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My Bio

Hello and welcome human, brony, furry, robot, whatever or whoever you are!

First of all- welcome to my... Gallery I guess? Personally I don't think much of my "art" as I am self-taught and way too slow to consider myself an "artist". Although, I'd always love to create something even though it may not be posted here on the gallery but please check out my scrap section as I tend to post stuff in there! I personally always wanted to draw mecha and sci-fi but have found it hard to work with perspective lines and stuff, so I have stayed with character drawings and well- a bunch of furry stuff due to feeling inspired to do so. Therefor I also tend to save old stuff so I can look back at my progress- if there is any progress at all. I only draw for fun and the experience to create something, I have never planned doing commissions but that may change if enough interest is collected.

And if I am not drawing anything, I am probably spending my time gaming ❤

Personal Quote: "Building stuff, one atom at a time"


Favourite Visual Artist
You ask me to choose one?!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Various but I tend to lean into synthwave and darkstynth
Favourite Games
Homeworld Cataclysm/Emergence, Descent, Tyrian, Warzone 2100, Hostile Waters, Mass Effect Trilogy
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Flesh, blood and tears.
Other Interests
Mostly gaming and the occasional writing session

End of an era

6 min read
And so 2022 ends not with a bang- but a whimper. Ever since I lost my job in 2017 at that e-commerce job I have been moving from place to place, from work to work and have tried to find my place in the world. Let me be clear; I hated that job. I absolutely hated working that office job, but there was no BS included. As long as I continued to do my assignments noone interrupted my workflow, due to no BS. No BS, just work day in and day out. Now, why did I hate working that office job? You see, in high school I undertook an education with computers and quickly realized I would hate an office job. While the idea felt right at the time, I have now realized that I am doomed to a computer office job. After that e-commerce job I became a trucker. 2018 I actually got myself a truck driving license. Right after that e-commerce job! Many of my friends laughed at me and said "Aren't trucks getting automated right now?!" But I got it. I got the license and I was the first student in
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So I got a new job! This has somewhat made me feel better as I have left trucking behind me now. Looking back I can for sure say that there are parts of that kind of work that is ok for me. I personally say that I kinda liked the isolation but due to there being so much paperwork in addition to other physical tasks I couldn't quite take it. Basically combine the worst of physical work with shoveling mud from the tipper and then writing a frigging' report about it later... Yeah. I am fine with just papers thank you. So I went back to administrative work and this is my third week and apparently this is a way bigger operation than I expected! I mean, just the second week the whole organization (aprox 1.2k people) gathered for a huge conference in order to learn to know each other and have talks about how the organization grows and so on. This sure is different to most jobs I have been on so far. Although, now I have another problem (which will probably be fixed soon): my computer is
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Well people, I am sorry for the lack of communication and well... Something to see. As I noted last journal, I have left my trucking job. I think personally it was for the best since I could not stand for what crazyness I stood for in that line of work. So now I am quite quickly coming up on one year without a job. Although, I have been off to multiple interviews but none has given me a job so far. So if not a job, I am looking into getting an education. If I could get a better and safer job with an education I am all for it. Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am indeed still alive. I put up something in scraps today by the way- it's not much but it is something.
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Thanks so much for the favs and comments.

No problem, you have a great set of artistic skill I could only dream about!

I know it's not much in these dark times but here, take this +1 watch! ✅

Interesting gallery you have here. If anyone asks you, let them know that if they want to begin the journey to make their own artwork. They can start by learning to draw a box.


Intressant galleri du har här. Om någon frågar dig, låt dem veta att om de vill börja resan för att göra sina egna konstverk. De kan börja med att lära sig rita en låda.

Drawabox: The Fundamentals of Drawing
happy birthday!!!!!!