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Dark Tower: Ka-tet

Because the Dark Tower is the greatest book I have ever red...!
My version of Roland's ka-tet.

Dark Tower, Roland, Eddie, Susannha, Oy, Jake (c) Stephen King
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NitendoFan92's avatar
never intepreted Oy *golden circle* as facial marking. To me it was big beady yellow eye like a lemur or owl
kik805's avatar
Really good picture. I only have two things to say, Oy's muzzle makes him look like a cat. Also, his tail looks a bit to stringy. My favorite part has to be Eddie and his expression.
ANGUSROCK's avatar
Definitly, one of the best images of The Dark Tower on Internet. All characters perfectly detailed.

Felina-Cat's avatar
Wonderful details :)
Ha! I just noticed the Charlie the Choo-Choo book in Jake's pack! The little details make the picture great!
NaaraHatake's avatar
Can you imagen them in our time?
I would love to see them trying to figure out a touch phone or even the kinect.
ksb78's avatar
 And that is the reason why there are so many bad remakes now; people wanting to see how characters in awesome books/films from old school relating to today's world and technology. I loved the books[although I'm only at Wolves of the Calla] because they were in their own time and in the time of Roland's world. I don't want to see them figuring out smartphones. I don't want to see them relating to our current time [2013] and technology. But that's just my own opinion.  If they ever get it together and do a film or tv series, I HOPE they don't set Eddie's, Susannah's and Jake's time in our current time. I'm afraid they will, though.
NaaraHatake's avatar
I wasn't saying anything about that being put into a movie or short series. :/ I was just saying how funny it would be to see them figure it out. In fact, I don't want that either. I want them in their own times. It wouldn't make sense if they weren't.
xgrenade's avatar
I love this! You really got all the characters right! Eddie's face=WIN! :)
trulyonetoo's avatar
Nice work, I've been rereading the "Dark Tower" series and thinking of doing a bit of fan-art myself...
Have you heard the talk about a series of movies directed by Ron Howard. Wonder who will be chosen to play Rolan... I thought about Timothy Olyphant..maybe to young though..
escape908's avatar
This is crazy awesome! :D I am finishing the last book now. You did a really good job capturing the characters.
DerangedLychan's avatar
I LOVE YOU! There isn't enough love for this series!
Deedia's avatar
You remembered the face of your father :-)
Capt-Topknot's avatar
I love your rendition of Oy!
SuzetteRGreinwich's avatar
Okay, I gotta say, Eddie's face is TOTALLY right. Just like that!
Roland didn't have 3 fingers in right hand :P but it's great ;)
LadyFiszi's avatar
Very good! You made such a real-looking scene!
Heymlich's avatar
The best book I´ve ever read too.

You got the Ka-tet pretty well. Nearly as I thougt they would look like ^^
Shane-01's avatar
This is soooo 19. Awesome imagining Roland's Ka-tet. This looks so amazing, exactly how I imagined the Ka-tet looking. You even remembered to include Oy the Bumbler.
Awesome! That's pretty much how I think Roland looks.
equilibrik's avatar
The Books are great as is your art ^^
Deviata's avatar
awww..thanx so much! ^^
equilibrik's avatar
^^ :thumbsup: ^^

Your Welcome.
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