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The submission category will be open from March 5th to March 31st for contest entries. Submit through the links below. Please see the Official Rules.

Semi-finalists will be selected by full-time deviantART staff based on quality of design, likely sales potential, artistic quality, and creative interpretation of the task.

The 20 semi-finalists will be arranged in a collection hosted on the Profile Page on or before April 5th. It's then up to you, the community, to help decide who the ultimate winners will be. Multiple shirts may be chosen! Artists are encouraged to promote their contest entry once the collections go up, but any obvious attempts at generating false feedback will be disqualified. Judges will only consider comments made during a 14 day voting period.

Our panel of judges will evaluate your feedback and use favorites, pageviews, and comments to help select at least one winner in each category.
See Official Rules for details.

There will be at least one winner selected from all eligible entries, possibly more depending on feedback from our judges and the community. Each winner will receive, guaranteed, $1000 cash for his/her artist royalties on the sale of the shirt with more coming if we sell more; a one year deviantART Premium Membership; and their choice of bags: either the dA Pro Camera Bag, the Laptop Messenger Bag, or the deviantART Artist's Bag; and 5 shirts of his/her own winning design. Winning shirt designs will be released for sale in the deviantWEAR shop shortly after the contest wraps up.

All semi-finalists will be awarded a 1 month deviantART Premium Membership!

See Official Rules for details.

Step 1: Click 'Enter Your Design' below
Step 2: Choose a title for your work
Step 3: Submit your deviation to Contests > 2010 > deviantWEAR Design Battle

Enter Your Design Browse Current Entries

Your design must be original work and conform to the following technical requirements:

  • Use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw (or similar program) to generate original source files in AI or EPS format.
  • When uploading your preview to deviantART, do not upload your original source files. Instead, upload JPG or PNG previews. Keep your original source files on hand, though, in case you win.
  • Use only 1-6 solid colors. This means 1-6 colors of ink each printed as a layer on a t-shirt. The color of the shirt does not count as one of your ink colors.
  • No part of the design should exceed 10 inches by 12 inches.
  • Up to two placements of artwork may be used per design (back + front, front + sleeve, etc).
  • Vectors do not have size requirements because of their lossless scalability, so you are encouraged to use vector art if possible.
  • Do not mix raster images with vector images.
  • Fonts must be converted to outlined shapes.
  • It is preferred that you use Pantone colors (PMS Coated) for color references. There is a Pantone Coated library under your swatch libraries in Adobe Illustrator.
  • DeviantWEAR uses high quality American Apparel shirts. These shirts come in a variety of colors. Please use this link as a reference for shirt color choices. This will allow you to better plan your design's color scheme.
  • The deviantWEAR Design Battle submission period begins on March 5th 2010 at 12:01:01 PM PST and ends on March 31st, 2010 at 11:59:59 PM PST. Designs must be submitted during the allotted time and in the proper category to be considered as contest entries.
See Official Rules for details.

These are resources you can use in your submissions. We offer them as-is, and we're sure they'll be quite helpful.

Shirt Template
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XxRuby-The-HedgiexX's avatar
XxRuby-The-HedgiexXStudent Artist
hang on wheres this years i can't find it AHHHHHHH >:C
Narcot1c's avatar
Who's the finalist at last... it's mid July and no info's given ... :-x I want to order 2 or 3 of those T-Shirts but nothin is said nowhere !
tmpst24myst's avatar
GO MY VOTE GO!!!!! <3 dae
alrassamphoto's avatar
alrassamphotoProfessional Digital Artist
R-evolution-GFX's avatar
R-evolution-GFXProfessional General Artist
:cough: anybody here have a spare min? :)

To my surprise one of my two designs were chosen! :eager:

which is here :target: [link] :target: plz fav/comment the design if you like it :fingerscrossed:
tabingi's avatar
why works from the top of contest categorie aren't semi-finalists????
MetalSlime18's avatar
Come on guys! Vote for me!
Thaank yoouuu!!
KatieAnnOwens's avatar
KatieAnnOwensProfessional Traditional Artist
waaah I'm crossing my little fingers >___<!!
deviantWEAR's avatar

The Semi-Finalists have been chosen! [link]

Congratulations and Good Luck in the final Design Battle!

otakugir's avatar
wanna put up a link that works please? :3
otakugir's avatar
why thank you :3
EkAdEsH's avatar
Can anybody put up a LINK to the semi-finalists page ???? so we can go and vote for them ??!! Cheers
MetalSlime18's avatar
Here it is: [link]
Mine is this one: [link]
Please fav it or leave a coment if you like :]
Don-Pitayin's avatar
Don-PitayinProfessional General Artist
[link] Kinda like this one!, go check it out.
waxburden's avatar
Sweet, I made the top 20! :eager: I hope you'll check mine out: [link] It's made of delicious :orange:!
cr3at1on's avatar
the top 20 are a joke. RECHOOSE! RECHOOSE! RECHOOSE! :devart:deserves better!

vungtau's avatar
vungtauHobbyist Photographer
NO shit.....I never said any bad thing about anything, bu this time I have to say that "what the F*** are they thinging?) some of them look like it been design my a whole bunch of 2 years old kids....namely - the yellow with some what I say the middle finger....hahahahhah

cr3at1on's avatar
what about that number 7???? or the first one??? like seriously??? oh my f******* god! My first year here and i dont know if this is often to happen and all but comeone!!!
vungtau's avatar
vungtauHobbyist Photographer
I know, sometime it just happened and I think they are choose my popularity rather than JUDGE..what a shit
Don-Pitayin's avatar
Don-PitayinProfessional General Artist
wait, so are those the semifinalists already?
vungtau's avatar
vungtauHobbyist Photographer
yes, end game
Don-Pitayin's avatar
Don-PitayinProfessional General Artist
Those are fucking terrible
anonymous's avatar
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