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The dA PRO Camera Bag is back with loads of improvements! Now with a larger access flap for your camera, more space for the tools you need, better padding all around, and of course a larger pocket to hold your ever-important mobile phone. It's all built for quick and easy access, designed by photographers for photographers.

Fits SLR/DSLR camera w/ lens attached and up to four extra lenses.

Perfectly sized pocket for iPhone/MP3 player– conveniently located on the front of the shoulder strap.

In the rain, pull the weatherproof cover from the hidden bottom compartment and protect your gear.

Memory card storage system with additional utility pouches for all the little stuff photographers usually lose!

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When will they be back in stock? or just back in general. This is literally the only camera bag I like.
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Same here. Would love to pick up one of these if they were back in stock.
Finally got mine this week, took quite a while. But no way will my 5D fit so pretty useless for me. The photo is deceiving, as it looks like there are 2 sizes. I don't think the angle of the photo is what makes it look like that. Would be absolutely perfect if the top zipper opening was wider to accommodate larger cameras. There's room there for it, but I can't get it past the small opening. So will probably have to look at selling it to recoup my costs.
BradleyPitt's avatar
Shipping To australia was faster then I expected :O
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Lol I never knew about the Rain Coat thing :XD:
Bradley, I am still waiting and I am in Australia too. What date did you order?
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April 4 Shipped Econ to my Home Address
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I just received mine.. just in time before my trip! I have to say this bag is EXTREMELY light and have loads of room for many lenses. My camera, Nikon D5100 (dimensions 5.0 x 3.8 x 3.1 in.) fit on the top compartment with LOTS of room left (about .5-1inch per side of room)! I have a 18-200mm attached to the body.

The bag is a little weird to carry since it's a sling but it's workable and easy to sling to the front in case you want to switch a lens without taking off the bag! A lot of places to store things. I was worried about the cost until now being offered at a lower price. I was worried it wouldn't match my expectations but now I wish I bought it earlier! It's affordable even at $80! Def. at $25! I am pleased with my purchase.

It is sad the store is closing T_T
Thank you :heart:
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Ordered my dA PRO Camera Bag on 4/30, shipped on 5/8, and received it 5/14. I am extremely pleased considering all of the complaints that are on here.

As for the bag, I don't have much to complain about it.
:bulletgreen:It fits everything that I have with room to spare. (Keep in mind, I only have 1 body,2 lenses, and a ring flash)

:bulletgreen:It is much more comfortable to carry than my old bag which came with my Rebel T3i. It was solely a shoulder bag and was heavy and awkward to carry.

:bulletred:The dA bag is still slightly awkward to carry, (it's weird when you've got boobs, but I was expecting that) but I'm not afraid of dropping it while riding my bike. (I did that once... The bag fell off my shoulder while on my bike and hit my elbow and down I went, bike and all )

:bulletred:My camera fits just barely. There is a centimeter around the perimeter to spare which makes it awkward to take in and out.

:bulletgreen:I am pleased that I can store my camera with a lens on it which I couldn't in my old bag. There are just enough pockets to hold all of my extras.

:bulletgreen:The bag is really sturdy and there is no straining at any of the strap connections when I pick it up even with all my gear inside.

All in all, if you are looking for a small, affordable (some of the ones I was researching were well over $100!) bag then this one is for you. I would buy it at this low price before they sell out for good.
Hi all...

How long it takes to shipping this bag to Indonesia...

I would to buy this bag..
Btw is there any pocket that can inset mini iPad...???
XsilverdawnwarriorX's avatar
No I dont think, unless you count the inside
AlexFlorezArt's avatar
Has anybody found a good use for the buckles on the outer flap? My thought it strapping a tripod to it, though I'd want a lighter one than the hefty one I got now.
jesspotter's avatar
That's what the straps on it are for. If you don't want to put a tripod on it the straps do come off.
AlexFlorezArt's avatar
That's what I figured. I was just wondering since there wasn't any mention of them or example photos in the product description.
The-Wynter-Gray's avatar
BOUGHT! So excited!
jgurnig's avatar
This bag is great and at the current price a steal.
deirdrebardowl's avatar
I bought this today during the 45% off sale, it's pretty spiffy for around 40 bucks to get all these neat options. I spent twice this on a bag and so far I can't just barely squeeze three extra lenses and a flash in there. I hope this has more room to work with.
mastermirko's avatar
And how is it?
Do you think that a 7D with a 24-105mm lens will fit in the top of the bag?
deirdrebardowl's avatar
But to answer your initial question, yes, the bag will fit a mid-sized camera. From what I see of the 7D compared to my camera, yours may be a little bigger but there is a fraction of room to accommodate.
mastermirko's avatar
Thanks for your message!
I'm sorry that your camera fell on the ground! I hope that this didn't affect the possibility to take pictures!
deirdrebardowl's avatar
Well I finally got it, after it got lost in the mail dA sent another through fedex and it got here within three days. I loved the bag initially and my mid-sized a77 fit in with a little adjusting of the inner panels. I got this bag as a day bag and not for my whole kit so I took quite a few panels out and now my camera fits well and the strap too. The only issue I've had (which is a big one) is that after I remodeled the inside to be deeper for the camera I took my bag to class and unzipped the large outer pocket, forgot, and rolled the bag over to get my phone out and my camera fell... HARD. My camera isn't damaged and I equate that to user error more than manufacturing. The bag does fit a mid-sized dslr and you can adjust it on the inside but you'll lose storage space. I feel that if the fit weren't quite so tight I wouldn't have had to remodel it and deal with my camera falling out. I'm fine with the bag, it's excellent and comfy. The top compartment for the camera could be a little bigger to accommodate larger model cameras. Please don't forget to zip the big pocket before moving the bag just in case. That was my fault totally and I shouldn't let it overshadow my thoughts on the bag. The sickening thud of a 1000 dollar camera hitting the ground still resonates through my mind when I think about the bag though.
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Im buying this today, Im so freaking happy :D
neilblenkiron's avatar
Service the car or buy more photo gear ... no choice really ;-)
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