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...::...DeviantOS-tans...::...a DA OS-tan community...::...

UPDATED 01/05/09

..::Club status: Alpha, officially up-and-running.

Please check out the Suggestion Box if you have any question, comments, or suggestions regarding the club.

..:: What are OS-tans?: OS-tans are Anime/Manga-style moe anthropomorphism of operating systems, a phenomenon started in Japanese imageboards. Common "canon" OS-tans include personifications of Windows OSes, although there are many Mac-tans as well. More recently, western fans have created Linux distro and Unix-tans, as well personifications for vintage microcomputer OSes, high-end server, mainframe, and minicomputer OSes, embedded systems and long-dead historical systems. Many new OS-tan personifications been drawn, complete with backstory and personalities assigned to them. Some have expanded into designing OS-kuns, male personifications of OSes, and hardware, app and program-tans and -kuns.  

If you're interested, more info on OS-tans can be found at OS-tan Collections (a forum which I'm a member of).

..:: Purpose of OS-tan Fans: To give DA members and non-members alike a place to post both fanart of "canon" OS-tans and original personifications. We welcome all skill levels or artists and all mediums-- be it hand drawn, raster graphics, vector graphics, fan-fics, wallpapers, comics and manga, icons, etc-- as long as it personifies any OS, app, program or hardware.

..:: How to become a member/post your artwork:
Click the "JOIN" button at the top of our main page to join. After you've been approved (and you will be) you can submit artwork using the "submit art" button.

..:: Aims of OS-tan Fans: to give all DA OS-tans artists a place to showcase their characters and to encourage the creation of new OS-tans and OS-tan fanart.

..:: Disclaimer: All OS and program names are trademarked to their respective companies. All company names mentioned are copyrighted.
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Submitted on
November 20, 2008