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Standard Disclaimer: of all people to give you critique on backgrounds, I am probably one of the least qualified. If you look at my art...

Like I say on most of our drawings, your drawing skill is not in question here. I am not exactly sure what kind of format you were head...

Hi, Its Sid, again. I love the coloring of the Dorudon, it is unique, it is eye catching and has a the texture of the skin really shows...

by Shi-Gu

Shi-gu, you are hitting me in the sweet spot over here. I am an immense fan of these kinds of animations. BUT alas, I am here to judge ...

Want reliable opinions? Look no further than the thoughts below! Or, just message me for critique on your own work.

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Regardless of your political affiliations, it is important to make sure that you show what you want in your leaders.
The Mud-Straw Savannah Fox
A fun mini tangent to my usual. I love drawing fake realistic animals. This was inspired by a red fox, cheetah, ring-tailed mongoose, and wolverine in color and some shape. This is the result.

Species: the Mud-Straw Savannah Fox (Vulpes africanus)

This species of fox is heavier than its red fox counterpart. However, this is due to its unique niche in the Savannah. Because of its bage back and face fur, it can act as an ambush predator, blending into the grass with its long, coarse mane fur. However, its muddy red and brown leg and belly fur, however serves to act as camoflauge around watering holes. With the long coarse fur on its legs, it can stand directly in the water with fish unaware of its presence. With a lack of fish-eating mammals in its ecosystem, the fox faces very little competition, thus allowing it to survive at larger weights than other foxes.

Although having a thick coarse fur coat would seem to hinder its ability to regulate body temperature, the fox's fur actually acts as a sort of sunblock, as it is so thick that sunlight can't reach. This additionally gives the fox a more boyant body, allowing it to swim more easily in the water.

The kits are born with completely bage fur, and live in burrows surrounded by dry straw to keep them hidden from other predators.

--Anyways, that's all I got for this particular creature. Please let me know if you want to see more of these kinds of drawing.
Mass: Page 19
Vern has canonically changed the way that the story is being told.

Also, in the fifth panel, Vern is using his power in a technique he has called SPRITING: when he makes images and puppet-like creatures out of light that move as he wishes. They can look like anything he wants. In this case, it is a rag-doll version of Penelope.

As he grows older, his control over his powers will only increase and he will be able to perform more elaborate stunts.
Mass: Page 17
Vern quits when he doesn't feel invested.

Also, how do you guys like the new art style? More old-fashioned comic book-like. Much easier to work with.


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