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Steampunk dock

By deviantria
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Steampunk dock for Mac OS X

• Mac OS X 10.6
• CandyBar

Preview info:
Steampunk Storage icons & Wallpaper by David Lanham
Steampunk Web Browser icon by ~wakaba556
Library Icons [3rd Ed.] by ~Samantha-Wright
Steampunk Twitter bird by DesignContest
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Downloaded "CandyBar" and "". Installed CandyBar and tried to open extracted "Steampunk dock" - there is nothing to be seen at the moment. I guess I need some help.

[screenshot: look here:…
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Still waiting for my credit...
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And waiting some more.
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Still waiting for my credit...
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Some of those icons are mine too, please give me credit for their use.
Pith helmet, dial phone and alethiometer.
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I have downloaded all the items you list in Preview Info along with your zip file.  When I open your container I am not seeing the wooden dock.  Would you let me know where I can find that in the other files, or where I can download that as well?

I have a screen shot at…

Thank you,
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Never mind I gave up and downloaded Candybar.
I had it a really long time ago and I didn't like that it wasn't free but apparently it's free now.
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I love this dock but could you please include a non icontainer version? I don't use CandyBar. :(
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Great work!! Nicely done!
By any chance this could be updated to work on OS 10.8??
Or maybe the icons files link?
Would greatly appreciate!!
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Thanx for appreciating!
I will try to update it soon.
The icons files links at description.
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This looks great and I would love to try it out but I also am having a problem where the container loads into CandyBar as empty. I have tried downloading both again but no success. Any suggestions would be welcome as this would really be brilliant to use.
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Only MacOS 10.6, I think so...
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Can you possibly link me a non-iContainer version? My Candybar will not open the container for some reason, it just freezes up when it tries to open it.
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What version of MacOS and Candybar do you use?
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I fixed it. I just had to reinstall candybar. But I was using Leopard and Candybar's newest patch.
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Do you know by any chance why when I load the iconteiner file in CandyBar, the folder turns out to be empty? I want these icons sooo bad, they're amazing! :(
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I don't understand what we are talking about - dock or icons? Which iconteiner file turns out to be empty?
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I spoke too soon. It's empty on mine too - the iContainer file labeled "Steampunk dock". :(

Maybe it has something to do with the newest version of the Mac OS not being able to support dock changes? There was something about that when I downloaded CandyBar, but I have Snow Leopard so I didn't worry about it.
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The icons come from other sources than deviatria...
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Awesome bar ^^
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Wow!. May I feature this at
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