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Series 1 Emoticon Stress Balls

DeviantART's world renowned emoticon collection is now alive in physical form. Happy? Angry? Confused? Dumbfounded? Our emoticon stress balls will make your life easier. They're here for you when you find out your favorite TV show hasn't been renewed, when you walk in on your sister and your best friend, or when deviantART goes into read-only mode.

Squeeze our BALLS!

Includes 4 emoticon stress balls (3" in diameter) in a clear tube plus instructions for use.
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Seeing the comments here, I really wish I could go back to 2008.
'twas a simpler time.
SweetCreeper132PL's avatar
I had tried everything this came at perfect timing for me this filled a void in my life you would excell at this
Wreckovski's avatar
Change your financial future
Rubycored's avatar
i got the stressballs, but didn't come with the tube and the instructions :noes:

now what am I going to do with 4 balls that i don't know how to use?? :saddummy:
YoFreshBean's avatar
I got the last one :)
YoFreshBean's avatar
Im a lucky ducky~ XD
Mallinda's avatar
yes you are! im glad i purchased some items as well for myself before the shop closes! :D
YoFreshBean's avatar
My cousin got me a Fella 8D
Mallinda's avatar
neato! i currently have the dA camera bag (which is awesome) and im waiting on my emoticon buttons! :D
YoFreshBean's avatar
I also got the DA laptop bag and TrollFace knapsack XD
tptgirl6's avatar
Too cool!
Shadowmeere's avatar
are these easily squeezable?
fluffylink's avatar
yes. I just got my complete set a few days ago and there very fun
Shadowmeere's avatar
do you think these could be bitten? or easily broken?
fluffylink's avatar
easily bitten yes, easily broken don't know but I would note give these to my dog.
wales48's avatar
please lower the prize ??.

Can anybody donate some points?? :D. Plz??.
WarpedBabiDoll's avatar
I have never gotten anything from the shop in my 8 years as a Deviant. Could a kind soul please donate points? My husband and I are both unemployed, but I'd like to get something before the store doors close. :please: Donate here >> [link] <<
SadistSkunk's avatar
Eww.. A beggar.. :stare: Shoo!!
WarpedBabiDoll's avatar
Don`t get me started on you...
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