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Princess Angel by Devilgirl007 Princess Angel :icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 3 2
a test of the sword
It was a beautiful night and the stars were out along with the full moon. Angel stood outside the boss club wearing a beautiful blue tai chi outfit. With her is her main Sally holding two swords. She swallows,  takes a deep breath and enters the building. The men in charge are surprised to see her, bow  and let the bosses in the room know. Even though bossu doesn't show it, he's surprised that she's here and wonders why she's even here. As she enters the room all the bosses bow to her.
Angel- good evening gentlemen. I hope I'm not disturbing you.
They shake their heads no.
Angel- good. I've come here tonight to challenge one of you to a sword fight.
All the bosses look at her.
Angel- I challenge boss sergal.
They gasp and move revealing boss sergal. He smirks as he hands his glass of wine to one of the other bosses and steps forward to center of the large floor.
Bossu- I accept your challenge,  your highness.
With that Sally hands one sword to Angel and then one to bossu
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my Halloween costume! by Devilgirl007 my Halloween costume! :icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 2 0
Victoria's new fur coat 2.0
It was a beautiful night and Victoria was a home putting the finishing touches on her empress of china outfit for a Halloween party next week. It was mostly black with red and gold and a beautiful gold headpiece with red stones and hanging gold beads. Now all she needed was a fur coat to pull it all together. She went to her closet and looked but nothing popped out at her.  She needed a new fur coat that was white and black but she didn't have the fur to make it. That's when she got an idea.  She may not have it but she knew someone that did. With a smile on her face she made a call and a few minutes later the one and only bossu arrived. She smiles as she lets him into her home.
Victoria- bossu I'm so happy to see you. I need your help with my fur coat.
She gets him a glass of wine. He smiles as he drinks it and she has her tea. After a few minutes and finishing his wine he starts to feel funny.
Victoria- bossu are you ok?
He shakes his head.
Bossu- I feel weird. Like I'm abo
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Victoria's new fur coat
Victoria had gotten an invitation to a fabulous Halloween party event and she needed to look fabulous.  She already had a empress of china dress in mind now all she needed saw a fur coat fit for one. However when she looked at her jackets in her closet none of them worked. She had 12 hours to make one but where to get fur to make one. She smiles and purrs getting an idea. She makes a call and the one and only bossu arrives.
Bossu- so what an I here to do again?
She smiles and purrs as she gives him a glass of wine.
Victoria- you're here to help me with my new fur coat.
He smiles and nods as he drinks his wine. Hearing what she has to say. After a while he starts to feel very dizzy and is having trouble staying awake. It becomes too strong and falls to the floor out cold. A little while later he wakes up and is very surprised by what he sees. He's in a dark room with only a light on him. He's strapped to a table by his wrist and ankles and there's a hole for his tail.  He also
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Angel and Demon history
It was a stormy day and rinn the sergal had invited to a mansion but for what he didn't know. After arriving he was taken to a room where princess Angel is waiting wearing a beautiful blue kimono with evil eyes on it. She smiles when she sees him and he does a little bow.
Angel- I'm so glad you came rinn.
Rinn smiles.
Rinn- I'm glad I could make it your highness.
He looks at the giant painting and spots two little sergals. One looking very familiar.
Rinn- is that you and bossu?
She smiles and nods.
Angel- yes it is. He was different then.
Rinn looks at her confused.
Rinn- what do you mean different?
Angel- let me start many years back on the day we first met. We were little sergals at the time and both taking sword classes.
After the teacher leaves the room, one of the kids challenges her and starts to fight her and knocks her down to the ground. Just as he's about to a sword blocks his and it belongs to bossu. He pushes the sergal back a
:icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 1 0
Victoria rose had come to pay bossu a visit when she finds his prized rare car collection. As she looks at them she spots a beautiful pear white and black 1970 Plymouth superbird. She smiles and purrs as she walks around it. As she does her claw accidentally scratches it.
Victoria- oh shoot.
As she takes a closer look as spots what looks like gold. She uses her gift to see under the paint and sees that it's all solid gold. She can't believe her eyes.
Victoria- so that's where most of his money is. In plan sight.
 She uses her powers to slowly replace it with a real one and goes to see bossu without him knowing what happened.
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Victoria rose with bossu's jacket  by Devilgirl007 Victoria rose with bossu's jacket :icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 1 0 they're back! by Devilgirl007 they're back! :icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 0 1
devilgirl part 3: dinner disaster
That night devilgirl arrives at the restaurant wearing a short black Chinese dress. Boss sergal smiles when he sees her. Zabu and rinn are close by just in case.
Boss sergal- why you look absolutely beautiful my dear.
She smiles and purrs as she sits with him.
Devilgirl- you look very handsome boss sergal.
He smirks. As the night goes on some mafia guys show up looking for him. She spots them and can tell trouble is coming and sure enough it does when their boss shows up.
Boss- there he is! Get him!
They take their guns out and start shooting. Luckily for him devilgirl pulls him to the ground so he doesn't get hit. He growls with anger.
Boss sergal- they're gonna pay for this.
He hears some clicks and is surprised to see she has guns in her hands. She smiles and purrs at him.
Devilgirl- you just leave them to me handsome.  Now when I start,  you go with zabu and rinn to the kitchen and stay there.
She gets up and starts shooting and he goes with zabu and rinn to the kitchen.
:icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 0 0
train mystery part 3 final
It's was the last day of their travel on the train and Victoria had yet to solve the case. There was something missing but she didn't know what it was. She looked in the room where the attack happened.  As she puts her hand between the headboard and the wall she feels something and pulls it out. She smiles and purrs having found the missing piece of the puzzle. Now everything fits into place. She has everyone meet in the dinning car.
Victoria- you're all gathered here because I know how tried to kill boss sergal. It all came together after I found the final clue in the room he was attacked. The sergal that did it is none other than taco the sergal.
Everyone gasps and and boss sergal looks right at him. She holds out the cut bread with orange on it.
Boss sergal- but why?
Victoria- he was jealous and tired of always being in second place and never winning boss of the year. He knew that if you were killed, he would move up and win boss of the year.
They get to the train station and t
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devilgirl part 2: meeting a handsome sergal
It's day five and devilgirl wakes up. She gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom turning on the lights and is shocked to see the mess she's become.
Devilgirl- oh my goodness I'm such a mess! I need to clean myself up and freshen up with a spa day.
She gets cleaned up and dressed and heads to the spa.  After a few relaxing hours comes out looking like one hot devil. She looks even better than when she met Loki. She smiles and purrs in her short black dress that hugs her curves.
Devilgirl- now it's time to go out and have some fun.
She goes and walks around.  As she does there are two sergals sitting at a bar. One is rinn and the other is zabu. He happens to look and spots her and gets excited.
Zabu- OMG it's her!
Rinn looks at him confused.
Rinn- who?
Zabu- it's devilgirl herself!
Rinn looks over at her then looks at zabu and shakes his head as he has this giant smile on his face.
Zabu- I can't believe she's here! I feel so sorry for her.
Rinn looks at him confused.
Rinn- w
:icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 2 0
devilgirl part 1: heartbreak
We start in a hotel suite called the gothic suite done in black and white. We see devilgirl laying in the black bedsheets an absolute mess. Her eyes, hair, everything.
So what happened to her that made her this way? Let's go back a week ago when things just started to hit the fan.
Her and Loki were madly in love for five long years. They were inseparable and shared a deep love for each other. Things were going great until one day she started to notice some changes in him. He did cuddle much, he was out all day and didn't come home until 1 a.m. or 2a.m. in the morning saying nothing. Sometimes he would leave for days at a time not saying where he was going. He would talk to her but not like he use to. He even stopped calling her his beautiful red rose. It was then she knew something was up. She decided to follow him using a tracker. After it got dark she followed the tracker to a house and it started to rain. She parked a block away as to not be spotted. She looked at the house.
:icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 0 0
death of a beloved queen
Queen lavender had just used the crescent moon crystal scepter which used pretty much all of her strength. Her daughter angel catches her before she hits the ground.
Angel- mother!
She brought into her chambers where she lay in bed slowly dying with her daughter by her side. She smiles weakly at her daughter as she gently whips the tears from her face.
Lavender- my darling angel. I do not have long for this world. You know will rule the moon kingdom after I'm gone. Rule it well and look after our people.
Angel- yes mother. I will not fail you.
She smiles lovingly at her daughter.
Lavender- I'm so proud of the beautiful sergal you have become. I've raised you well. Promise me, my loving daughter that you will find someone that will love you for who you are and not because of your title.
She nods with tears in her eyes and kisses her mother's hand.
Angel-  I promise mother, for I will have learned well from you.
She smiles as she gently strokes her daughter's beautiful soft white fu
:icondevilgirl007:Devilgirl007 0 0
fursona profile: angel
Name: Angel / princess Angel
Species: moon sergal
Gender: female 
Age: unknown
Hight: 5,6
When she was born she had pure white fur and beautiful blue eyes. When the moonlight shines on her she looked like an angel thus how she got her name from her mother queen lavender. Her father disappeared in a battle before she was born but reappeared turned evil.l when she was of adult age yet still young. He had an army heading for the main sergal planet. She watched as her mother used the crescent moon crystal and all of her strength to defend it and her husband in the process. She never left her mother's room or side as she died. She now rules the moon sergal kingdom but is still a princess until the day she gets married and becomes queen.
Personally: just because she's beautiful and has a kind, gentle, caring heart doesn't mean she doesn't have an unbreakable fighting spirit. She's pretty good when it comes fighting from weapons and kung fu, to element bending and also blood bending. She
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train mystery part 2
The next day she gets up and ready and goes to the dinning car where she spots boss sergal having his breakfast. She smiles.
Victoria- morning boss sergal. How are you doing?
He smiles at her and gestures for her to sit across from him.  She sits down and her breakfast is brought to her.
Boss sergal- I'm doing better than I was last night. Do you really think you'll find out who did this to me?
She smiles at him and places a comforting hand on his.
Victoria- I will find out who did this to you boss sergal.
After breakfast she goes to where his room and starts looking for answers. As she looks around she spots a binder of some kind. She takes a look inside and sees front page newspaper of him winning boss of the year. Also in the picture is taco sergal and lord victor. She puts it back on the shelf and looks around more and spots some black sergal fur and a sergal claw. She has everyone meet in the dinning car.
Victoria- I have found evidence. The attacker is a sergal with black fu
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Gargoyles Collection - December, 2018 by GregXB Gargoyles Collection - December, 2018 :icongregxb:GregXB 13 2 The Boss by Blacky-Moon The Boss :iconblacky-moon:Blacky-Moon 29 0 Puzzle piece by notaguitarfret Puzzle piece :iconnotaguitarfret:notaguitarfret 258 78 P.U.-Adventure Page 83 by Hevimell P.U.-Adventure Page 83 :iconhevimell:Hevimell 34 33 Evangeline by Cynthrey Evangeline :iconcynthrey:Cynthrey 4 1 Lifesize anthro Goth Fluttershy plush by qtpony Lifesize anthro Goth Fluttershy plush :iconqtpony:qtpony 104 12 C: Vezir - Architect of Ages by ScalesandSpirals C: Vezir - Architect of Ages :iconscalesandspirals:ScalesandSpirals 47 6 Hanging Out at the Naga Cafe by geekgirl8 Hanging Out at the Naga Cafe :icongeekgirl8:geekgirl8 95 25 Phantasma spooky by 14-bis Phantasma spooky :icon14-bis:14-bis 380 16 Free.To.Use.Ref-Northern Sergal-Female by xXRyuzakixOokamiXx Free.To.Use.Ref-Northern Sergal-Female :iconxxryuzakixookamixx:xXRyuzakixOokamiXx 64 23 Cryo Plushie :Commission: by AppleDew Cryo Plushie :Commission: :iconappledew:AppleDew 62 7 Gaius expressions chart by RayEtherna Gaius expressions chart :iconrayetherna:RayEtherna 148 3 COMMISSION SHEET by TVCranium COMMISSION SHEET :icontvcranium:TVCranium 51 9 Personal - Fancy For a Stroll by TwilightSaint Personal - Fancy For a Stroll :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 65 11 Thrax giving Me a rose by heart8822 Thrax giving Me a rose :iconheart8822:heart8822 3 0

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I'm thinking about redoing the "boss sergal" story.  What do you think? I may keep some parts.
Sorry about being so late. Spending time with mom and dad wasn't home with the family for celebrating the new year but Idk anymore. Glad 2018 is over and done with. Hope this year is better.

Going to try to draw and write more this year so keep a look out.

I hope things get better at work this year and they hire more people. If they ask me to work longer or try to call me to come in early or come in on my days off,  I'm saying no. I'm a human being not a machine and I do have a life outside of work. Stop with this hiring freeze and hire more people.
Princess Angel
This is what Angel looks like. Love how she came out!😍😍😍

Sergal base by: XRyuzakix0okamiXx :
Made with DeviantArt muro
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas today! I sure did!
I'm thinking about redoing the "boss sergal" story.  What do you think? I may keep some parts.


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