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Finally a backpack for 17" laptops, perfectly designed with protective padding.

Show your style or keep it all business with our easy swap backpack design.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, stability and weight balance great for hiking, biking or piloting a hovercraft.

Slim & sleek! Perfect for carrying all your digital gear when you travel.

Fleece-lined pocket keeps your mobile device looking new.

Must Have! Includes water resistant specially designed drawstring weather cover.

dAPRO Series bags are made to be functional, designed with compartments & dividers for a pro digital artist.

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Swirly1213's avatar
awh too bad i just found out about deviantWEAR

Swirly1213, it'll be on eBay later this evening.

YaiLP13's avatar
Still available?!

I'm listing mine on eBay later this evening.

I found a couple on eBay myself. Looking to snag one to go with my 7 year old dA Pro Nomad backpack as the tech toys keep multiplying.

YaiLP13's avatar
Oh, yes. I saw them. But the price is totally out my reach.
chisohma's avatar
Are these sold out?
RamzaWolf's avatar
Selling this bag, for more information - dA pro digital artist backpack
xXWinterGlitchXx's avatar
Ahh! I need this right here!
v-for-vincent's avatar
When did this come back?! Did the store re-open? O_O
yaruBon's avatar
back in 2011 we were actually able to buy it for 7,196 :points: XD
RemoteCrab131's avatar
I bought one of this 3 years ago.  How come this is still tagged "NEW"... lol
i love the design, but not size. i need a small one, which can hold A4 magazine & ipad mini
WinKevin1's avatar
I bought this a couple of years ago, you can't fit almost anything.
elite343's avatar
Are they available on any other interior color beside red? can be?
Plazma-Burst's avatar
hey guys where can i find the one should dA bags???
I've been looking for a link all over dA with no luck o.O
BeeZee-Art's avatar
I could really use one of these :(
airey-ethereal's avatar
is this really really sold out now? i just happen to see this yesterday:(
Will the Wacom pocket fit a Cintiq 13HD? It's about the same size as a 15" Macbook Pro.

-Also, can you show an example of where the cables go... assuming you have a 15" laptop and wacom in the pack. 
SakuraModoki1011's avatar
Mine just arrived today! It's great, thanks heaps dA! :squee:
Thought I managed to order two. But the site threw up an error. Charged my card twice. I contacted support and found out that I had not purchased the bags and that I could authorize another purchase through paypal.. when the bags were already sold out. GREATTTT customer service. I tried to get in contact again but no response. I just wanted the bag. Thanks for the lack of help DA..
Marcusqwj's avatar
I'm so glad I ordered this before it sold out ^^
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