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Now moving on to his bro Kuraudo, should I do all Super Saiyan forms in 1 drawing or do separately?

Omni-Spirit Blizzard
From all the bad guys we have ever fought in all our adventures Katastrophys has to be our most dangerous worst of all, even the bad guys we fought tried helping us fight against him...but we failed, my best friend and brother Kuraudo is gone...Kara is gone, Guu is gone, Goken can barely talk, Cara with a C has disappeared and Hammer...has finally lost control of his Dark Eater side, I couldn't save any of them, Conton is lost Supreme Kai of Time is gone, all the Kais, we couldn't protect them

Even with the help Goku, Vegeta, Jiren and every Universe Hero combined...we lost many, Katastrophys finally powered the Baby Dragon Balls with the Kai Souls he gathered, he was able to make any wish at any time, Trunks came back fully powered up in his new Super Saiyan Form and injured Katastrophys and damaged 1 of the Baby Dragon Balls, but not before Katastrophys made his wish, many of us perished, I'm still here and Katastrophys is still out there alive

Both Present and Future Lord Zen-Os had the power to take on Katastrophys...but sadly they were never combat-ready since they never need to be, but Katastrophys was created by theirs and the other Gods use of Destruction, even from other Dimensions, making him extremely powerful, they both gave me their power and it changed me, I had the power of the Omni-King, so much power

I was able to finally compete against Katastrophys, able to actually hurt him, sadly the form had consequence, because the power never meant for me it hurts badly, the moment I activate the form my body feels like it's twisting and turning, but my expression becomes blank so it's hard to tell, all my strikes and blasts deletes anything they touch and burst wiping out anything, I puke a lot of blood after 30 seconds using this form

This form also takes away 1 of my senses and abilities every time I activate it, 1st I used it and deactivated I lost my sense of taste, 2nd time, I lost my voice, 3rd time I lost my eyesight, 4th time I lost my proper motor functions to my body, Milk had to support me after that just to move around, I'm scared what happens if I try again, it might kill me for good, but...I have to defeat Katastrophys before he can restore the Baby Dragon Balls, I have to destroy his Universe and save everyone I lost, this might be my last...but if I go, Katastrophys is coming with me! 

 You will pay for what you did to everyone important to me and to the Worlds

Katastrophys: Oh don't be so dramatic, it was either me or the another purple guy and trust me, better to have balls than a fancy glove! Hahahaha! And that has both meanings! What now with you new bullshit form you can take me boi?! Well then go ahead, let's see you "Goku" your way out of this 1!

Blizzard: If I still had my emotions I would rage by now, but all I feel like doing, is ending you

Katastrophys: Well welcome to True Godhood boi because that's all they're good at! Screw judging!

Base Form
Human Form
Super Evolution Form
Golden Evolution Form
Knight-King Form
Knight-King Blizzard
This is actually my True Form kept locked away by my Father since it was too dangerous for me to handle, after turning human and having every Villain after me I found my Father trapped in Cursed Planet that he could not leave even with his power, King Cold had him trapped there for years, I was told he was killed, I found out the reason for my weak power back then and why my powers were glitchy, I had a seal within that locked away my true power that caused my skin to burn black

I didn't have time to find the Dragon Balls to turn myself back so I asked him to help me regain my true power, he was afraid that it would kill me, but I trained and practised all these years, even with my power locked away I managed to defeat many powerful beings, even Gods, my allies and Conton was in danger and I had to find a way to become normal again, once my Father release the seal he put in me, my true power violently burst out

I felt like Broly, my mind felt so much pain from the power I had, I had that power as a kid? King Ice wanted to lock my powers again to save me, but Goken told him to have faith in me and let my power flow, it was locked away for a long time building up, I gotten ever since, it was time I accepted what I truly was, I adjusted myself and tried focusing my Energy Flow, I finally calmed my nerves and adapted to my new power

My skin became Platinum while my augments disappeared, my body was changed from the transformation, my skin was no longer black and my energy was flowing so well, this form was the real me locked away, no longer burned and shining so much, it greatly surpasses my Super Evolution and Golden Form, since this is my true form I can't revert back if I'm knocked out and actually have to force myself to devolve back to my original self

This form has so much Divine Energy that I can't be possessed nor corrupted by Evil Forces, I can see everything clearly too, power levels are easy to detect, even when people hide it, I know how much power they really have, I'm strong enough take on all Super Saiyan Forms and take on my friend Hammer who is super powerful being Dar-err, Super...Super...Super that discreet enough, anyway yeah I can fight him now...still scares the hell out of me though

Like Broly being the Legendary Super Saiyan that supposedly appears even Century or something...or was it 10,000 years? I don't know, but my race also has a special, we don't really have name for it, maybe Legendary Arcosian? Maybe? Though I like to call it Knight-King, since my Dad was the 1 who saw me as a true King and I see myself as a Knight the protects the Universes, it's a fitting name

I can create a Divine Ki Shield that can Parry almost any attack and blast, if I time it right I can return a powerful strike that can devastate my enemy, I can also throw it it comes back to me, it can send powerful blasts back too when deflect it at the right time, I combine this Shield with my Solis Sword fighting kinda like an actual Knight, I can also create floating Ki Orbs that follow me or remain in 1 place for a little bit that blast guided Ki Blast at my enemies while I can freely attack them

Anyone using Ultra Instinct may still be a challenge for me to take on but I think I can fight evenly with someone who can use it, I can fight evenly with Goken's Super Saiyan Divinity Form and Kuraudo's Super Saiyan Inferno Form, maybe now I can take on Goku at his Full Power now, he might have a new form I have no idea about but maybe I reached his level, he has had years to train, even in the Afterlife

Goken: What about taking both me and Kuraudo teamed up against you?

Blizzard: What? Umm...

Kuraudo: Well although I don't like teaming up with you Go-Go, I do wanna see if Blizzard can go up against 2 threats at the same time like us

Blizzard: You're only agreeing with because you want something

Kuraudo: You know me so well buddy

Blizzard: {sighs} What do you want?

Kuraudo: You human for a week and we get to play with your body

Blizzard: What?!

Goken: Kuraudo are you insane

Blizzard: Thank you Goken

Goken: We have him turn human and have her tied up then do what we want, sound fair?

Blizzard: Are you serious?! You're married!

Goken: Cara wants to, apparently the fact your human breasts are bigger than hers angers her

Blizzard: That's not my fault! 

Kuraudo: Hehe {goes Super Saiyan Inferno} with stakes as high as that you better up you game buddy! Wooo!

Goken: That's right Blizzard {goes Super Saiyan Divinity} you better not lose this fight, here we go {both fly to him}

Blizzard: {sighs} With friends like these {goes Knight-King} who needs enemies?!

Base Form
Human Form
Super Evolution Form
Golden Evolution Form
Omni-Spirit Form
Golden Evolution Blizzard
How do you make Super Evolution more awesome, how about going Golden, yep combined with Golden Form I use Super Evolution to stabilize my Golden Form since it's so much Godlike Power built up from Emotion and Energy, I 1st achieved a partial version of Golden form when I had to help Goku hold back Beerus in a different Timeline, Beerus was powered by Demigra but not controlled, though purple feline bastard still attack us until we impressed him, seriously Gods are pricks

But I guess it helped draw out my power, never knew I had such energy built up inside me from all my adventures, Whis told me it was all the anger I held up all these years, Frieza abuse, losing my Father, losing Master Taurus, being hated by many for being an Arcosian, but mostly when my friends got hurt, all that thought was held in my mind because I didn't want to be like Frieza or King Cold or any bad guy I thought

Battling Beerus was the mist toughest thing I ever did, but when hurt Kuraudo and Goku I couldn't take being weak anymore, my rage the best of me, my Golden form woke and I managed to fight evenly against Beerus...well he was holding back but still I gave him a fight to remember...that he hasn't stop bothering me to up my game, seriously him and Whis are the most annoying OP people I have ever met! Damn Gary Stus and their endless stomachs

Though it's not enough though, the form only lasted for 10 Minutes and it wasn't at Full Power either, it really burned me out, however training and practicing with my friend Kuraudo and Goken I was able to master the Golden Form but also use it with my Super Evolution, after that I became Golden Evolution Blizzard, with this form I can take on a Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue...not sure about that Ascended version, and don't ask me about Ultra Instinct! That is a bullshit mode and the rest of you know it...alright maybe it's kinda cool...still can't beat Kenshiro though

I can use this form more naturally and it doesn't burn out when mastered, I have superior attacks and I can summon a Deathcube, an expanding Destructive Cube that obliterates anything it touches and I can use my Solis Sword a lot better with this form using it's power both Day and Night since it only works at day, my augment parts also go Golden from the my Aura which is pretty cool, I Master whatever Frieza achieves making me way better than him, bully me now cousin!

It affects my Hair too which is cool, makes me look more badass, I look like a Rockstar, hell maybe that's why I can summon a Ki Rock Guitar and send powerful shockwaves and blasts, this is awesome for sure, way better than my other relatives

 Don't get smug about it

Blizzard: Why? You Saiyans only get the Hair, I get the whole sweet makeover

Goken: Don't get cocky about it

Blizzard: Admit it you're jelly

Goken: Oh god don't say that

Blizzard: So jelly

Goken: Ugh...

Base Form
Human Form
Super Evolution Form
Knight-King Form
Omni-Spirit Form
Super Evolution Blizzard
My trump card, Super Evolution and unlike Super Saiyan even if I was knocked out this form would remain since it is a more physical change and more natural, I do need to be a Full Power to pull this off but after that I'm good, like my cousin Cooler I can Super Evolve, but my form is smaller and nimble while more armored, you may think with an extremely high defense form with thick armor that I'd be slower, nope, I'm actually way faster in this form

Now I know you guys are gonna say "but Blizzard, Cooler got owned easily by Super Saiyan 1 Goku" yeah I another timeline, but unlike my 2 bastard cousins I actually trained in this form, I can easily take on a Super Saiyan, hell I can take on a Super Saiyan 2 and 3, thanks to sparring with my buddy Kuraudo I can go up against a Super Saiyan 3...Super Saiyan God on the other hand I can take on their attacks...but that's about it, I can't beat 1, if I did then I'm awesome, but I can at least defend myself from them

This form makes all my Ki attacks better but mostly enhances my speed, strength and perception, my hits do a lot more damage and my defenses are extremely high, I can take on Vegeta's Final Flash...I think...might wanna test that, hell I can take on Jiren's attacks for quite a long time, no I can't beat him in this form but hold up pretty well, my attacks become electrically charge and every ki attack I do has some Shock Damage, don't know how but it does, this is my favorite form

I bet you guys wonder if there are no disadvantages or cool down required, why do I need to turn back to my Base Form (which is my Final Form before you say anything) well it's because I like wearing things to my favorite games and show, I mean the jacket I got is too nice to throw away so yeah I just do it because I like wearing things and I can't do that in my Super Evolution Form

It is pretty cool but can you take on Full Power Super Saiyan 3?

Blizzard: Only 1 way to find out, let's fight!

Kuraudo: Hell yeah! {transforms to Super Saiyan 3 Full Power} It's on!

Blizzard: Here we go!

Base Form
Human Form
Golden Evolution Form
Knight-King Form
Omni-Spirit Form


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Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

I'm an artist, a watcher and a gamer

Not as active as I use to be but I'm still alive, though still very unhealthy

I've also got a Tumblr Account-

I do RP but only in my spare time or when I feel slightly better since I'm sick a lot


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