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Agent Bubbles by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone

Meet Agent No.12 A.K.A "Bubbles" (Name given to her for her aura bursts and constant habit with bubblegum), she is an Android Police Officer whom was recreated from another, her creator based her on his late daughter whom died of an illness, although Bubbles is all machine, she acts like a normal human being and has quite the attitude, she tends not to follow orders so much and sometimes causes a lot of damage when stopping a crime, though she can be reckless she has made many arrests and have saved many lives

She is a powerful weapon but only when she transforms to her more mecha-state in which she becomes nearly invincible but overheats easily that it can shut her down if she stays in that state for too long, in her normal state she does possess super strength, able to lift tanks and throw them quite faraway, she is also super fast as her body though is resilient also very light, but she further boosts this with her energy core which lets her run at light speed, she also uses her core to enhance her strength but overusing it will leave her drained until she cools down, she can blast this energy out but this will drain her even more so she relies on 2 special firearms only she can use that can decimate even well-armored enemies

She also possesses a high-frequency knife that channels with her energy which she uses only for emergencies, she can jump quite high and can jump further with her energy, she is also able to hack machinery with her built in visor which she scans and observes from afar, she does not need armor as her skin is like the strongest hard leather in the world but very soft to touch, it can take on high-level heat, can take on bullets and energy shots without any damage, it can even take on explosives and missiles but will have some damage and she bleeds with a special fluid that resembles blood but is blue, there are weapons that can badly damage her but with her scanners she can tell

When she is badly damaged she will get her repairs from maintenance within the Police Station, in critical situation she will enter her more Mechanised-state to fight back threats, the Dog-Tag she wears is from her 1st partner who died on their last case together, she keeps it as a reminder of her failure and also remind her why she goes solo, she does not want another partner

However this RP is all about your OC (or you) being her assigned as her new partner to work together

Rule for the RP

  1. Your OC must have some experience in combat so no wimps or kids, they can be shy
  2. Your OC can be either gender, Male or Female
  3. Because this world is a Cyberpunk setting (not the game) you can make up your own race of OC, however they themselves cannot be machine like Bubbles as the point is Man (or Woman) is working with machine (the can have a body augment though)
  4. This can end up in a relationship with either gender
  5. You can introduce other OCs as side characters since there will be interaction with other officers like a real Police Station
  6. I haven't really made a proper lore with Bubbles's Universe so if you want it set in a world you made or a world that exists (e.g. RWBY, Dragon Ball, etc...) you can
  7. You character can either be a veteran or a rookie, they can be a transfer from another station or a new recruit
  8. I may not have put an 18+ on top but this can go real mature and sexual whether it's a sex scene or sexy peril from a villain, it's fine
  9. You can make up a villain for this RP (make a lot if you want, I'll make up some myself too)
  10. This can end up being Sexy Peril with your villain if you want
  11. No Magic as this is a Cyberpunk setting
  12. No Overpowering OCs (Gary-Stus and Mary-Sues)
  13. No offensive remarks on this or I will ignore
  14. Have fun

So, anyone interested?

22 and I feel 88, I don't feel that motivated and happy, soon enough I'm gonna start work, least I will be making money finally, I'm think of redoing my MRKZ characters (RWBY OCs) but I'm only halfway done with Maxy, don't know if I want to finish or not
Currently I am fixing the house with my family and will be busy for long


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Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

I'm an artist, a watcher and a gamer

Not as active as I use to be but I'm still alive, though still very unhealthy

I've also got a Tumblr Account-

I do RP but only in my spare time or when I feel slightly better since I'm sick a lot


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