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'dA Wrapped' by Transfuse

Grand Prize Winner of the deviantWEAR Design Battle 2009

Artist: =transfuse
Category: deviantWEAR Design Fashion
Original Deviation: [link]
Why it won: “dA Wrapped” by =transfuse was an incredibly popular entry with all that participated and kept the lead throughout the entire Battle. There’s no question that this design is not only unique but also incredibly stylish. Its unique placement and eloquent incorporation of the deviantART logo made this an easy choice for the grand prize.

Check Out Men's (Unisex) Sizing Here
Check Out Women's Sizing Here
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zJoriz's avatar
Seems like I faved the journal instead of the artwork itself. Fixed. And still hugely impressive work.
Ruby-Cay's avatar
I wants naow please?
JGDA9RS's avatar
i won this shirt from purpelblur's contest years ago! i hope you would please please please kindly do another reprint as i have a co-worker that wants one, badly the same way as i wanna get another one. please and thank you!!!
AkaliFoxx's avatar
why is it out of stock? make more
bluemoon-firefly's avatar
lOOOVE iiiTT!! (^o^)
Zorrowl's avatar
VGKoopa's avatar
needs more Reprints
AkuTenshi27's avatar
repriiiiiiiint! pleaseeeee! :please:
NinthLife's avatar
Nanashi-ink's avatar
Please, reprint this amazing t-shirt.
theanimemonkey's avatar
Please reprint this! I've been wanting this shirt forever! D:
XTidus's avatar
i'd love if this t-shirt was reprinted, its awesome
Kitsune-Genetica's avatar
dA, you have to reprint this. I NEED this T-shirt.
mister-walter's avatar
I want! Plz reprint! :D
kaourika's avatar
charfade's avatar
I've been waiting for the restock of this shirt for over a year now! I'd like to get a womans small!!!

I'm starting to believe this will never happen... and its disappointing DA... really really disappointing.
EdwouldZilla's avatar
Been waiting for this to be restock...
And i dont see it happening anytime soon ):
This shirt looks too awesome to wait
blinding-eclips's avatar
this is beautiful! <3
do T-shirts actually get restocked? cuz the size I want is solded out D:
mystrican's avatar
You can ask for them to reprint it. There's a button under the price. :)
blinding-eclips's avatar
oh rly? I didn't knew that X3
thank you for telling me ^^
mystrican's avatar
Mmhmm, you're welcome ^-^
y3nd0's avatar
Is it not possible get a re-stock? I've been eyeing this shirt for a while and it never comes back in stock.
SashaPatrix's avatar
wow spend all ur money yet?
kirei-akatsuki's avatar
yer this shirt should deffs come in womens sizes. and why are the smaller sizes always out of stock? they should make more of a certain size that are more likely to be more popular.
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