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Male Anatomy Reference and Perspective Tips
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Published: August 20, 2012
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Warning!: Nipples :iconheplz:

This is a tutorial on how I draw the male body. It's just how the male body is drawn in my style along with some tips on how I deal with it. This is by no means the only way to draw male anatomy or the absolute correct way to draw it. I myself am still learning and correcting my anatomy skills. Thank you

This is for all those notes and comments for a tutorial. ghfjfsdfsd I hope this is even remotely helpful. Is my handwriting legible? OTLLL
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Kwaku722New Deviant

This is a good reference. Thank you!

Also human anatomy is a bitch. I wish drawing a human body was simple tbh.

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Jam-uzuHobbyist Digital Artist
how does one remember all those shapes ;-;
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XhlxoStudent Digital Artist
I know this is old comment but I just wanted to reply ah.
It tends to be muscle memory after drawing it so much
Jam-uzu's avatar
Jam-uzuHobbyist Digital Artist
that's ok it's not that old and even if it was it'd be ok

yea i agree because I too got used to drawing some parts of the body after drawing them like 100 times 
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XhlxoStudent Digital Artist

Yeah I felt the same back then but after a while I started just knowing it without realizing it.

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Thank you for sharing this.
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FreezyFrostWolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you soooo sooo much. This helped me so much and ahhhh thank youuu for living.
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AlphaZenithStudent Traditional Artist
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IndiePlayStudent Digital Artist
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JoyChan1Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is very helpful. The star nips killed me XD
ShadowLovley's avatar
ShadowLovleyHobbyist Digital Artist
THANK  SO MUCH xD I need references so much..ugh.
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AnidimukaHobbyist Digital Artist
just love it
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NinjaKitty2012Hobbyist Digital Artist
So helpful. Lol I love the star nipples... cx
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verierruHobbyist General Artist
Tiny-Galaxy-Witch's avatar
thank you a lot 
its really helpful ^^
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Neko-BugadaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for doing this
You saved my life
I was using my own female anatomy to draw guys XD
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ButterflyQueen14Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will be using these tips when i start adding drawings on my account! <3 thanks
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HackSketchStudent Traditional Artist
finally i can draw
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Thank you so helpful
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CeriaJHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you, i'll try it too >_<
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animecasualStudent Digital Artist
I try using this!
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SumireSuzukiHobbyist Digital Artist
Oo neat! I like how you do the pants o7o

Ahahah nipples-- //shot
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MayFlorenceHobbyist Artist
i think you must have one of the best male/male anat tutorials online and in books as of date! I keep comming back to this, no matter how many art books I buy, or tips I get from pros. Thank you for the help!
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BunNanasaHobbyist Digital Artist
So basically you just made me go:

(っ ºДº)っ 
I feel like I can do this now!
(horribly, but its opened up a new way of me to see things) 

Specially the thick silhouettes for legs. Its like you need to carve the defined legs out of it
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