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How Does One Become A Butterfly? by eevanikunen





How Does One Become A Butterfly? by eevanikunen

Enchantress by eevanikunen

Harvest Time by eevanikunen

Moon Fae by eevanikunen

Tick Tock Goes The Clock by eevanikunen

Daydreamer by eevanikunen

Winter Prelude by eevanikunen

Skin by Dan Leveille
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Postapocalypse 17 - Unspoken Words of the WarriorPostapocalypse 17 - Unspoken words of the eternal youth.'Dead silence.Noise. Illusions. The mind is deceived.Something laughs. Darkness reaches out to you. You see your doom. It comes closer, run away! DO IT!Flee! Awaken! Fight for your life, move the forces of nature, the heavens and the world! You must know: Your past is created only at the moment you awaken. It traveled from your heart back in time.'Words in the sleep of an eternal youthful one.When the four wanderers who had found each other at the end of the storm looked to the horizon, they saw people, an unknown number.Harlekim now knew the hopes from Nars' faith. The twins' father was relieved.But he still had something to say ...Before that, however, all nightmares retreated, but they waited like insects, as close as possible, for a potential carcass.Nars took his children in his arms and spoke to them, carelessly turning his back on Harlekim. Harlekim flinched briefly, then looked off into the distance in frustration. He was not part of their family, he understood, would perhaps never belong anywhere. Then Lukan peered Lukan over his father's shoulder. 'Father!' He pointed at the warrior and looked reproachfully at his father.Harlekim slumped his shoulders, which the little boy saw clearly.'Harlekim. He will take us all the way to the prophet and protect us, after all. He is one of us.' The little boy spoke briskly to his father. Nars let go of his children, stood up and turned to the warrior with a respectful attitude. 'Indeed he is, and I appreciate it. More than he can imagine. Be aware of your role, my brother!' The eternal youth was painfully introverted, gazing through his binoculars for appearances.All the different feelings, all the in-betweenness.It was so long ago.Only the 'little bird' Larika seemed to be like him - eternally youthful.But why did she keep flying away?And so ...'They haven't noticed us yet,' the warrior explained. It was a bit hazy and the orange northern sun shimmered in the fine water droplets.'I may have to fight, or it may be Nars's wisdom that brings us to our destination. However, it could also nothing important happen.'With these thoughts, Harlekim distracted himself.Nars's words from earlier, when he had explained his faith, slowly inserted themselves into his mind like a key.He unleashed a hidden realm. Memories? Memories of something he had never experienced? There were dreamers in the vast wasteland. They were witnesses to great events. It had made some of them crazy or even vicious. But it had also freed people of theirs from the grip of a degenerate world that had corrupted human civilization.But: what age was it now, when there were lonely ones still seeking salvation from desolation?'The world has given up on us. There is nothing worse than the labyrinth in the mind', the eternal youthful one said to himself, not yet knowing why. Nars came up to him, put his hand on Harlekims shoulder, led him a few meters away from the children. He looked at him amicably. Then his expression became serious. "Promise me this, please: take my children to the Prophet and make sure they go with him. Best stay with them in case I don't make it, no matter what. Go to find a better, the eternal life in peace! You don't have to do it, but I beg you. I'm not getting any younger, I have probably not so many days like I wished to have, the roads are arduous and who knows what will happen along the way?' Nars's eyes gave emphasis to this fervent wish. Harlekim stared at his friend. The eternal youth seemed to be thinking while doing so.'I have long since made it my sole aim, friend, my brother! I will do what I am capable of doing - more than that. But don't die! We will find the Prophet together.' Nars was deeply moved and tears flowed.'I would anyway come to my children, my wife and to all I loved in that loved here.'The warrior said nothing. He had t think about this last words.After a few moments ... 'How would we recognize the Prophet's people?'They all looked there to the horizon. Nars replied: 'I always see a golden light emanating from them in my mind. Let us wander there!' 'Do you see that light at these people near the horizon?'' ... No, not yet. It could also shine in the invisible world around us.'The children's father started to strode off toward it.The children wanted to follow him, but Harlekim held them back.'Wait! Don't be hasty and such a guileless fool!' told the eternal youthful one.He was not so optimistic. His responsibility was great. Nars had now been relieved of a heavy burden.Was he suddenly thoughtless?Harlekim followed him, panting reluctantly.He wandered beside the children. The eternal youthful one was ready to do anything to snatch them from any danger.There were still powers slumbering in him that he had rarely shown. Even if he feared them, they were close to him and ready to rise.He was a warrior and there was something more in his mind. Meanwhile, several hundred yards away: 'Cain, there!' 'At last! I was beginning to think we'd never run into anyone here.' 'There are actually people ... four.' A man was using binoculars. The corners of his mouth lifted as he watched the four hikers approach. Here weren't a full dozen men and one woman here. She radiated confidence. 'About time, gentlemen. We will accompany them, won't we, Cain?' Cain was a tall and muscular man. He radiated something indefinable. Half his head was made of metal with a red eye. 'Aren't they a little too trusting?' one of the men interjected.'They're coming right at us!' 'Do they pose a threat?'Cain remained silent. The red eye made buzzing noises.'I don't know', he answered, deep in thoughts. Absentmindedly, he looked at the eternal youthful one, and his grin dissolved.Harlekim was silent. He decided to trust Nars, as difficult it was at this moment. Why such a sudden hurry?"There are few. But perhaps it is merely a part of the flock, Nars called to the eternal youth and the children. He smiled at that. 'Yes. Probably. Or maybe not!'He thought: 'What is better for us?' Harlekim was too unsure, too quiet, to stop Nars now. He also hoped to get closer to the goal. The eternal youth felt there again that power, the meaning of which he did not understand, stored in this situation.Something would move.He couldn't tell Nars what he was thinking. Something was holding him back. Postapocalypse 17 - Unspoken words of the Warrior
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Nefertiti by AnsaellArt
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