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Semi-Finalist: 'dA Wrapped'

Submission to the deviantWEAR Design Battle 2009

This entry is a semi-finalist in the Fashion Category. Please support this artist by favoriting, submitting positive feedback and spreading the word if you would like to see this design produced as an actual shirt!

NOTE: Please leave your comments for this deviation on this page, not the original submission, for your feedback to qualify as a vote in the semi-finals.

Artist: =transfuse
Category: deviantWEAR Design Fashion
Original Deviation: [link]
Artists Comments:

Well as usual, I'm submitting yet another contest entry really close to the deadline. This time it's for the Deviantwear Design Battle I took a similar approach I used in the Disinfo pic since the rules said you were limited to six colors (I used three: dark gray, white and red). The shirt color itself is Heather Black.

<-- Feel free to click "Download" to check out a much larger version to get a better look at the image.

Critiques and comments are most welcome on this. :)

Adobe Photoshop: 1 hour
Adobe Illustrator: around 4 or 5 hours

[added] Fuuuuug, I just read the fine print in the rules and it says that the design can't exceed 10"x12". =/ I'll go back and see if I can resubmit the image in a design that still looks cool.

[edit] Made the image a tad smaller to conform to the 10"x12" design limitation.
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Ah, memories. I still have one of these, but I wore a medium back then and it no longer fits. I'd buy a new one in a heartbeat if I could. :heart:
Nightvul's avatar
Can someone help me with having the no-designed t-shirt of the one posted above? I badly need one as a sample render.
user18759's avatar
I'd buy this shirt if it were available, for sure.
deviantWEAR's avatar
jao's avatar
I would love a shirt like this! It really catches your eye. :heart:
StreetSurfer's avatar
definately buyable:D
balancecurve's avatar
Awesome shirt, I'd totally buy it!
blakeiedboi's avatar
short and sweet.
ttururu's avatar
Love it! *Q* I would totally get one!
SuPerNoVi's avatar
ACE I'd wear this for sure.
maejonin's avatar
I would really love to wear this to school. Its soo awsome!!!
Ocean-Djinn's avatar
If they make this shirt I am so going to buy me three of them!!
AmethystPita's avatar
This is SOOO the one! Hope you win! :)
vandalk's avatar
This is simply awesome, I loved the contrast of the collors and how the illustration begins on the front and continues to the back, I would like one of these really much!
Anonymous-Fwee's avatar
Pretty sweet. Subtle too =D
Marconi-Freeman's avatar
Me votingo for this one!!!! :iconhappyfellaavatar:
Dreamerzina's avatar
carmenritaflores's avatar
love-mist's avatar
Oh I just love this design so much! I have it as my wallpaper now. :D Best of luck!
NessieB's avatar
So full of awesome =D
reddequeen's avatar
Utterly fantastic. I'd wear it.
carro-stalk's avatar
this one is definitely my favorite of the contest! good luck!!!!
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