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Snow in Gotham

Joker and Batman (c) DC Comics
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Ha! I totally read it in Mark Hamill's Joker voice.
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I read it in his voice.
Trinivisor's avatar
Batman be lik

"I hate you...."

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:iconjokerplz:: *hits Batman with a snowball* Come on, Bats! Let's see a smile!

:iconbatmanplz:: *smirks*

:iconjokerplz:: Ha! I knew we could get a smile outta...wait...what're you smirking about?

:iconbatmanplz:: *smirks and points behind Joker*

:iconjokerplz:: Huh? *turns around and sees Superman holding up a giant snowball*

:iconsupermanplz:: Hi, Joker. *slams snowball on Joker* Now that is funny!

:iconbatmanplz:: It's good to have friends.

:iconjokerplz:: That's...not...funny...ow...
devilhs's avatar
That is funny (=
L1701E's avatar
:bow: Thank you, thank you!
superkim111's avatar
I sincerely doubt that will help lighten his mood.
GwennieBlack's avatar
Hahahahhaa xD Awesome :3
HelghastPredator's avatar
This is great stuff hahaha!
MrAxolotl's avatar
That perfect mixture of cute and sinister.
kiotana's avatar
:D it brought me cheer!
Q13E5's avatar
themed off of gotham city impostors, only in Christmas. if not, cool.
ShadOBabe's avatar
Heeheeehee!! AWWWWWWW!! That's cute!!
Love Batman's chibi "seriouz bizniz" face. XDDD
Mudfire10's avatar
I can see batman is enjoying himself.
Graphicboa's avatar
This is awesome!
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dracoraknight's avatar
I love it, it's hilarious!
DirtyDirtySam's avatar
Joker's like "Take this you stupid prick!"
and then Batman is like
"Fuck you..."
AngarathBrae's avatar
Batman's little red cheekies are to die for
Search-For-Nothing's avatar
It's snowing in my town.....Finally. Love it!
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