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Torva armor FULL

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:iconvictorydanceplz: It's Finally done!! :iconvictorydanceplz:  This is the completed Torva Armor, from RuneScape. :mwahaha:

Made from 16g steel, and some 22g (helmet and boots), some machine screws, a few pieces of tie-down strap, some chainmail, and about 12 cheap cat/dog collars for the buckles. =P
Took about 3-4 months to complete.

Final cost for materials... $548.00 :icontruestoryplz:

Final weight...

Helm - 3 lb.
Body - 22.5 lb.
Legs - 19.5 lb.
Boots - 7 lb.
Chainmail - 31 lb.

Total (by itself, w/chainmail shirt) - 83 lb. :stare:
Total (without chainmail shirt) - 65.5 lb.
Total (worn, without chainmail shirt) - 192 lb.

(I rarely use the chainmail shirt, as it is very heavy, and hard to move with it on.)

EDIT: I totally forgot, but an enormous thanks goes out to Brio Wolf on RuneScape for posing in full Torva for me. I wouldn't have been able to see anything but the front otherwise, and the armor would not look as good as it does if not for him. High-five! 

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wow amazing! love the armor...torva ftw !! :) :) 
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Indeed! Though,  I think the 2nd suit turned out better ;)
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At first it looked like you used plastic, then I read that you used real metals. You are really skilled to make this armor! Great job and I hope to see more like this!
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Thank you. I'm actually working on Tetsu now, so keep en eye out for updates. ;)
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I want one set of torva armour too... or virtus...
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I may do Pernix in the future... Maybe ;)
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Love this armor!
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So do I... =P

Thanks!      :bow:

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If the next RuneFest is in the US (or you find some way of getting your amazing creation elsewhere) you should really wear it as cosplay!
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I certainly would. After watching RuneFest 3 on the livestream, I don't know how I could afford NOT to go, lol.
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That's incredible! Great work!
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What have you been taking?
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100 Smithing for this? You must been on Weed, this is 120 Smithing!
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Maybe I used a potion... ;)
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You're the first one to reach 100 smiting, congratulations on this huge achievement. 
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If only I had 99 smithing in the game...
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great work! I bet Jagex wants one :D
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While it is still quite thin, this looks like it would serve as decent Armour against blunt objects. I really like the way you did the boots and that platebody. Dear god is that platebody awesome. Amazing work and congrads on the community round-up recognition! :D

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Thank you.


Interesting that you think it to be thin. Traditional "knight" armor is normally 18g steel, so this is technically thicker. (It is however, un-tempered metal, so it might be softer.)

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