 0
nero's Q. and dante's answ.
Nero's Question and Dante's Answer  //  By: DevilHunterTrish
A/N: This is based off my own belief of what would happen after DMC4. I know that my theories of Nero are probably wrong, because I never played the game.
"Why did you name your shop Devil May Cry?" Nero suddenly asked.
Dante looked at the other in question while trying to stop himself from yawning. "What?" He had only heard half of the question.
Nero rolled his eyes, hating to have to repeat himself. "Your shop. Why did you name it Devil May Cry?"
Dante blinked, taking a moment to think about answering the boy's question truthfully or just play it off. If he told Nero the straight truth, he might start asking questions about his past and Dante really wasn't in the mood to answer any of those. The boy could get real nosy if he wanted to, somehow worming his way into Dante's past without him even knowing it! But then again, Dante never had anything to hide. It was just his past was a touchy subject and it w
:icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 2 0
Eva's Diary  //  By: DevilHunterTrish
Chapter 2 - From Eva’s Diaries.
It was my last day, alive. Then I turned into a zombie, an emotionless, indifferent person.... I don’t know whom I turned into? But I was not living anymore. Since the day, I last saw Sparda, happiness left me. I was hollow inside. I have never felt so alone.
Do I remember it? Of course, I do. It never drops out of my memory.
It was a normal day. Kids loud games were creating the background noise. I was cleaning the house. It was really untidy and dirty. Thanks to Dante and Vergil, I had lots of housework to do everyday. I always managed to keep everything neat and sparkling clean, before Sparda returned home.
I loved it when he entered the house and gave us congenial, loving expression. Everyday I missed him terribly, even though he was just away for hours. As he came in, I used to run and hug him close to my heart. Every time I did it, I felt indescribable peace in me. I loved it that
:icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 3 0
Sparda's Diary  //  By: DevilHunterTrish
Chapter 1 - From Sparda’s Diaries.
It was one of the weekdays. I was going home from work, walking along the dark, empty pavement. Sometimes I quickened my steps as I wanted to get home soon. I wanted to see Eva, see her angelic, pretty face; look into her large green eyes, deep and velvet; touch her hot, tender lips and embrace her gentle, gracious body. I wanted to see my little nippers, Vergil and Dante; wanted to hug them tight and mess their silver, scruffy hair; wanted to hear their silly, tiny yells as I entered the house. Just wanted to see my family. They are everything to me, my whole world, my whole life.
But some vague, uncomfortable feeling was coming over me, a feeling of something bad, a feeling of impending doom. The streets were getting darker as darkness was closing in. I just heard rhythmical noise caused by my quick footsteps. But this slight noise abated as I stopped when I recognized the shadow of a
:icondevilhuntertrish:DevilHunterTrish 7 0

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Do you all think I should draw more Killer Bunny? Or should I draw other stuff?


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