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Bulletman, Revamped

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This is for a contest on Hero Machine, where the creator has challenged us to re-make one of the classic Golden Age characters that used to run with Captain Marvel.

I chose Bulletman, as he is the one I am most familiar with from the site, and just seemed the most interesting. He is now set in the year 2015, where, after his involvement in an accident, he founded BulletTech Industries, a company that quickly rose to the Fortune 500 list by manufacturing affordable robotic prosthetic limbs. Also, he sports the same gravity-defying technology that was in the original helmet now throughout his Super costume. It should be noted that he wears a different pair of prosthetic legs when going about town as his secret identity, Jim Barr.

Information on the original Bulletman can be found here: [link]
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It is quite I really like it and he was one of my favorite superheros I'm so glad you made him
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haha, Thank you, sweets. He was fun to re-imagine, and your appreciation means much more than winning any contest.
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I am glad I could help. Loves u