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Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' Vol.139
In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here.Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques ! I hope you will enjoy this feature !
Plant Bulbasaur
Where The Wild Roses Sing
The heat
Ganzalez - rooster outside
Periwinkle and Shells (2) for BLM
Wild Badger Medicine
The Strange Tree
Green tea
Hoffnung (Hope)
The clown man 1
Special Thanks to: LualaDy for helping me with suggestions for this feature!
--- I M P O R T A N T --- 
*Do you watch/know great Traditional Artists that need more exposure ? Help me to create the next ''TA-FEAT'' feature commenting with great traditional art pieces !  _________________
Hope you have enjoyed it !   
See you in the next one ! 

With Love , GeorgeXVII ❤

Fav Feature vol 140

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2020, 4:00 AM


Check out the cool art I faved in the past couple of weeks .:puppy happy love:.

*this feature was created before the Eclipse rollout

Canned peaches by barn-swallow
SINGULAR [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault Cheetah Family by light-askha
Joseph Desaulnier (Identity V) by Mokafi Witchboy by SerenaShin
Welcome Home by Elsychan A Deity among Mortals|YCH|Finished by nifurawa
Aell Parvath by lileti Semi Realistic Digital Portrait(2) by Neil03
Spring by dashakern
Yellow mood by Katyaiwan Losing yourself. by gerimisore
Style by SweetieTeshi British Breakfast by HanaanDesuu
Izanami Hifumi by siel39 Toast by ofSkySociety
Dollhouses 1:144 scale by Adoratia Halloween Minis set 2 by AradiyaToys by AradiyaToys
Pain by KON085 Watercolor 31/1 by Doringota
Petal by thefirebomb

Fav Feature vol 139

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 6, 2020, 4:00 PM


Check out the cool art I faved in the past couple of weeks .:puppy happy love:.

*this feature was created before the Eclipse rollout

pumpkin chariot by drachenmagier
Blep by DStever Photographer Daphni Fae by astridkallsen
Gorgon Nalia by nipuni Will Graham by Maria-Hideki
Nosebleed by Ajgiel -commission- [for SecretAgent9] by Yunokiru-Str
modern!Legolas by nastjastark Alban by justvrit
Aaron by NyutaValerius Identity V - Seer luna by JazmeniaGB
Zine- Yu-gi-oh! Judgment Dragon by LauraGalliArt Water by CrimsonKingArt
Cold Winter by Stigerea Misty Forest 1 by madartia
Now you are mine by Aikorn 170320 by Mizuneko483
Embarassed Kacchan by otakuismylife crown by li4m33
First contest successfully completed by Rajoviarbu
Yeay, puffy clouds by fireytika God of deepsea (The protection) by Avariel-Avarice
Noblesse - Frankenstein for NY 2018 by PiperOfGameln far away by ev-oo
Smile for me [WWX x LWJ] by Isi-Angelwings

Fav Feature vol 138

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 2, 2020, 5:00 PM


Check out the cool art I faved in the past couple of weeks .:puppy happy love:.

*this feature was created before the Eclipse rollout

Winter Mushrooms by AdrianGoebel
DTIYS #3 by Maria-Hideki Twice by StaticColour
Dragon Age - Original Character by ChirpyCharlotte Walk amongst the stars by Kanizo
Above All Sorrows by Thinking-Silence
O_O by snatti89
Mist Dragons by Jasqreate
The Parting Storms by EclipxPhotography The Emperor Dumah by Allantiee
redemption by kaosic-art Male!Anna by RusLunam
Soft and Silent by light-askha 297 - Berries by CarlaSophia
Ladybug larvae by CyclicalCore
Jughead by HobbitTeri SINGULAR [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault
[COMMISSION] Under the sunshine by trymmmie Yellow-throated longclaw (Macronyx croceus) by Azph
You fell in my river on a summer day by Konveekou

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Queen's Gambit by GeorgeXVII
Special Art
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[contest] Dust Daemon by Zotco
Writing Contest: Found Lines: Rebirth and RenewalDeadline: end of 5th June 2021. Timezone flexible.Update: one more prize added.Write a poem, free verse, or prose poem, with seven or more lines (or sentences if prose).Each line must incorporate the title of one or more deviation by someone else, posted before today. You can add words, up to as many as are in the title, so if it's a two-word title you can add two words.The theme is to be, building something new, or rebuilding, out of the ruins or ashes of the old.ExampleA boy can dream of places [A boy can dream]Where the sun is bright [The sun is bright]And yellow. His shoelaces [Yellow shoelaces]Tied together can't fight [Tied Together] [fight]His eager hopes and youthful wish: [Eager Hopes] [wish]A soaring eagle, barefoot, he is free. [Soaring Eagle] [Free]I've put the title words in italic and the deviation titles i used in square brackets after each line to show you how i did it, but you don't have to do that in your deviation. If i can't puzzle out how you used the titles i'll send a note, though, so you might want to keep a version like this in your stash or something.PrizesThe three entries that seem a best fit will each get a diamond, which gives you a month of free Core Membership. All other qualifying entries will get one of the lesser baubles.First prize will also get 500 points.How to EnterComment with "Entry" and two links: first, to the deviation you are entering; second, to a favourites collection with the pieces in it whose titles you used. You can give the collection a name like "Found Lines - Rebirth and Renewal" if you like. You can include mature deviations if you want. The deviations don't have to be poetry - they just need to have titles you use. But extra marks if they fit the situation in some way. They must be from seven different people, though. You can use more than seven titles as long as they are all in the favourites collection and all from different people. Your piece does not need to be in English, although if i can't read it except via Google Translate it might be harder for me to judge, but i will try.Your work must be original, of course, and published on DeviantArt as a deviation. It must also make sense when i read it - that is, it's not just a list of titles!You can update your entry any time until the contest is over at the end of 5th June.
Adopt auction [closed] by AlinaOchpochmak
Adopt auction [closed] by AlinaOchpochmak
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Sugary Girl by hannakusa
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LilliInLove (UK) by TheGodofCities1967
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Beat Eve Mix Night Club Flyer by n2n44
Full Metal Night Party Flyer by n2n44
Man 28 by qilinpokemon
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Adoptable Auctions (OPEN) by KolgaArt
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Ship of heroes Nag Size by Cdech
Sexy style Costume for Ship of heroes by Cdech
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Gladiator Power Girl and Black Suit She Hulk by KyoungInKim
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Amber by Itselfsearcher
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Mona - Genshin Impact by HeisoruWill
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Bruno Mars by YataMirror
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Poor Unfortunate Souls by Esther-Shen
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Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla Punching - Animated by Redfield-1982
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A pastel gif for a happy day. by namelessvagabond
Icons and ID 1
Pixel Art 3 by OhpEbo
Literature 1
Remembered Eternity: Ch.1Upon a Star: Remembered EternityBy Yurix------------------------------------------------Too many things were stirring in Volkram’s mind after what felt like days after this latest defeat. Everything had been so meticulously calculated, yet the result was the same as the previous attempts.Another defeat.Playing the role of Melothios’ disciple to gain its power was a calculated risk that paid off, if only for short-term results. The Magrok orcs and the Minotaurs of the Shimmering Sands had provided enough muscle and fodder to drive Citadel away from the main objective - destroying Queen Josephine and the wolf-Planar Lupa - and using the Nightwatcher’s sacrifice to contaminate the Queen of Gon’an had been successful. Yet, none of that was enough to bring him victory.Using those same forces to distract Citadel did lead him ever closer to destroying Magelord Demyan, but the result was another failure. Even with Karyana’s infected body, her sisters’ capture and the death of one of her children was not enough to break her. It came so close, but alas, to no avail.Even his peons were inches away from victory… only for that to be snatched from him. General Thomas - no, Tiger’s Eye - was too full of himself. He had schemed and manipulated his way to the top, but did not kill the Queen when he had the chance. In hindsight, Volkram should have had the Gonanese regent murdered rather than deposed. Thanks to that mistake, now all of Medierth knew of Bejem’s dragons. Such a powerful force that it turned the tide against the Waiting Ones, even when Melothios had Karyana within her grasp. Had the latter slipped from the former’s grasp? Or had something else happened? He dared not think of it.What was he left with? All of his previous powers stripped by Xelnos in exchange for that of the Planar’s, and the arrival of Melody to save him from the “hatching” of the Black Egg, which now remained frozen in mid-air, while his lair had been reduced to scrap by Karyana, Demyan and their children.The issue now was actually gauging the powers he had received. But that would have to wait. He did not know how long the Black Egg - the contraption of the past age that had fueled his lair - would remain afloat before crashing down on top of him… and her.If this was truly Melothios - Melody, he had to remind himself -, then why did everything feel off about it all? The woman before him looked so much like Karyana - too much - yet there was something about her that did not click. She was shorter than her - perhaps by an inch or two - and sported the same night-black hair, but in a much shorter cut. Her locks stopped at the bridge of her neck, and body did not show the same strength as the one he had wanted so much as his apprentice. Charming, perhaps, but not as battle-tested. And her eyes… instead of a deep, crystalline blue, they were reddish orbs filled with rage.As much as he tried to picture her in his mind, he could not. He seemed unable to even fathom of her existence. Delving into memories only led him into a dark fog. He knew her… didn’t he?“You’re staring again.” she said, her arms folded over her chest.It was hard for him not to. He had little clothes to offer her. Not that what she wore did not suit her. The fact that even her clothes looked like the same outfit that Karyana had worn time and again was making it hard to look at her without feeling... His feelings felt completely wrong. This woman saved him from annihilation, but he knew her as Melothios, the First Evil, and not as… this. Was he attracted to her? No. He did not feel that fire in his loins, even when she removed what clothes she had to wear the rags taken from the pile of remaining clothes from what was left of Aerona. He did not feel the heart-pounding warmth of love of a man towards a woman, either… Then what was it?He did not feel the anger or rage from his latest defeat. Nor did he feel sadness from losing all of his Homunculi - the very women and children he had created from the growth chambers he had stolen from Citadel. The very beings he raised as best as he could as a father. The lifeforms he had dedicated seven years and all of his efforts into making into his agents of retribution…It took a moment for him to realize what was happening. Volkram Niros, former taskmaster of the Order, former usurper of the Arch and self-proclaimed Exarch, the one man who briefly had Medierth in his grasp… had nothing to show for all of his efforts. This is what he felt.Nothing.“Are you alright? You haven’t said anything for the past hour.” she said, her eyes squinting in his direction.Was it the darkness? Perhaps she was blind? Or merely had poor sight? Still, he had to keep his thoughts to himself. For now.“I’m trying to grasp Xelnos' power,” he replied. Good. A believable excuse. “I don’t understand why he did it, but even now… I don’t feel any different.”Melody - just thinking of the name somehow rubbed him the wrong way - pointed upward. “Then why don’t you try destroying that thing before it flattens us?”The Black Egg. An ancient weapon that could erase living beings with one detonation. The Nightwatcher had used its power to speed up Karyana’s corruption, but in vain. Had Queen Josephine - Lupa’s Surrogate and Gon’an’s ruler - not stepped forward to save her, his plans would have come to fruition. He had to break her - far more than he did before.Looking towards the immobile explosive, he channeled his will to destroy her into destroying it, going as far as to mentally picture the woman - her pale skin, blue eyes and golden hair - as a focal point. He will it to be crushed, flattened, for it to implode. He even yelled out in rage at it, willing the Black Egg to be erased from existence.Nothing.“Why?” he groaned, looking at his hands after he had extended them to target the object. He could not feel the power of mana run through his body at all. He knew how to do it - for him, casting spells should be as easy as breathing… Yet nothing happened. For an entire minute, he looked up, concentrated, focused all of his energy from his mind and heart into his arms and through his fingers… but nothing happened. “Why can’t I destroy it?!?”Melody sat against the ground as there was nothing else she could sit on that would not hurt her in the vicinity. “So much for the Exarch. If you can’t destroy anything then what good are you as the next Planar of Destruction?”Volkram grit his teeth, trying again, using every possible emotion he could fathom. “I will master it… The powers of a Planar exceed those of a Chosen! I can exceed them! I will claim this world!”The woman let out a sigh, shook her head, then turned around. “Let’s at least leave this place before this giant metal scrap heap drops on us!”-------Crisp warm air, sunshine that not even stars in the night sky could match in illumination. Field after field in the endless expanse of green, The bright reds, golden yellows, ripe greens of apple trees surrounding all of that which the eye could see.The sky is blue and bright, shapes of white overhead and endless in that faraway realm of air and freedom. The grass lightly brushing and prickling against pale pure skin and breaking off into a starless sky black of river strands.Karyana looked around, legs folded and held between her arms. “Oerbus, you’re trying too hard…” she said with a smirk. Even with the breeze in her black hair, her eyes gazing at the horizon, her skin feeling the warmth of the sun, she knew she had simply fallen asleep.But who could blame her? Karyana Destine - the All-Chosen, Magelady of Citadel, wife of Magelord Demyan and hero of Medierth - had lived through a year of torment. Her illness, the corruption and suffering of her family and friends, the war against Melothios, Volkram and the Waiting Ones… She needed that moment of respite.Yet, this representation of Warmcreek felt too much like the mimicry that Melothios created. There was something in the air that felt off. Subtle, but it was there. She knew Warmcreek - she had spent her young years in that farm town before her path led her through the trials and tribulations of the hero’s life.There was no warmth from the springs, nor the faint smell of sulfur. The color of the apples was not quite right. Even the length of grass was off. Normally, she could brush her hand against its tips. Now, it was too short and too dry.Getting up, she shrugged. “Maybe Oerbus is around.” she tells herself as she begins walking. She knew how the Planars were always watching and could speak to her in her dreams whenever she was needed. Ever since she had returned to Citadel - how long had it been now? -, there was nothing. No congratulations from them, nor warnings… The silence was more deafening than the battles she had faced.Walking the enclosed space made to appear infinite she finds a pillar of light shining brightly, the glow of it is pulsating. Upon her approach a glowing hand appears from it slowly along with a leg. “We’ve been waiting for you to reward you for your efforts in keeping the great loom.” The voice is booming but not assertive. “Starborn warrior.”The form that comes forth from the light is featureless, light drapes him slightly stinging her eyes and only his hand is able to look at due to it being dim in comparison with his features. “I was sent to guide you to a compensation worthy of your efforts.”Karyana took a moment to look away from the oddity. This was not something she had seen before, nor heard its voice. Moreover, of all the titles the Planars had given her, none of them called her ‘Starborn’. She had found the title ‘Fate-Weaver’ to already be strange and a bit off-putting, and being the All-Chosen also sounded far-fetched - she was certain that not all Planars held her with high regards, and could name at least two who did not like her. A hand over one eye, she took a step back. “Who… or what are you?”The being spread out wings that were just as bright as the light that he stepped out of.. “An angel, come.”Karyana would have normally grabbed for her sword, but given that it was no longer a weapon - having been forged into Llaelyn, the Planar of Craft and Forges, who then gave up her life to free her from Melothios’ grasp - she simply clenched her fists. “The only angel I know tried to kill me once, and left me without any blessing at Bolestra. Whoever you are, you’re not Luriah. Who are you? And whom do you serve?”“Luriah was a shameful display and he shall repent in earnest or fall as he already has.” With a shrug the angel placed his hands behind him in a dignified stance. “Whom do I serve? Myself.” his feet place themselves one foot directly in front of the other in a pace. “As for I? You may call me Merit.” He reextends his hand. “I strive for more than this world has, for more than the Planars. For you.” “You could be...more.” He approached her but the rumble of the ground and space made him lose footing. “Damn it!” Merit’s form tensed as he grasped her arm and leapt from the ground, wings spread out. “Hold on!”Karyana quickly notices the tremor, but rather than accept the newcomer’s hand, she starts struggling against the creature’s grip. Whatever that was, there was something definitely wrong with it. The way it was condescending towards Raemu’s messenger - and against the Planars, of all things - was blasphemous. “Oerbus! Wherever you are, stop this dream and wake me up already!” she let out, not in the mood to follow the presumptuous winged being.The sound of soil being wretched up from the earth in mass filled the dreamscape - which now began to take on eldritch traits, the area where Merit was as he pulls against her is replaced by a gargantuan obelisk-like black mass, the top of it not visible. “Damn you!” Merit shouted as he held Karyana by the arm as he flew into the sky. The view of the dream was now ablaze, trees leaves fallen and apples rotting. The obelisk now looked like a long massive clawed finger from afar with several more appearing from the expanse as Merit tried his hardest to escape, though Karyana had decided to attempt swerving the being’s flight towards one of the pillars so she could land somewhere safe.A bellowing roar, deep, echoing, full of hatred echoes out, causing the panicking woman to grit her teeth. “The divine image ends here.” it spoke in her mind in a voice more akin to a whisper. The dreamscape was soon swallowed by the crushing obelisk-like fingers of the beast as it thrashed in their direction.“The Nightwatcher… No! I destroyed it… What in blazes are you doing, Merit?” Karyana lashed out in anger, trying her best to break the so-called angel’s grasp to force it to land. “Let go, or we'll both be in danger!”It was Merit’s turn to panic, even if he was hiding it through bravado and a misplaced sense of authority.“You know nothing of what that is, he isn’t even supposed to be to enter this world and certainly no-”“I will...find you...Annihilate you...destroy you..until nothing but fragments remain.” The voice said bitterly as the hand shot after them open and ready to snap shut. “You will envy the ash and dust and know truly what chaos does.” Merit makes a sound of panic and lets go of Karyana to raise his arms to channel energy.“WHO ARE YOU TO DEFY ME! PERISH INTO OBLIVION YOU DEVIL!” The once low voice is full of anger and judgmental tone. Rays of light encircle his form.For Karyana everything might as well have been frozen in time, the hand close around her, the claws like fangs in her vision and darkness snuffing out the light of Merit’s form. Her body felt like she was trapped in jelly and frozen solid, struggling to move as the world moved on without her. The last thing she heard as a warped scream and the snap of a clenched hand fills her ears and blackness takes her sight once more is one simple word that for whatever reason causes a chill to run deep through her soul. “Mel…”-------Another breathless awakening from a nightmare. Karyana shot up from her bed, her chest heaving for air as cold sweat wet her face.Looking slowly around the room as she caught her breath, she recognized the woven baskets on the ground where her familiars Chime, Bell and Whistle - a trio of fox-sized, winged and horned felines - slept without a care in the world. Her bedsheets, covered with a brushed bear pelt, felt recomforting in their heaviness. From the windows came the brief flicker of morning’s first light.Ever since her return from the Shimmering Sands, time seemed to pass too quickly with little rest. Helping with the census and relocation of the people who survived the war against the Waiting Ones was one thing, but having to deal with the people’s shaken morale as every city of Medierth outside of those of Frostreach had to be rebuilt after the war meant was another. Adding the nightmares, dealing with her role as mother and Magelady… It was taking a toll on everyone.A tap at the door caught her attention as she got up, forcing her to hide her chest with the pelt. “Who is it?”“It’s Jacob, my lady. Lord Demyan was wondering if you were alright.” the voice of her husband’s main chancellor echoed from behind the door. “Should I have breakfast brought to your room?”“I’m fine, and please do.” she politely answered, skipping the honorifics and elegance of the language of nobility, preferring the simple frankness of Warmcreek’s rural speech. “I’ll be up and ready in-”A burning cough tightened her chest, as if the fumes from her nightmare’s flames were pouring out. She had not whiffed her hair for any traces of them, but the cough was loud enough for Jacob to hear. “My lady? Are you alright? I’m coming in!”She wanted to reply that she was alright. That it was nothing to worry about, but the words would not come out as she coughed, her lungs heaving for air as she hacked one last time as she felt something wet her left hand - the one she had brought to her lips.It was too late to hide it or herself as Jacob burst into the room, watching the woman stare nervously at her hand, the other clutching a sheet to cover her womanly assets. Panic was visible on her face as she kept her eyes locked on her shaky hand… a splatter of crimson marking her palm.
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Sound of Wolves by suzarte01
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her demon by kurumaiart
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Evening on the shore by GrBur
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YCH #8 SET PRICE 4 slots OPEN by Grimlai
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General Poses Set02 by BerenyiArts
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Gift - Nadia by Cranash64
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Altuu by qilinpokemon
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Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars by RasglowReborn
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Dream Meadow by fesleen
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Adopt N1 - Candy Witch [ OPEN AUCTION] by Cogamori
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ANTAGONISTS by Aomamesbeast
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CyberSex 3069: l33t_H4x0r by WitchingHourArts
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Mouse adoptable [SOLD] by Arilynluna
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