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Hello to any that is reading this. I greet you with much respect do to the title of it.
I am a broken soul lost in life and not even living. Each day is a struggle each moment a pain yet there is nothing wrong with me. I am just a man insane. 

What I seek?
I want to get a life and I see a way to do this is by getting a computer setup and well do more than sit around doing nothing. I have so much time on my hands and I just sit and do nothing. I want to create to bring my imagination to life to live for once.

What I am asking of you?
I have set up an indiegogo and am looking to get the money to buy a new computer. Now with people putting in money they need a say so I set up perks that do just that. 

Well Not sure who will read this but if you do I would love your feedback
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I am not one to ask for handouts. Yet... by DeviatedCarnage, journal