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The TA-Feat CI

Sat May 18, 2019, 6:10 AM by GeorgeXVII:icongeorgexvii:
Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat''

In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here.
Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques !
Hope you will enjoy this feature !

Evening Sun - Bald Eagle by Nambroth

Event Horizon by LucieOn Greenhouse Divas by Virtuella Jamaa el Fna market Square by bkiani

Fish Warrior's Course by sivousplay

To Thangorodrim by TheLongDefeat  Norwegen by JoachimL Marina Zoege von Manteuffel  - Coloured pencils by ZoegevonManteuffel

Elvet Bridge, Durham by jeffsmith1955

Simba by Toxic--Vision Gazania Rigens by KissMyArt-Artcore Vogue by gyurka

E by sampom

Star!Star! Let me introduce you the SPECIAL FEATURED ARTIST Star!Star!
At the ballet school II by Serghiosart
On the sea by Serghiosart The wave by Serghiosart The window to the summer by Serghiosart

La la la la --- I M P O R T A N T --- La la la la

*Do you watch/know great Traditional Artists that need more exposure ?
Help me to create the next ''TA-FEAT'' feature commenting with  great traditional art pieces ! Heart


A traditional art tutorial:

Hope you have enjoyed it ! Love See you in the next one ! :eager: by darkmoon3636

With Love ,

Art Exhibition: Vol 3.

Sun May 12, 2019, 6:14 PM

Tokyo Street Night by arsenixc
Hello, fellow artists! Welcome to Volume 3 of Art Exhibition (AE).

AE is a non-profit project solely run by Kellsyy to promote various artistic abilities. Each Volume will feature 55 unique artworks from all categories including Poetry, Traditional, Digital, Anime/Manga, and Animation.

This Feature comprises of 5 primary initiatives, each aiming to help other artists gain praise/feedback from other Deviants. Each Volume is published bi-weekly on Sundays around 8 PM EST.

With that being said, enjoy! La la la la 

AE 1: Project 10,000.

Project 10,000 aims to showcase 10 Deviations that should have 10,000+ views. This can be based on the artwork's originality and/or the story/emotion behind the art piece. Hand-picked by Kellsyy herself, these artworks show excelling talent.

Remember to support these art pieces with a comment or favourite!

Merida by Clamyart
Self portrait by maxasabinMay weather by bwaworga
Jalama Beach by chateaugriefMononoke by larienne
Deeper Than You See by Iskander1989Hilda Bridal Gown back view by Firefly-PathHOW TO DRAW A DRAGON: VIDEO ON YOUTUBE! by Lovell-Art

AE 2: Words Of Gold.

Words Of Gold features some of the best poetry/stories in DeviantArt (generally under-rated). Also chosen by Kellsyy, each text is able to creatively interweave words. This creates messages that touch their audience deeply.

If you need a new author/poet to follow, check the ones shown!

AE 3: Under 1,000.

Under 1,000 aspires to help artworks under 1,000 views/favourites gain recognition. Although these artists don't gain many views, their art proves that beauty is not always seen by all. This is also selected by Kellsyy.

Cyberpunk X by marcosnogueiracbTransalpina view by trekking-triP
Pathfinders by YanaBau
Tom yam Koong by TairenarFrozen: The Wicked Prince by Quincy-Sue

AE 4: Spread Love!

Spread Love! headlines 3 talented artists who are passionate about the arts/community. Kellsyy chooses to put these artists in the spotlight because of their artistic gifts and/or contributions to the DeviantArt community. 

Say hello to Volume 3's featured artists...

Featured Artist 1: MarioFegan.

MarioFegan seems to have a gifted eye for Traditional Landscapes. Every masterpiece he creates is with a sense of peace, an aspect most artworks fail to capture. With a loyal band of 623 watchers (as of April 30, 2019), Mario conquers the heart of many viewers from the comfort of Ecuador. Show your support to one of the most under-rated artists of the Traditional Art community!

In Shadow and Light by MarioFegan
Misty Sunrise at the Sea by MarioFegan
Turquoise Shallows by MarioFeganVeiled Forest by MarioFeganStorm Waves by MarioFegan

Featured Artist 2: Poopikat.

Poopikat is a Canadian with a colourful, cartoony artistic taste. An accomplished artist in disguise, she is able to create artworks with a colourful, eye-catching vibe. Both her masterpieces of many expressions and heartwarming personality continue to push her towards success.

From the Power Within by PoopikatJust a Small Break by PoopikatMerging by Poopikat
Finally Together by PoopikatShape by Poopikat

Featured Artist 3: Takamin.

Thought you needed a $3000 Tablet to be the best artist? Think again; Takamin defies the odds with only a pen. With a detailed, professional, and bold outlook on his artworks, Ivan proves that expensive tools do not mean an outstanding artist. Proudly presenting the Filipino community, Kellsyy is honoured to name him Art Exhibition Volume 3's Featured Artist!

.:: Comm: Cyberpunk ::. by TakaminChun Li sketch by Takamin
.:: Pocahontas ::. by TakaminPen Sketch. by Takamin.:: Warrior ::. by Takamin

AE 5: Hall Of Artists!

Hall Of Artists! proudly displays 10 artworks chosen by the DeviantArt Community. Regardless of medium, popularity, and story, each artwork in Hall Of Artists! showcases what some consider to be the best of DeviantArt.

Those Dreams are Getting Away from Me by weroniBurst Of Energy by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
Warcry by Lilia-DeRossoYCH Auction #14 - Finished ver. by Dreaming-Witch.:White Bride:. by AKoukis
Catharsis by whimandwonder*Kingfisher by NightfallEmbersSpider-Man Ink by ShadowGoethe
Wraith - Apex Legends by RamzyKamen
Maysketchaday - 2018 - 23 by RavenseyeTravisLacey

Bonus AE: Art League.

Art League exhibits 5 famous artworks which are also picked by the DeviantArt Community. To many, the artists of these masterpieces are an inspiration and idol to newcomers of the art world. As DeviantArt's own heroes, AE would like to salute the creators of these artworks...

The Law 2102 by eWKn
Sun by serafleurStairs to the fox temple by Kate-FoXThe Rock by AtomiccircuSGoL Genesis pt.4: two worlds by ThemeFinland

For a summary of this week's featured artworks, browse Kellsyy's Favourites Gallery. If you're still craving to do/see art, check today's Daily Deviations and enter some of the Contests listed for May 2019.

Bonus Contest Feature: Want to improve your reputation, creativity, and teamwork skills in DeviantArt? If so, the Fifth Annual Awareness of the Arts Contest is for you! Hosted by Amarantheans, the event has amazing prizes such as DA Points and Core Membership up for grabs. I hope to see you there! Hi! 

Thank you for reading Volume 3 of Art Exhibition. With a purpose to promote the best of DeviantArt, Kellsyy hopes you've enjoyed this week's Feature.

Each Volume will consist of 1 AE Question and Fun Fact to encourage discussion. Feel free to voice your opinions with a comment!

AE Question: What fandom in DeviantArt do you believe has the most astounding artworks? Feel free to post some of them in the comments!

Fun Fact: One artwork of Queen Elizabeth II was made with 1000 used tea bags, courtesy of Andy Brown.

You can read the last Art Exhibition article here, or view the full list of Features here. If you'd like to support this project, you can :+fav: / comment on this article, or share it with other people/Groups.

Stay artistic! Heart 

Would you like to become the next Featured Artist, or want your art to be shown? 
Send Kellsyy a note with the following information...
  • 3 artworks maximum (they can be your own or others).
  • Two lines as to why the submitted artworks should be displayed.
  • Your favourite food: Kellsyy would love to know something about you!
Keep in mind the following Regulations for Art Exhibition Features:
  • No NSFW, 18+, and socially unacceptable artworks
  • No WIPs, Selfies, Gore-y, Fetish, and Poorly Composed/Poor Quality art.
  • All artworks should be no older than 2 years
  • An artist can be a "Featured Artist" once.
  • Artworks submitted will only be shown once
  • Art Exhibition will only showcase your artwork(s) once per month
If you, or an art piece, has already been Featured, it/you will not be Featured again to promote fairness in each article. Submit your best art!

Kellsyy is a writer, graphic designer, and aspiring Psychologist. She is known in DeviantArt for administering All-Art-Wanted and TheDigitalWorldOfArt, along with being apart of the Forums. With a passion for helping the community, Kellsyy created Art Exhibition to promote those with artistic talent, especially those with a lack of views.

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions for her non-profit project, feel free to send her a Note. Replies will be given at 5 days maximum.

This week's Header Art was created by arsenixc; be sure to check out their amazing art! Art Exhibition will release another Feature on May 26, 2019.

On behalf of Kellsyy, thank you for supporting other artists! Tight Hug 

Edited Skin by Kellsy
Original Skin by Dan Leveille

Birthday raffle ! (CLOSED)

Fri May 10, 2019, 6:50 AM by GeorgeXVII:icongeorgexvii:
Hello everyone ! :love:
On May 20th I’ll celebrate my 30th birthday and I want to do it with all of you ! :heart: 
Everyone can participate , the rule is only one participation per deviant !

In this raffle I will award 20 prizes to 20 deviants !
To participate, all you have to do is choose a box and leave a comment to this journal  with the number you have chosen , also you can tag one or more friends who would like to participate in this raffle !

Dsss by GeorgeXVII

There will only be one winner per box!

Thinking that some deviants are going to choose the same number ,
at the end of the raffle I will create an short list for every box/number adding all the participants who have chosen it and I will assign an extra number to each deviant , this will help me to generate the winner of every box using the tool.

The prizes:

:bulletblue: 1 x 3 month core membership 
:bulletblue: 2 x 1 month core membership
:bulletblue: 5 x 1 cake badge
:bulletblue: 5 x 40 points 
:bulletblue: 7 x 20 points

The raffle ends on my birthday , May 20th!
The prizes will be awarded one or two days later !
All the participants will receive a llama badge from me if they haven’t received one already. 

Thanks in advance to all the messages , possible little gifts , faves , new watchers ,
points donations or core ! :love:

Good luck to all and let's start the party /fun !

The TA-Feat C

Tue May 7, 2019, 11:20 PM by GeorgeXVII:icongeorgexvii:
Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat''
:dummy: Vol.100 :party:

In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here.
Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques !
Hope you will enjoy this feature !

'John Wick 3' Painted Poster by NickyBarkla

Ravens by engelszorn [Art trade] Welcome to my playful nightmare by Mizuki-T-A The Way Through The Woods by jennifertaylorart

Noctis '19 by heartofrockandroll

Sachsenenten - Saxony Ducks Portrait (Acrylic) by Tyooky valletta grand harbour no.2 by Micko-vic Severance by chvacher

Insight | Druid's Peace by TirraMisu

Girl with Hat by UschiMalt 20190502 by sem505 High Winds, Crisp Shadows by Virtuella

Landscape Sunset by YohannaKim

Star!Star! Let me introduce you the SPECIAL FEATURED ARTIST Star!Star!
Breda River Mark by LotharZhou
Pont Neuf by LotharZhouChongqing by LotharZhou Breda Kerk by LotharZhou


:la: --- I M P O R T A N T --- :la:

*Do you watch/know great Traditional Artists that need more exposure ?
Help me to create the next ''TA-FEAT'' feature commenting with  great traditional art pieces ! Heart


A traditional art tutorial:

Hope you have enjoyed it ! Love See you in the next one ! :eager: by darkmoon3636

With Love ,

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