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Mature Content

Devil May be married Dante husband x Trish wife by WhiteKnightDante
Mature +18

Mature Content

++ Dante x Trish Love ++ NSFW by AngelTrish

Mature Content

Like in the wild wild west by AngelTrish

Mature Content

++ ... [[More pizza, Lord]] ... ++ by Angel-Lightning

Mature Content

++ Lord's pizza is going to stay there ++ by Angel-Lightning
Horny Lightning and Vergil The Gentleman. by sebastianchankuro
Bayo x Vergil and their christmas tree by urushihara-hanzou

Mature Content

Why are you crying, Bayonetta by moka-akashya-vampire
Trish X Dante ( T x D) by DanteDevilKnight
Literature, Fan-fics and comics
Traitor Dante The Policeman part 5 by white-angel-dante
Traitor Dante The Policeman part 2 by white-angel-dante
Lady meets Lord part22 by VVhiteLord
Lady meets Lord part21 by VVhiteLord
Lord x Lady
Like in Old Times Library Kiss by WhiteKnightDante
The Divine Comedy Lord and Lady by WhiteKnightDante
[ ++Like in the wild wild west 2++ ] by AngelTrish
[Sympathy for God] by AngelMaryOfHeaven
Deus x Mary
~White Satin~ by FriendlyB0Y
''That Lady belongs to me''. by FriendlyB0Y
Devil May Cry 6: Lord and Mary pause mode by WhiteLadyMary
Lord and Lady just like a God theory by WhiteLadyMary
Dante x Trish
[++Belated Valentine's Day Dante x Trish++ ] by dante-888
Do you mind? by dmc-troll
[++ Like old times Dante x Trish ++] by WhiteKnightDante
++ Yes, it is today ++ by HeavenlyClaire
Dante x Gloria
|I love you...|[ +Dante and Gloria+ ] by gloria-sparda
|A moment between us |[ +Dante and Gloria+ ] by gloria-sparda
Traitor Dante The Policeman part 3 by white-angel-dante
Traitor Dante The  Policeman part 1 by white-angel-dante
Vergil x pairings
Vergil Lightning Claire Farron Lee Chaolan by AngelLeon3D
Lightning Claire Farron Vergil Lee Chaolan by AngelLeon3D
Lee Chaolan Lightning Claire Farron Vergil by AngelLeon3D
A Sweet Valentine's Day Vergil and Amaterasu by dmc-XNA-AngelSabi14

Mature Content

Divine hate bloody version by cetonuke
Belated Happy Birthday, Lightning by urushihara-hanzou

Mature Content

Belated Happy Birthday, Lightning 6 by urushihara-hanzou
Never hurt your father again 5 by WhiteLadyMary
Divine Ceremony part 5 by VVhiteLord
Vergil Devil May Cry by n8k8k8
Other Couples
Tekken - Lee Chaolan.nsfw and his pizza by MichaelAyaneJordy
Devil May Cry News
Dante and Lady Mary are not a canon couple by urushihara-hanzou
Credo x Charlotte
Devil May Cry Credo x Charlotte Just One Kiss by DemocraticMentality
Nero x Kyrie
Nero x Kyrie by x-Lord-x
Dante x Kat
Dante And Kat by WhiteKnightDante
Sparda x Eva
Lord's birthday : Sparda and Eva by WhiteLadyMary




.:Welcome to devil-may-cry-shop:.

Welcome to :icondevil-may-cry-shop: group!


Stamp-Cross Fish by Jazzy-C-OaksNow we have our group! ART!

:rose: Only members are allowed to submit (without any limitations).
:rose: Thanks for submitting your artworks in the right folder :)

:rose:This group was created so that all Devil May Cry artists on DeviantArt can be gathered and also share their works.

:rose:This group has been created to put together all the members who already know us and want to support us here, to know other artists, and to show our initiatives, news and works of our members! ^^

:heart: The purpose of the group? Create links with other people, make new friends, share your arts, make and receive comments in your favorite language.

:heart: Do not hesitate to write to us if you want to know why your deviations were not published. We try to accept almost everything, but at the same time, we hope to preserve a level that other members can appreciate and challenge.

:heart: But... what is the theme of our group?

:heart: Of course, ART in every of its form, passion of many people all over the world.

:heart: But several times, this passion is put aside, repressed, ignored or supported with all our strenght...

:heart: When we have a passion we need to share it with other people... So, here it is why our group is born!

:rose: A simple place where we could share our love for everything is art:
traditional and digital drawing, 3D, photos, and so on...!!

:rose: Here you could have the possibility to show your works to everybody, share problems and advice, join our news and initiatives... and above all you could know many artists as you!

:rose: Below you will find the group regulation, the simple guidelines for what is acceptable and what not. Please pay attention to them, as all that does not respect them will be rejected.

:star: This is the group that is for you.

:star: Be welcome and enjoy yourself!

:star: I inform you that the gallery has been opened so you can now send your works! ^^



:bulletred:Be sure to submit your deviations in the correct folders, please. I have to move them often enough and I do not really want to add a validation constraint on your deviations before they are visible in the group, the purpose of this little reminder is to avoid this :)

:bulletgreen: Thank you in advance and good contributions to all;)

:bulletred:The "Featured" folder is updated by the group's administrator and contains a selection of best deviations.

:bulletred:The "features" category is managed by the group's founders and moderators. That is, it is we who choose the works that will be featured, and no one else.

:bulletgreen: Thank you for submitting your most beautiful works.

:bulletred: You do not need to submit your works to the group favorites, they will be automatically refused. We choose our favorites ourselves.

:bulletred: Any type of subject (sexy, fanart, ect) and any qualities accepted.

:bulletred: You can send as many devs as you want per day.

:bulletred: Respect and politeness are a must. A member who does not respect this rule runs the risk of being banned.

:bulletred: We have a Gallery where all members can upload their artwork and show it to the world.

:bulletred: Be polite and Professional.

:bulletred: Rudeness, bad attitudes and harassment to other members or Admins will result in your remotion from the group.

:bulletred: If you accidentally submit an image into the wrong folder, please contact the founder. Your work will be removed from this group otherwise. If you're unsure about where to submit , just read the folder's descriptions.

:bulletred: If any of the gallery folder is reaching it's size limit, please inform us by leaving a comment or a note.

:bulletred: We want all the members to grow enriched by gaining knowledge about interesting groups, and we aim to be a gallery which supports all artists. Creativity and enrichment are very important for us!

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletgreen:READ CAREFULLY:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletgreen:

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: DO NOT submit in in the "featured" folder there are other sections for your works!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: The best deviation of the gallery will be included in the Featured folder. The choice will be made at the discretion of the staff.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Do not use the "Featured" folder.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: We do not accept spam messages on the bulletin board.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Do not write on the bulletin board about refused works, do it under the submission process.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Do not use bad language (respect others as you respect yourself).

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Send creations to the right folder.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: We accept deviation with mature content (18+) but please send them to the correct folder.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:We accept drawings, digital creations, text (fanfiction, poems, etc.),
creations with 3d programs (even in XNALara if suitably personalized) even if they are related to video games and comply with Deviantart rules.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Nobody must offend anyone !! If you have problems with users trying to resolve it properly. If that does not happen, get it out of the group!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Please, be respectful of the others: no teasing or flaming. The haters here are not welcome.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Avoid aggressive words or stupid spam messages, warnings, etc.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Hateful designs of racism or homophobia, insulting any religion, or otherwise offensive in any other way (of course, humorous or satirical content is welcome, I believe that the distinction between one thing and another is obvious to everyone).

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Lastly, as in every community, the first thing is always respect for other members: no to insults, racism, etcetera. Critics of the work of others are useful if constructive and if done in a decent manner, things like "This drawing sucks" and the like are to be avoided, 'kay?

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Insults and quarrels of any kind are strictly forbidden, subject to immediate ban.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: I wish you all a good continuation of the day.
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Thank you for your attention and good navigation!

:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue:=F.A.Q & precisions=:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

Why was my deviation not accepted?

We receive too many deviations every day that do not conform to our simple, though peculiar rules. So we're sorry.

My deviation complied with the rules but was refused. Why ??

If this is indeed the case, there is no reason why it should have been voluntarily refused. We accept any kind of deviation, whatever their artistic quality or subject, as long as they fulfill at least one of our post rules. Also, we apologize if a refusal should occur in such a case, and invite you to send us your deviation so that we finally accept it.

What are the limits of the acceptance criteria for deviations sent to the gallery?

Excellent question. Our rules are certainly a little complex, which may seem disconcerting to most of you, which is normal, but we can not always go into details that would be too long to explain.

Why not accept ALL deviations created by members?

It would not be possible for us as for you. The reasons for this are simple:
If we do not impose any restrictions and receive only one deviation each day, we would soon be overwhelmed with deviations and the gallery would soon be overwhelmed (and therefore there would be too much to see to interest the visitors). And finally, the very existence of the group would lose its meaning. Because the meaning of the existence of this group is above all to make share deviations accessible to all the people of DA

All works that have not been posted in the right gallery will be refused.

It must be made clear that a refusal on a deviation does not mean a rejection of the artist. On the contrary, we appreciate your participation very much and we have often seen ourselves forced to refuse excellent works because they did not meet our rules. We are deeply sorry about it...

:pointr:“If there is but one God, then why must blood be shed to prove whose God he is? Does the Father not belong to all of us as we belong to him? Do you think he'll call me a righteous man when I've killed one of his sons?”
P.A. Minyard, The Beloved


Just Married by WhiteLadyMary
Now and Forever by WhiteKnightDante


Just Married by WhiteLadyMary Just Married :iconwhiteladymary:WhiteLadyMary 64 82 Now and Forever by WhiteKnightDante Now and Forever :iconwhiteknightdante:WhiteKnightDante 84 25


.: Our staff :.

Bulletwhite by Wooded-Wolf Lord :iconx-lord-x: Bulletwhite by Wooded-Wolf and his wife Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf Mary/Lady :iconwhiteladymary: Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf

Bulletcrimson by Wooded-Wolf Dante :iconwhiteknightdante: Bulletcrimson by Wooded-Wolf and his wife Bulletyellow by Wooded-Wolf Trish/Gloria :icontrishgloria: Bulletyellow by Wooded-Wolf








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