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Plan 9-tan

This image of Plan 9-tan (more info on the character can be found here) was a collaboration between Bella (~BellaCielo), who did the vector sketch, and C-chan (~C-quel) who did the details: shading, highlighting, rocket and background.

Vector image made in Inkscape.
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cute! but what is plan 9?
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It's a Unix operating system.
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Wow, I've never heard about Plan 9 before, thanks :)
Must be a clean and elegant OS looking at her ;)
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Plan 9 is a very, VERY, clean and simple OS... it was designed to be more Unix-like than the original Unix. Here's a great article on this fascinating OS: [link]
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This picture was actually C-chan's first [serious] attempt at Kyoto Animation-style colored lighting and shading. Marginally successful I think, but there's still a long ways to go. ^^

At least the reflective metal on the Zombie-1 rocket is believable. ^.^'
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FreeBSD-tan is in the rocket, eating Plan 9-tan's zombie-inducing headcrabs. (Or so the story goes ^^).
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Who's in that rocket?

Very nice collab there! ^^
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