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Smiley thoughts to aall the women out there :aww:
The Only One
Magnolia dragon
Spring blossoms
hanami ( live wallpaper )
flower background
Flowers 572
Smells goooood...
Hydrangea Hair
Flower Coils
Flowers in a trash can.
Dear Someone
Summer Blossoms
Dahlia flower
Lagoon of light
Speedpainting 04122021
Tiger Lily
If You See Her...
Empire of The Sun III
Sunflowers for George Floyd
Dandelion Pikachu - DA Tutorial by Ry-Spirit
The Dust Of Feelings by Leonid Afremov
[C] Doggo
More Flowers?
Red Flowers For Love by Leonid Afremov
The Address
White cat and lotus
Petite fleur
Flower Cone
Flowers 577
Sunflower Meowchi
192 - Sunflora
Flowers Pencil Drawing
Name Day Flowers
flower 2
flower order...
Radiate into the world...
bee on flower
Tree of Life
Blooming In The Rain
Evening Star
Midnight City
Spring Magnolia
Blooming Blessing by Lada Lyumos
A Cherry Winter - Wallpaper
Heather Fairy
cherry in winter
Forest ( Source of life )
Poppies in the blue
some flower
butterfly on white
Japanese apricot IV
Blooming Spring
Beautiful flowers of a blooming almond tree in spr
Blooming suns
Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' Vol.139
In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here.Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques ! I hope you will enjoy this feature !
Plant Bulbasaur
Where The Wild Roses Sing
The heat
Ganzalez - rooster outside
Periwinkle and Shells (2) for BLM
Wild Badger Medicine
The Strange Tree
Green tea
Hoffnung (Hope)
The clown man 1
Special Thanks to: LualaDy for helping me with suggestions for this feature!
--- I M P O R T A N T --- 
*Do you watch/know great Traditional Artists that need more exposure ? Help me to create the next ''TA-FEAT'' feature commenting with great traditional art pieces !  _________________
Hope you have enjoyed it !   
See you in the next one ! 

With Love , GeorgeXVII ❤

Fav Feature vol 140

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2020, 4:00 AM


Check out the cool art I faved in the past couple of weeks .:puppy happy love:.

*this feature was created before the Eclipse rollout

Canned peaches by barn-swallow
SINGULAR [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault Cheetah Family by light-askha
Joseph Desaulnier (Identity V) by Mokafi Witchboy by SerenaShin
Welcome Home by Elsychan
Aell Parvath by lileti Semi Realistic Digital Portrait(2) by Neil03
Spring by dashakern
Yellow mood by Katyaiwan Losing yourself. by gerimisore
Style by SweetieTeshi British Breakfast by HanaanDesuu
Izanami Hifumi by siel39 Toast by ofSkySociety
Dollhouses 1:144 scale by Adoratia Halloween Minis set 2 by AradiyaToys by AradiyaToys
Pain by KON085 Watercolor 31/1 by Doringota
Petal by thefirebomb

Fav Feature vol 139

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 6, 2020, 4:00 PM


Check out the cool art I faved in the past couple of weeks .:puppy happy love:.

*this feature was created before the Eclipse rollout

pumpkin chariot by drachenmagier
Blep by DStever Photographer Daphni Fae by astridkallsen
Gorgon Nalia by nipuni Will Graham by Maria-Hideki
Nosebleed by Ajgiel -commission- [for SecretAgent9] by Yunokiru-Str
modern!Legolas by nastjastark Alban by justvrit
Aaron by NyutaValerius Identity V - Seer luna by JazmeniaGB
Water by CrimsonKingArt
Cold Winter by Stigerea Misty Forest 1 by madartia
Now you are mine by Aikorn 170320 by ronniesartwork
Embarassed Kacchan by otakuismylife crown by li4m33
First contest successfully completed by rjv-ilustracion
Yeay, puffy clouds by fireytika God of deepsea (The protection) by Avariel-Avarice
Noblesse - Frankenstein for NY 2018 by PiperOfGameln far away by ev-oo
Smile for me [WWX x LWJ] by Isi-Angelwings

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Gallery Folders

[animated] Sunny and Scourge by UszatyArbuz
Quinn by UszatyArbuz
[animated] Mimi on a rose field by UszatyArbuz
Winter morning by UszatyArbuz
Special Art
LVIII by rainbowskunk7
Postcards from Far Away by Suzarte88
Portrait of The Sha Ling Family, by Aramadeus by Aramadeus
Berserker mode by Suzarte88
I Don't Look Where I Submit
Beyond the Mirrors (WIP) by OneOut
2Lozzers by BazzarBoi
Chip away PerFAKEtion (oil painting) by PatriciaArtflow
(Commission) Big Tits Fight by xxCuteEmmyxx
Fan Art New
A moment of loss or salvation by Taptun39
Miruko by Araneesama
Saber by jt-designs-123
OYAKOH  by JonathanWier
Artisan Crafts 1
[OPEN] ADOPTABLE AUCTION #015 by alennkiyoshi
Lessie Lavander by MrBlack1986
Molly Demon Fish by jackyleo738
Plumeria by NagiSpider
Contests Raffles Giveaways etc. 1
[OPEN] The Water Fox is a Dragon by Nieien
CONTEST: Steampunk Dragon ContestIt has been several years since I last held an art contest on dA so I am very excited to be running one again. As it turns out Steampunk is a theme I have done before but not with Dragons!CONTEST THEME: Steampunk Dragonthis theme is open to interpretation, eg. the dragon does not have to be a steampunk dragon, the steampunk could be the background, the border... You could choose to a scene or a dragon on it's own.stock images are encouraged to be used, (but not mandatory). ALL Resources and Stocks MUST be found within deviantart's galleries AND stock-rules MUST be adhered to including credits. If you're having trouble finding a stock image let me know or look through my favourites I have heaps!ARTist INSPIRATION:,CONTEST DATES: 16th February to 22nd March 2024ACCEPTABLE MEDIUMS: Traditional & Digital Art [NO AI-Generated Stocks or Art]TRADITIONAL ART (With stocks used as a reference)Traditional Art - Dry Medium (eg. pencils, pastels, chalk...)Traditional Art - Wet Medium (eg. paints...)Traditional Art - Mixed Media (eg. Collage with mediums)DIGITAL ART (With stocks used)Digital Art - PhotomanipulationDigital Art - PaintedDigital Art - Mixed MediaS U B M I S S I O N S : 1 ONLY per-deviant. To submit a finished entry, please send it to me as a NOTE and I will add it to the Submissions/Favourite Folder W I N N E R S : 1 Overall Winner 1 Traditional Winner 1 Digital Winner A People's Choice - this will be done via a public poll, then selected by judges.J U D G E S : For the Overall Contest: @BeckyKidus @Bnspyrd @Ellysiumn @Malintra-Shadowmoon @WDWParksGal For the People's Choice: @Phraggle @MensjeDeZeemeermin @RTNightmare P R I Z E S : (The following wonderful deviants have donated prizes for the contest. Hopefully I have put them down in the right places, if not all good.)OVERALL WINNER: Features:@BeckyKidus @Bnspyrd @Dieffi @Elandria @Ellysiumn @Malintra-Shadowmoon @Pajunen @Phraggle @RTNightmare @sesam-is-open @Tigles1Artistry @WDWParksGal dA Points: 1,000 @Bnspyrd500 @Pajunen & @Tigles1Artistry & @Ellysiumn50 @Dieffi Badges:Diamond @Phraggle & @BeckyKidusHype @Bnspyrd & @Dieffi & @WDWParksGal Exclusive Stocks: @WDWParksGal-Stock Trad. & Digital WINNERS: Features: @BeckyKidus @Bnspyrd @Dieffi @Elandria @Ellysiumn @Malintra-Shadowmoon @Pajunen @RTNightmare @sesam-is-open @Tigles1Artistry @WDWParksGal dA Points: 500 each @Bnspyrd150 each @Pajunen 50 @Dieffi & @sesam-is-open BadgesDiamond each @BeckyKidusHype each @Bnspyrd & @Dieffi & @WDWParksGal Exclusive Stocks: @WDWParksGal-Stock PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Features | Prizes to be finalised!If anyone would like to donate an Exclusive Stock Pack to the prizes that would be awesome.STOCK/RESOURCES,,,I look forward to seeing your entries! ,...
Art Vs Artist (15 years) by jackyleo738
Cosplay 1
Life Eternal by RGPC
Yoimiya Cosplay by DrosselTira
Mars Marble #2 MTM Blackout Curtains by alternative-rox
Mars Marble #2 MTM Area Rug by alternative-rox
Customization 1
Adopt Fixed price (OPEN) by 13WhiteFox13
Adopt auction: King of Driads Light ver. [OPEN] by Tyrrfing
Then I'm Self Taught - Part 5 by jackyleo738
Adopt Fixed price (OPEN) by 13WhiteFox13
Design and Interface 1
ODA/Adopt/Auction66/OPEN by MrSneakers
aozra/Adopt/Auction1/OPEN by MrSneakers
IT workers inside a PC by Cata2k30
stuuurn/Adopt/Auction6/OPEN by MrSneakers
Fan Art 6

Mature Content

adopt auction by Melanymphaa
Green Lantern: John loves Katma! by Leck-Zilla
Fuuka Yamagishi - P3RE Wallpaper (iPhone) by tigrecotone
Lee VS Victory ( Tory-chan ) by Bee--48
Fan Art 5
Taarna Heavy Metal 300dpi watermark by StrongCastleStudios
Fan Art 4 Closed
Shoto Todoroki by UszatyArbuz
Fan Art 3 closed
Fan Art 2
Bruno Mars by YataMirror
Fan Art 1
Poor Unfortunate Souls by Estra1515
Film and Animation 1
Selfie Mode ON by MaximumPlayer
Flash 1
Gleidarr by Akatziel
Icons and ID 1
Lady in lilac by wakwham
Journals 1
Money commission 2024 [Open]Headshots inks are 5 USDHeadshots with colors are 7 USD,,Inks/lineart are 12 USD for half body (5+USD for extra character)Inks/lineart are 16 USD for full body (5+USD for extra character)Colors are 21 USD for half body ( 5+ USD for extra character)Colors are 30 USD for full body ( 5+ USD for extra character),,,I will DrawSfwSonic officials and OcsOc X OcCanon X CanonOc X CanonI will NOT DrawNSFWPedophilia or anything nasty/badHate artsGoreRobots/mechaComplex designs/charactersRules1) I have the right to refuse a commission if I don't feel comfortable drawing it.2) payment must be upfront before I start working on your commission, as long as I don't get paid I will not work on your commission.3) I have other things to do outside of arts and with my mental health being a bit exhausting to me so please be patient.4) you can use my art for personal use ( profile pictures, banners, wallpapers and ect) and please credit me when you do so.5) I can only draw One extra character for lineart/inks and colors ordersI Don't answer on point commissions on my front page nor through notes if you like a commission please comment below on this journal.I may have missed some things or may not answer all your questions, if you have any questions feel free to ask and comment below in this journal don't worry I don't bite ^^I accept money USD For money USD I accept PayPal, ko-fi and patreonNote: I have closed DA points commissions at the moment /for the time being and I only accept money USD commission At the moment since I need some cash/moneyMy ko-fi: patreon: Any form of donation is appreciated too! And if you wantto donate...
Literature 1
Commissions OPEN by DavidNoahOsborn
Manga and Anime 2
Quarantine by Suzarte88
Manga and Anime 1
EVA T - 02 by gvd9ukv
Photography 1
OPEN 2/2 headshot! devil adopts set price 15$ by FitzVash
Photography 2 - Closed
7086 The Fly and the bubble by RealMantis
Photography 3 Closed
White tree by giart1
Photography 4 New
[Photography]: The tree of snow by AnnaGealach
Photography 5
The West Coast Of Denmark by Craig-Stephensen
Photography 6
We'll never meet ... by angevla
Resources and Stock Images 1
- adoptables for sale  by Melanymphaa
Sketches and Line Art 1
~OPEN~ YCH Auction #23 by pronteas
Sketches and Line Art 2
Prophet by Inkhaust
Traditional Art 1

Mature Content

Freya The Barbarian by KingSkywolf
Traditional Art 2
Happy Valentines Day by HaraaJubilee
Traditional Art 3
I'll drive you like a hammer on a bed of nails by Kureq
Traditional Art 4 New
beyond paranoid by mrmission
TRaditional 5
Stefania in the hotel tower by Niralmi
TRaditional 6
Soulknife by Iwantobeanartist
Digital Art 6 Closed
Digital Art 7 full
CLOSED lava lamp hybrid adopts by Dragon-Eternal
Digital Art 8 full
Faded  -but with color- by ElZeek
Digital Art 9 Full
The Golden Queen by Cranash64
Digital Art 10 New
Shizuka - Pixel Art by Ocesoro
Digital 11
Nami - Pixel Art by Ocesoro
Digital 12
Otartaros by Oracle-of-Serifos
Plant Something for You and Me
[C] There Must Be Somewhere... by Hynvale
Cartoons and Comics New
Long Intraspecific Variation by TheRopen
Mature Content 5 New

Mature Content

24.2-7~Sharing Fashion Clothes At the Same Time by EyesofthePotato
Mature Content 4

Mature Content

PalWorld default character by Araneesama
Mature Content 3

Mature Content

Goddess Nell: Overprotective Mother by Ashtg2
Mature Content 2

Mature Content

COMM:  Chihiro and Megumi by NinaLife31
I Don't Know Where To Submit
Auction Chibi Adoptable [OPEN 4/4] by Kifrano-Kris
Digital 13
Sofie Dossi: New Challenge With Twins by Ashtg2
Digital 14
Underwater king by TellerySpyro
Digital art 15
Obusier de Campagne Motorise - SPFH90 by BeignetBison
Fan Art 7
Magus - Chrono Trigger, by ZXY8 by zxy8

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