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wedding invitation 2008

wedding invitation 2008. Full vector design!
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Awesome :) Would you sell it ?
I really liked this drawing. Send me a copy?
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hi i love your work its amazing! im getting married soon and wonder would it be possible to have a copy PLEASE so i may use it
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can i ask for the full vector file of this design? can i use it sir?
nice ornament.. love it...
nice ornament.. :)
just-like-haven's avatar
please I'm a saudi bride and I'm daying for this design what can I do to have them on white background and pink like the bride lips :( please give me the way to have the desighn to print it thanks
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im getting married this august 28, 2010... this is very nice.
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Its a veeery gorgeous design!!!
Now I only need a man to get married to to be able to make something like this! :XD:
I love your work
How can I buy a 600dpi copy of it
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are you gonna married!
Yes, next year.
I alredy have the wedding invitation design.
I used your design as idea.
It is lovely.
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Thanks for the Inspiration! Credited you here:
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ooo polu cuteee :D exw analavei k egw na sxediasw proskliseis g mia fili m p pantreuetai alla tis thelei me louloudakia mono :P NICE WORK!
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your work is very nice, pleasant and really good, you have a great talent.....CONGRATULATION!!!!

you are a fantastic and great desinger!!!!
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Thank you very much for your said my friend. You give me strength to go on! Thank you again!
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This just too stylish! Looking at this it makes me wanna marry just to be able to have an invitation like this. The vector "plants" are just great.
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When you deside to get married, inform me to send you the invitation. This will be my present for your wedding!
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Now thats an offer! Let me just try to get a girl first ^
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hahahahah!!!! Try to find a girl from DA! We have a very beautiful girls here!
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