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Victorian Glass 7 VS

By Deviantnoob
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Hi there, this time a Win 7 VS. Tested on RTM Build 7600.
(should work in final release).
Hope you enjoy it!!!!
Minor bugfixes. More to come.

What's included in this release?
:bulletblue: Victorian Glass 7 VS 32bit - x86 Only.
:bulletblue: Wallpaper: Modded Request by Chiwou [link]
:bulletblue: Navigation Buttons by Genedon [link] Original files by Sweatyfish.
:bulletblue: Explorer start button plus Alkham User picture frame tool
:bulletblue: Custom Shellstyle.
:bulletblue: Super cool AeroPeek background.
:bulletblue: Elegant Startmenu & Taskbar.

Credits & Thanks
Thanks to: alkhan, oliver182, mreyepatch, brsev, Xiellie, gakuseisean, for many of the resources used.

:iconcommentplz:Comments & Critiques are very welcomed

Original files are property of Microsoft & Windows 7.

:peace: Deviantnoob
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how to install it can someone tell me pls
rakib9876's avatar
how to use in windows 7 64bit
The-Scarved-Whovian's avatar
Will this work on Windows 7 64-Bit as well?
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So how do I install this? Any instructions?
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Rondey84Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you please make this for windows 64-bit. It's a request. I have seen many VS on the internet but never liked them but when I saw this one I just fell in love, hope you accept my request and make one for windows 64-bit.
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To install ExplorerFrame.dll, just copy and paste it in C:\Windows\System32\ .. but make sure you backup the original .dll before install.
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Hey! can I ask a question? How do I install the ExplorerFrame.dll? Thanks :)
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Yeah how do you install it? I don't know what to do with these files.
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Dark-Knight193Student Interface Designer
Very nice VS! Never seen texture like in this theme before!
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Hello, after searching for quite some time and doing much comparison, this is my favorite theme. :-)

My only problem is the menubar is not black like yours. It's defaulting to the pale blue Windows 7 color and really looks out of place. Is there something I need to tweak? Thanks very much! Deb
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x64 version PLZ!!
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How I install it ?!?!
LyraSparklez's avatar
Awesome! its now my theme
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Excellent visual style,I used it to create a fantastic Steampunk type desktop.
I only have one question,is it possible to remove the user picture from the start menu right hand side as its slightly spoiling things.I have tried the latest tool that,s doin the rounds but it only works in signed windows themes.Hoping for a reply please,once again brilliant style.
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michaelgoldthriteartHobbyist General Artist
plan on making other colored themes? it would be great to have more than black to choose from.
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phillen13Student Interface Designer
hey i need that foe win7
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PAPERS0ULProfessional General Artist
Me encanta lo que veo y lo quiero! Intente instalar el tema pero no me toma los cambios de la barra (solamente cambia el fondo) copie los archivos de la carpeta VictorianGlass, pero los archivos de Resource (como el shell32) no tengo idea de donde ponerlos. Perdón que te moleste con algo asi, pero trate a mi manera de solucionarlo y no pude; no se si podrías darme una pequeñita lista de pasos. Tengo Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bits, o sea, todo. Que estaré haciendo mal? Otra vez gracias por el tema! Tan Class & Stylish!
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DeviantnoobProfessional Artist
Gracias por el comentario.
Fijate aca le deje un Paso a paso a otro user.
Basicamente tenes que reemplazar los archivos del sistema por los provistos dentro de la carpeta (algun file replacer puede ser de ayuda) y listo.
Lo importante es tener control total del archivo, sino al ser archivos esenciales del OS no pueden ser reemplazados.

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PAPERS0ULProfessional General Artist
Si, lo vi y segui los pasos pero nada, aun asi lo pude hacer andar pero al final opte por usar un programa (que no me acuerdo el nombre) que "parcha" ciertos archivos que facilitan la compatibilidad con temas no oficiales. Creo que tambien tuvo que ver con lo del control total, en fin, muchisimas gracias por responder! Y ahora mismo estoy usando el tema! gracias gracias de nuevo! :D
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when i open the window top part what is "wallpaper cuts" keeps following inside there or smt
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Hey, you wouldn't happen to have done 64bit version of this yet, by any chance??

This was one of my favorite themes, but recently my old lappy died on me and I've just finally got a replacement. Bad part though.....this system is a Win7 64bit. :(
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Great Theme thanks
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Will add to favorites and check back later, in the hopes that there will be an x64 version some day before the Windows 7 era comes to an end.

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