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Standard Disclaimer: of all people to give you critique on backgrounds, I am probably one of the least qualified. If you look at my art...

Like I say on most of our drawings, your drawing skill is not in question here. I am not exactly sure what kind of format you were head...

Hi, Its Sid, again. I love the coloring of the Dorudon, it is unique, it is eye catching and has a the texture of the skin really shows...

by Shi-Gu

Shi-gu, you are hitting me in the sweet spot over here. I am an immense fan of these kinds of animations. BUT alas, I am here to judge ...

Want reliable opinions? Look no further than the thoughts below! Or, just message me for critique on your own work.

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The Not-So-Happily-Ever-Afters
Once upon a time, a bored Sid looked at standard fairy tale creatures like pixies and elves and hobits that typically had happy endings. Then he shrugged and said "Lets draw not those things?"

From left to Right:

Grimalkin (A.K.A. Puca): He is a puca, a black furred demon from celtic lore. Pucas traditionally have been ambivalent in nature, described as protecting drunks from danger and giving the sober trouble by stranding them in the woods. They can take the form of various animals, like cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, horses, and even people (with some animal traits).
    In the past, Puca has acted as the familiar of several "witches", giving all black cats the reputation that they have today. However, he has since lost interest in most of humanity, only serving as the companion of some of the shrewedest and most colorful people, like Cheng I Sao and Blackbeard. He currently resides in the woods of Maine. Puca is the acting guardian of Galegenoh, a wendigo (furthest right). Puca can change his form to be that of any small cat (the largest being a mountain lion).

River Ginko: He is a kappa. These monsters are from japanese mythology, occupying rivers and lakes. Horrifically, they are documented for drowning people by dragging them into the water. Yet somewhat contradictorally, they are also known for being extremely polite. If they see a person bow, they feel obligated to bow back. Each kappa has a dent in its head containing water. While on land, this dent must be filled otherwise a kappa will pass out and die.
    River Ginko (River is his last name) is a northamerican kappa, his parents immigrated from China. His body is similar to that of a giant chinese salamander, except he has a beak and a hard shell-like back. He is very anti social and rarely trusts anyone. River is a naturally curious creature, eager to learn, but he often finds himself being injured in the process of his various experiments. However, he uses this to his advantage and never makes a mistake twice. He always carries his personal belongings close to him, due to his lack of trust, and is armed to the teeth with various trinkets and pocket-weapons. Less charmingly, he participates in the magic-and-human black market, trading bits and pieces of magical creatures he finds in exchange for information or "things" to build with. He is a hoarder.

Murida: She is a selkie. Selkies are celtic in origin and their identifying feature is their ability to turn into seals by wearing seal pelts. They are often benevolent in nature and often live happy lives with humans. In many encounters, a selkie will start a family with a human, with the human partner hiding the seal skin, but the selkie would have to return to the sea upon finding their seal skin.
    Murida's father is human and she lives with her mother in a tribe of selkies north of Maine, in arctic waters. She is an expert weaver, able to take any string, kelp, or even leaves and create cloths and sheets. As a selkie, she is slightly shorter and much heavier than an average human, with the lightest selkies weighing in at 150 lbs to the heaviest at around 300 lbs in their human forms. Murida herself stands at just over five feet tall and at 170 lbs. When working on something she loves, she can be entirely absorbed in the process and sometimes become oblivious to her surroundings.

Euryale (Pronounced Yur-Riley): Euryale is the middle child of the three gorgon demon sisters. Even amoung the creatures of the mythical world, there is still a lot of confusion as to how the sisters became what they are. Some people say that they were born as monsters that could turn one to stone upon eye contact. Others say that they were all assaulted and cursed by the gods into what they are. Both of these rumors are only half right. Yes, they were all born with golden snakes for hair, but neither Medusa, Stheno, nor Euryale were so hideous that they turned people to stone by looking at them in the eyes. That feature was added on when Medusa, the youngest sister, injured a demon that forcibly tried to make her his wife. As punishment, the demon cursed Medusa and her sisters with the curse of their eyes. Medusa was later killed by a human that was tricked by the same demon suitor.
    Since then, Euryale and Stheno have wandered the earth, each handling the curse and the death of their sister differently. While Stheno rages in the forests of Europe, Euryale spends her time in North America. She remains cautious both of humans and of other demons alike. Meanwhile, she tries to help mythical creatures passing by, either by providing protection or by offering guidance in their communities.

Galegenoh: Gallegenoh, or Gally as he is called by Puca and everyone else, is a wendigo. Wendigos are generalists and cannibals, meaning they will eat anything and anyone they can catch. They are tall, gaunt creatures, and they all have an insatiable sense of hunger. A wendigo is never born. Instead, a person becomes a wendigo when they commit the natural crime of cannibalism as a means to survive. The closer a person was to death before eating human flesh, the stronger and less human the wendigo starts out. A wendigo of particularly high strength will also be accompanied by cold and wind. A person who was anything more than days from death would appear mostly human. Hours, and they would be taller and have horns. Their skin is freezing to the touch. Minutes, and they become immense, thick-furred beasts incapable of human thought. They are surrounded by strong winds. Seconds, and the wendigo is practically a living ice storm.
    Like most wendigos, Gally started out as a human: a 10-year-old cherokee human boy. Around the early eighties, Gally found Puca (in the form of a house cat), who had a broken leg. Gally had two close friends, a girl named Kamama and a boy named GeGaGay. One day, the three friends and Puca (who continued pretending to be a regular cat) were playing in the snoew. Unfortunately, they got stranded in a blizzard, Kamama got swept away by the wind and fell into a river where she subsequently drowned. GeGaGay froze to death. Within hours of dying from starvation, Gally gave in to cannibalism and nibbled on GeGaGay's finger, sealing Gally's fate as a wendigo. Now, he roams the woods of Maine, scouring for food, with Puca helping him find non-human food.
VIPER: The designs then and now
I looked at the original 2017 designs and was actually kind of creeped out by them. I decided to update their aesthetics. So that gave me this piece. Vern 2019 is shorter and looks more than a little malicious. Both the 2019 versions overall, in my opinion, are more expressive.

Tell me your thoughts!


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