My dreams of becoming a shift lead...

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... at Taco Bell were savagely crushed by the operative word in this next sentence: "I'm sorry but we overhired. I have to let you go."

So, I'm looking for work again, may have already found something, I just have to go down and talk to the people Monday. I really hope so.

Anyway, the apartment looks (and even smells) like Christmas :D We put up the tree, and with gingerbread cookies on it as well the aroma is wonderful.

Soo... oh yea I also found a group for North Carolina artists (as you may have already seen the avatar for in my deviation list). Seems like there are some really good ones out there in the Tar Heel State :D Anyway, they ask us to promote them by putting their icon at the bottom of our journals, so here goes:

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Ah, that sucks. So sorry they let you go. :[ But you seem happy even with that happening. :] Hope your holidays are splendid!
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Thanks, and yea, I do have faith it will all turn out okay. :giggle: I think my optimism is obvious to anyone who might know I'm actually using the tab key to navigate web pages since my mouse just decided to crap out on me :XD: