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Tuesday, April 30th @ 7:00pm


Deviant Universe Rules & Guidelines


When you join the Deviant Universe, start by submitting TWO characters (one Hero AND one Villain). You can locate the templates in the Template section under the Gallery Folders. With that, a 2-3 page comic intro will be needed as well for submission. This intro will give members a chance to see your art style, and let them know who your character is and what their motivation might be in the DU.

Once you are approved and begin creating comic pages either through a monthly challenge or an Anthology series, you will then be able to add another Hero or Villain character of your choice when they show up in your comic.

Here are the guidelines and what needs to be filled out on the template:
1) A character image (illustrated by the creator) on the left side of the page (a standing pose from head to toe). The background template needs to remain the same, and make sure your character does not go outside the rectangular box area.
2) Information about your character (such as Name, History, Powers/Skills) needs to be displayed on the right side of the page. Please provide a short paragraph or two in the History and Powers sections. If you have more info than what can fit in this section, then provide the most important info on the template, and supply the rest in the description section of your deviation.
3) Your name or user profile under "Created by:"
4) Title of your uploaded page should say "Deviant Universe - (Name of Character)"
5) If you are a NEW member, provide your illustrated short intro comic (2-3 pages in color) of your character (either entering the DU, preparing for what is in store for them in the DU, etc.) and link the pages to your description section of your template. This is only needed for your first character into the DU.
6) You can only include up to 20 characters, so choose wisely. Once a character is in the DU, you cannot remove the character unless they have ceased to exist in a monthly challenge entry or side comic (meaning death, transported through a portal, or any other creative means), or during the Genocide Wave in September.
7) Note me at mja42x when you are ready to add your character.


Each month, there will be a specific art challenge that will test your skills as artists and provide creative illustrations of our DU characters. The challenges will range from fan art, to art jams, to crossovers, contests and more. While the challenges are not mandatory, I encourage everyone who is a DU member and who has an OC entry in the DU to take part. The challenges can only be done by users who have a Deviant Universe character entry. The entries will be displayed in the associated Deviant Universe gallery folder for all to see. Make sure to follow the guidelines and have fun!

1) All entries must be illustrated by the creator of the character that was submitted to the group.
2) All entries must be in color and fully completed (no pencil roughs or black and white images).
3) Only characters that are in the DU Hero and Villain folders can be used in the monthly challenges.
4) All characters must be an original creation and not associated with any copyrighted material.
5) No nudity or sexual conduct is allowed.
6) Once a deadline has passed, entries are no longer allowed in the gallery.


Accomplishments are recognition points based on the completion of monthly DU challenges and Anthology story pages (fan art, side stories or other extras do not count). Each deviation (one story-page, one single-image) equals one point. This is a good way for artists to earn points for their dedication and hard work while working through the Monthly Challenges/Anthology Series and honing their art skills. Accomplishments will be updated each month and show creators how many DU art challenges have been "accomplished." Where do you stack?


DU FAN ART - This is a folder where members can share images that do not pertain to a specific challenge. Fan Art contains characters in the DU that you have illustrated (other than your own), or team-up images of your character with other characters in the DU.

DU SIDE COMICS - This folder is for members that want to share various short stories of their DU characters that do not pertain to a specific challenge. Stories can be personal or team-ups with other DU characters. Members receive a folder with their username in the side-comics folder. This area is also good to post pages that did not meet a monthly deadline.

MONTHLY CHALLENGES – Once a year, you are able to suggest monthly challenges when the journal about challenge ideas opens up. When the Challenge Journal is posted asking for new challenges, simply note me with an idea you have for either a story-based or single-image challenge, and if the challenge is approved, you will then create the challenge guidelines and page examples needed.

TEAMS - While you are more than welcome to have a team of your own original OC's in the DU, there are two major 'collaborative' teams that you can join: The heroic Thunder Force and the sinister Dark Legion. All members will have an opportunity to take part in these teams and work with other members to bring a shared universe feel. Stay tuned for more info as we are currently in the process of updating this section.

DEVIANT UNIVERSE ANTHOLOGY: - The DU Anthology folder is the latest addition to our collection of galleries. This gallery is story driven and will focus on a particular character, team, or event. You can take part on your own and add a folder that showcases your original characters, or add a folder of a major ongoing story line that you and a few others want to collaborate on. Here are the Guidelines for the DU Anthology Gallery:

1) Illustrate a cover image when you are ready to create a folder. The cover image should be of the character or team that you will be focusing on, as well as the title logo labeled somewhere on the cover.
2) Keep in mind that you can only have 1 folder in the anthology (for now), so choose an ongoing story that you will add pages to for the long term. To keep things fresh, the DU Anthology gallery will be for new stories, not stories that have already been posted previously.
3) Note me with the cover image you created so I can add it to the Anthology Gallery.
4) Once you post your first page of your Anthology story, I will then create a folder for your series.
5) After that, you will be able to add one page a day to your Anthology folder. Unlike the Side-Comics folder, the Anthology folder is not for short stories, but stories that are ongoing, or broken into chapters.
6) Characters that appear in the DU Anthology need to have a DU Profile. However, support characters with small roles are allowed without a DU profile.
7) There are no deadlines for the Anthology section. Add pages when it is convenient for you.
8) Member will earn Accomplishment Points with each page posted to the gallery.
9) The creator must be the sole artist on the story of a specific folder, unless you create a collaborative story among others in the group, then each participating member will illustrate.


If you leave the Deviant Universe and decide to no longer be a member, all of your characters will be removed from the DU Gallery, and all your Accomplishment points will be gone as well.
If you submit little to no entries or remain inactive for a year, then your character(s) will be removed from the DU Gallery, and you will lose all your Accomplishments. Inactivity means that you were not able to provide more than 10 points in one year (you can check your points status under Accomplishment Points on the main DU page). This is done once a year in September during the ‘Genocide Wave.’

You may return to the Deviant Universe group in January of the next year (unless kicked out), but you will need to add your templates again and start your Accomplishment points at 0. You will also need to create a short comic (about 2-3 pages) that shows your character reappearing in the DU and a focus on why they are back. You'll need to make sure that the submission is in color and in comic book format.

*The DU is a place for artists of all abilities and that the monthly challenges are just that--challenges. Be aware that if someone stumbles and falls, harsh criticism or creating a hostile environment with abusive conduct will not be permitted. This goes towards any type of DU section, such as Monthly Challenges, Side Comics, Anthology Stories, Fan Art, and even the DU Discord channel. The Deviant Universe is intended to be a collaborative group where all members support each other by creating an atmosphere that encourages artistic growth and exploration. Failure to do so could result in removal from the DU Group. Be Positive, Support, and Encourage.



*UPDATE - With last month's Challenge coming to a close, the Accomplishments have been updated. Great job to everyone who participated! Points are awarded based on how many completed pages were entered for each specific challenge.



:iconallard-liao: - 9 (0)
:iconbioghost1000: - 2 (8)
:iconbjatkinson: - 3 (8)
:iconbogmonster: - 9 (13)
:iconbranded-curse: - 14 (4)
:iconbug-off: - 10 (4)
:iconbunny75: - 4 (21)
:iconchibibrugarou: - 6 (8)
:iconcomicboy02: - 2 (0)
:icond3kab1u3: - 1 (0)
:icondarknessofmemory: - 19 (18)
:icondoctorvorlon: - 8 (7)
:icondondevious: - 15 (1)
:iconechoxrime: - 7 (17)
:icongaston25: - 6 (15)
:iconignolian-thorne: - 17 (153)
:iconinsane-ukulele: - 13 (7)
:iconknightslayer115: - 8 (7)
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:iconlatroma: - 12 (6)
:iconmrpr1993: - 5 (2)
:iconn-i-v-e-k: - 3 (3)
:iconnode-gamer: - 3 (22)
:iconoriginalunoriginal: - 10 (10)
:iconpayno0: - 6 (14)
:iconritualist: - 5 (13)
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DU Presents 8 by mja42x

Continuing from last month's shocking events, we now shift our attention to the Thunder Force team as they regroup from their loss at the hands of the sinister Dark Legion. Defeated and mourning, the remaining members are unsure of their next step, until a mysterious Deviant named Vektor appears, who surprisingly reveals himself to be President Hatfield! During this time, the team learns that Hatfield was actually one of the founding members of the original Thunder Force team many decades ago, and has been supporting the current team's activities through his Presidency in secret. In order to fight back against the Dark Legion threat, Hatfield initiates the Thunder Force Unlimited program and looks to other Deviant heroes to aid their cause as full fledged Thunder Force members. Who will take up this offer? We're about to find out, as the heroes that take part in this challenge will be at the forefront of this year's summer crossover event, World's End! Are you up to the challenge?

Unlimited by mja42x Unlimited Page 1 by mja42x Unlimited Page 2 by mja42x Unlimited Page 3 by mja42x Unlimited Page 4 by mja42x

The Guidelines for this Challenge are as follows:

1) Choose ONE character that you would like to be part of Thunder Force Unlimited. The character you choose will take part in this year's summer crossover event that will begin in June.
2) Have one (or some) of the current members of Thunder Force meet your character to offer them a spot on the Thunder Force Unlimited team. Use any dialogue necessary to make them join.
3) You can have your character simply agree to join, or have them showcase their abilities somehow to prove they are capable of being on the team. You are free to illustrate how you want this entry to go, so long as the entry ends with your character joining Thunder Force Unlimited (Alpha and Beta teams no longer exist moving forward).
4) For members that already have a Thunder Force character, you can collaborate with another artist during this challenge (by having your character approach theirs to join), or you can show your current TF character healing/overcoming their wounds to prepare for the battle ahead.
5) Illustrate up to 5 comic style pages.
6) Entry cannot be part of a DU Anthology story.
7) Link all your pages together in the description for easy reading.
8) Images must be in color and in comic book format.
9) Only characters in the DU Heroes gallery can be used. No copyrighted characters allowed.
10) Place the DU Profile thumbnail or link of each character used in the description section of each page.
11) Submit your completed entry to the DU April 2019 folder. Incomplete or late entries will not be accepted.
12) Deadline is April 30 (10:00 PM EST).
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Do you plan on starting (or continuing) a DU Anthology story this year? 

24 deviants said YES
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