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Verglaceress (UB-11 Frost)

Ice Witch Pokemon
Ultra Beast
Ability: Beast Boost

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stats- 570

HP- 100

Atk- 20

Def- 100


SpDef- 100


Ice Beam

Grass Knot

Frost Breath


Light Screen



(if HP was still a thing) Hidden Power Fire

(if HP was still a thing) Hidden Power Water

Air Slash

Aurora Beam

Aurora Veil


Sheer Cold

Icy Wind

new move- Frozen Fear

Power- 100

PP- 10

When it opens it's eyes, the opponent will start to feel cold to the point of paralysis

Since slow ice types just don't cut it, we'll be taking inspiration from Weavile who's fast and can hit hard

*Sword pokedex*

Verglaceress has been seen within deep hidden caves where plenty of frozen minerals can be shown with sparkling light, it covets these gems and wards off anyone who gets close to it's domain

*Shield pokedex*

If you make a necklace out of the jewels you find in its cave and give it to Verglaceress, at first it will be angry with you but soon realizes you brought it's home along with it. Releasing whatever anger and thanking you instead"

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I'm actually going to disagree with those Base Stats

The UBs have a total of 570 but if you look, the stats are all prime numbers here's my suggestion

BST- 570

HP- 73






Moves I'm not gonna dispute but the stats I prefer there to be consistency with what's canon

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I did not realize they used prime numbers, but hey its your design. Now its a glass cannon like Pheramosa

other then that, what did you think of the rest of the idea I put?

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Moveset I feel is OK but maybe reduce the base power of Frozen Fear to 60 since I imagine the move has a high chance of paralysis

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alright fair enough, I no doubt would use this if it was real, poor Ice types have it so hard