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Skin Color Swatches

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Published: September 27, 2005
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I can't believe it has been 5 years since I made this swatch.
This time I decided to update it and call it Epic Edition because I saved up all other swatches I make when I paint skin and added them here, with the highlights I also accumulated.

~Cormrael, my soulmate (calling him just a husband seems stupid) always says that he is amazed by how others can create art using something I made. So because he always tells me that I've decided that it was time to make this even better.

Making swatches for me is so much fun that I even did one for the preview picture =D
and sharing them is fun because you get to see what others create with it.

In 2008 I got a Daily Deviation for it, made my day, I was so happy! Featured it in my BLOG and in my Art Class Blog. This also made me want to improve it even more.

So I hope you guys enjoy the new edition of the swatch.

The model for the preview (made with my swatch) is Faradriel, my World of Warcraft character. I have been drawing her, so I have decided to use her as a model for the swatch preview because she was the last swatch I made that got included in the Epic Edition. You can see the work in progress of Quel Delar, the artwork that has her face, here. You can also see the game screenshots of her here. Her face is actually my own face since I didn't know how to start drawing her I just took a mirror, balanced it on the side of the monitor and used my face for it =P.

You can still see the Hair Color + Swatches

What you need to know:

- each vertical row is a full color bar for skin tone, or a full set of skin tones
- each horizontal row is a skin highlight set of tones (meant to brighten and darken light touching skin in different compositions)
- the light colors first and the shadow ones at the end of each row (from light to dark composition)
- you can mix the color rows and have a more complete skin shade

- the swatch file has the color bars separated by yellow, and when they finish and the highlights start, it is green

- the zip file has the a folder for the OLD Skin Color Swatches
If you use Gimp, ~neonyow made a Gimp version for the OLD version of my swatch, click here to go se it.

- the new swatches are made in Photoshop CS5, so I don't think it will work on older versions, but that is why you have the -swatch template- to color pick as you paint

- for those who do not have Photoshop, or have a older version of it, use the Swatch Template. Open your program of choice (Corel, etc) and open the Swatch Template image, and color pick the template as you paint...

- GIMP version of the Epic Edition by ~neonyow HERE

- CREDIT ME PLEASE (thank you), and please show me what you create with my swatches (I love when people show me what they made using my swatch!!!)

PS: if any of you make this swatch for an older version of Photoshop (by color picking it) or another program, like Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, Corel, etc...
Please send an email to -nep4ever@gmail.com- (my email) and send me the file and name of the program it is for (with version) so I can add it to this zip and credit you in it, as well add an update on my artist comments.

UPDATE September 13/2010
- Added the Photoshop CS3 swatch file to the zip adapted by ~SlavicWolf

Now for the fun! *Bampire made a stamp for you guys to use (if you want). I thank you Bampire!
The link for the stamp - click here

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purityxxxNew Deviant

thank you for this !

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These are great thank you!

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kineticwavesStudent Digital Artist

Thanks~ I've been trying to get better at coloring skin tones and I feel like this could save me some time.

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higgihaiStudent Traditional Artist
"Are you sure about that"


I'm sorry that's all I can think of when I see that

Lovely art

(And I ruined it)
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nianic425Hobbyist General Artist
Im just starting out into digital drawings and this would really save me time. Thank you so much for sharing this! Also so many variety this is awesome!
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This helps so much Thank you
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Wonderful set of skin colors. Thank you for making this.  
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DemieLuneProfessional Digital Artist
I'm confirming that this package is working with my old CS4 (though you weren't sure in the "Read me.txt") ;)
Thank you so much! ^_^
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thank you for your sharing! 
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DrgnMec01 General Artist
Just found, will try to put it to good use :]
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YumarisStudent General Artist
Thank you so much for sharing this. I just found it and it has helped me a lot! 
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Psychosk1Student Digital Artist
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Miko2660Hobbyist Digital Artist
I’ve used this wonderful guide many many times.  Thank you!
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YoiSabakuHobbyist Digital Artist
thx for sharing this
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SeitanmoonHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much! <3
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RedRabbtHobbyist General Artist
thank you! :)
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como lo descargo?
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