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Figaro-17 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for an accept.
CAfund Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2019  New Deviant
Hi! We've started a group called CommissionArtwork! It's meant for everyone who is offering commissions and is looking to commission people! If you want to showcase your art, you can do so freely as well - ALL artwork is accepted! :happybounce:


Come join us now! :D
Meryosie Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! Please check out my artworks and commission info. Thanks!  Emoji01 by Emoji-icon

 COMMISSIONS (Paypal only) - OPEN

[Commission] Rehema by Meryosie   [Commission] Vel by Meryosie   Sailor Moon: Usagi by Meryosie   [Commission] Neria by Meryosie  
LeksaArt Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Commissions are open by LeksaArt   no matter what by LeksaArt   Weird by LeksaArt   The new quest by LeksaArt   Elromir by LeksaArt  
THEMYSTERYWRITER Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Please check out my amazing series, The Lady Defender!

The Monster Empire:The Lady Defender Chapter 1 V.2The Monster Empire:
The Lady Defender
Chapter 1
In the depths of space, drifting through the stars as The Father-of-All-Motherships, the majestic, sun-sized flagship of the imperial fleet of the Monsters. The Monster Empire, a vast race of various, magical beings, was at war with their greatest enemy: humanity. Venturing through the multiverse, hunting Earth after Earth, the Monsters continued their 1,000 year crusade against humanity. It was aboard the Father-ship that an incompetent general was detailing his latest plan to King Wiretox, ruler of the Monster Empire.
General Woody Oak, a marionette monster, who wore a light purple, unbuttoned vest with a matching tall hat with a black visor and yellow feathers. His bulging eyes and stiff, wooden features gleamed with anticipating and confidence, as he approached the imperial throne. King Wiretox sat upon his throne which was situated high up a small flight of stairs; his large, bright green eyes shined in the shadows of his bridge yet
  The Monster Empire: The Lady Defender Chapter 2The Monster Empire:
The Lady Defender: Chapter Two:
A Day in the Life of the Knight who dreamed of Being a Princess
A young woman drowsily awoke to the sound of a rooster’s crow. She sat up in her bed, her dark green hair a complete mess, puffed and mangled every which way. Her eyes still half open before she yawned loudly, her hand over her mouth. She blinked before she slowly slid out from beneath her torn, tattered blankets. This was indeed the Lady Defender in all her glory.
So I bet you’re all wondering who sleeping beauty over here is? Well, that’s me, the one everyone calls ‘The Lady Defender.’
Her plain, white nightgown reached to her knees, as she stretched her long arms and shoulders with another loud yawn. Like a zombie, she shambled to the mirror and began to comb the mess of hair back down.
Believe it or not, this is usually how my day starts: I wake up, get ready, get dressed and wait for the bad guys to show up. I know, what a life! If you c
  The Lady Defender: Enemies and Rivals: part 1The Monster Empire:
The Lady Defender Chapter 3:
Enemies and Rivals: Part 1
Norris Vaughn III
Dynamite Soldier slowly opened his eyes to find that his world had been turned upside-down…LITERALLY. As he came too, he discovered he was suspended in the air above a river of molten lava, upside-down, and tied tightly against, who else, the Lady Defender. She had been calling out to him while he was unconscious, jostling him awake with her tugging against the binds.
“W-what the…?” Dynamite exclaimed, “What happened!”
“It’s about time you woke up, Sleeping Beauty!” Cassie yelled at him while facing away from him.
“Oh, just skip the pleasantries and answer my question!”
“Isn’t it obvious, Termite-For-Brains?” she replied, “We were ambushed and captured.”
“I can see that, but by who?”
“The Dark Alliance,” Cassie said coldly.
“The who?”
“Don’t you rem
RiaWoof Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Butterfly Free avatar Butterfly Free avatar Butterfly Free avatar Butterfly Free avatar 

Commissions OPEN by RiaWoof

Butterfly Free avatar Butterfly Free avatar Butterfly Free avatar Butterfly Free avatar  
Metanyu Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please check out my new adoptable up for auction ! She also has an extra art~
OPEN || Coprinus Comatus - Shroomannie 2019 by Metanyu   Coprinus Comatus - Extra art by Metanyu  
LeksaArt Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Commissions are open by LeksaArt   Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina by LeksaArt   Vesemir by LeksaArt   Regis by LeksaArt   Virginia by LeksaArt  
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