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Civitas Aurum_cOS by deviantstorms Civitas Aurum_cOS :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 0 2
Zorua's story. Part 1
Waves crashed against the Disaway as freezing rain pours down onto the deck of the ship. The crew on the deck were wearing heavy winter clothing as well as ice and snow grip shoes as they patrol. Dispute the dark and stormy seas they could see land thanks to the bright lights of there destination. New years eve was about to become the new year so the lights were much brighter with more colors from the old Christmas decorations. One could make out the three block tower, that gets it's name for looking like three blocks stacked up on one side. It's the tallest building and the brightest. The windows glowed with a count down to new years day. Once in the city they would see all the decorations, the lights, and more. But they have a job to do. In the cargo hold are hundreds of Pokemon. All destined for auction a few weeks into the new year. The smaller ones are in cages while the larger ones are in container on the deck. In one of the cages bellow deck was a scared zorua. A week ago he was
:icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 1 2
Zorua by deviantstorms Zorua :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 3 21
Nicole's snowflake RP
You are a tiny on a tree branch. It's snowing all around you and your winter clothes are failing to keep you warm. You noticed a blue cat with a yellow jacket walking around. She stands near your tree and opens her mouth. She sticks her tongue out to catch snow flakes. Just then the snow under you gives way and you fall towards her mouth. You land on her soft wet tongue.
:icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 7 1,122
Lego Stormrunner Eater by deviantstorms Lego Stormrunner Eater :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 4 3 Z-ark07 logo by deviantstorms Z-ark07 logo :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 1 10 Draco training rp by deviantstorms Draco training rp :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 4 1,753
Bronto vore rp
You are a human that has been lost in a strange desert for some time now. While walking, you see a giant grayish brontosaurus walking your way. It had not noticed you yet.
Who are you, what would you like, and are you wearing any green?
notes for 18+
:icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 10 4,472
Hooktail vore RP by deviantstorms Hooktail vore RP :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 11 3,363 Goodra vore RP by deviantstorms Goodra vore RP :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 23 15,408
Chaotix RP
You are tiny and lost in the forest. As you walk you bump into a shoe. You look up and see ___. They smile when they see you
Preds are:
-Charmy Bee
-Espio the Chameleon
-Mighty the Armadillo
-Vector the Crocodile
Switch allowed
Can be:
Oral vore
Anal vore
And anything other then 18 +
:icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 7 5,172
Starter Pokemon vore 1 by deviantstorms Starter Pokemon vore 1 :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 12 7,486 Aurorus vore RP by deviantstorms Aurorus vore RP :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 17 8,783 Latios and Latias vore RP by deviantstorms Latios and Latias vore RP :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 17 15,713 Griffin vore date rp by deviantstorms
Mature content
Griffin vore date rp :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 9 3,633
Giratina eats Shaymin rp by deviantstorms Giratina eats Shaymin rp :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 3 3,235


United States
I'm just a guy.
:iconmarththeblacklegend: tagged me.
Well... here we go.


1. You have to post all of the rules
2. Answer 12 questions that you've been asked, then create 12 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer
3. Choose 12 people
4. Tag those 12 people at the end 
5. You can't say you don't do tags
6. Tag backs are permitted
7. You must do the journal entry

Question asked:
1) Played any good games recently?

2) Puns?

3) Do you have a meme for everyone to see?

4) What's your favorite OC/FC you've made?

5) You think there is a pattern with this meme?

6) Seen any interesting animations on youtube?

7) What is one song/instrumental you would suggest that everyone would listen to?

8) Do you like to write, draw, or meme on here?

9) Which year do you think has the best memes?

10) Would you prefer to buy things in games if you needed to pay real money to get them? (Even if it was just cosmetics that they sell?)

11) Do you know the way?

12) (Error 404: question not found.)

My answers:

1) Subnautica.

2) Nothing that will make you laugh I'm not very punny.

3) Yeah. First world problems. There is nothing to drink except this endless supply of fresh water. I got too much food, now i have to make TWO trips to the car. I got too much dip for my chips. But if i open a new bag i got too much chips for my dip.

4) Zorua. Or Z-ark07

5) It's always the same. Kinda like chain letters if you are old enough to remember. Send this to five people you know or you will have bad luck all your life because of the curse of evil tim.

6) I liked this one here.

7) Anything by miracle of sound.

8) I'm planing on doing more, so not sure yet.

9) 2015

10) If it was single player, NO. Multiplayer i'm okay with. If the game was Free to play to begin with.

11) Sure it's that way.

12) Must be an error 482.

So i have to tag 12 people? I'll do four because i don't care about rules and 12 is ridiculous.


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