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  • May 19, 1987
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My Bio
Why hello there my alien-mecha-robot-terminator-human-furry-brony/whatever or whoever you are!
Welcome to my little... I guess you call it a gallery?
I call this junk but hey, i guess everyone have their preference eh?

I personally don't call myself much of an artist (Even though id love to be one) since i'm just too slow to keep up with any kind of competition.
You may notice that I try to keep old stuff laying around since I want to share my journey of evolving into an artist one day.

And if im not drawing stuff I am probably gaming, and if you plan to play some games with me (Right now i'm bouncing from game to game) then feel free to send a note.

Also, please take a look on my scraps part of my gallery.
I sometime rather upload stuff there, so new uploads may not be noticed immediately.

If I faved your piece of art but did'nt leave a comment, I most likely liked it. Sometimes i just don't have time to add a comment to your drawing but if its a fave its a fave!
Sorry otherwise if you get upset at me for not leaving a comment!

Hardware operational status:

Art status//
Requests: Nope
Commissions: No
Art trades: Not possible
//Art status
+Work situation: Currently unemployed

Personal Quote: "Building stuff, one atom at a time"

Favourite Visual Artist
You ask me to choose one?!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Perturbator, Dynatron, Hybrid, Futurecop! and The Midnight
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Flesh, blood and tears.
Other Interests
Mostly drawing, writing and gaming


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Man, I hate that word. Responsibility. And yes, I am alive. Work has taken it's toll on me lately and I have been exhausted for a long time when getting back to work. I think I may have gotten the message that trucking is not for me. When 2019 came to a close my current workplace was sold during my winter vacation (I had about 4 paid days in total), so I had to find a new one. I worked at a new job from 2020 until to the summer of 2021 as I managed to screw up and lose my drivers licence in the line of work. Of course, what I did was wrong and I was punished for it but the weird part was that I lost my licence three entire months after the fact. I paid my fines and thought 'OK, now thats done' but no, I lost it. My boss at my job said to me that I could continue to drive even though I got the letter which said otherwise, I did what I decided to be the right thing and quit my job and take full responsibility- losing my drivers licence for real (although I got a new one about one
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An update

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Yes, I am still alive and well. But it has been hard for me to find the power and will to draw, I truly require the correct atmosphere to get into drawing. I will need to change up my life for 2020 and the immediate future in order to get more energy for my own activities. Also, (late) merry christmas- and have a great new year!
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December update

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I was unlucky, perhaps I joined the trucking type of work too late into the year. Since driving gravel and dirt jobs disappear during the winter time the company sadly decided not to extend my practice type of job into a full time job so I am back into unemployment. While it is not confirmed that this was the reason, it feels more than likely since I was nice to all customers, drove safely through Stockholm's chaotic traffic and my coworkers liked me as a newbie driver. I should try to get back into full gear with drawing, but it has proven difficult for quite some time. I have some scraps I could upload though, but I personally prefer upl
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happy birthday!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Devil!