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Hair Color + Swatches



UPDATE 12/24/08

After my Skin Color + Swatches, I decided to make the hair colors....
Hope you guys like it!

What you need to know:

- the zip file with the preview picture, the swatches and the color chart used to do it
- the zip files has 2 set of swatches: one for PS7 and one for PS CS2 or higher
- the zip file also has the Painter swatch made by *countneo73
- for those who do not have Photoshop, use the Swatch Template. Open your program of choice (Corel, etc) and open the Swatch Template image, and color pick the template...

- each row is a full color bar
- the light colors first and the shadow ones at the end of each row
- you can mix the color rows and have more complete hair shades

~Scoff-Mathews adapted it to GIMP, click here!

Make sure you check Skin Colors Swatches!

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Thanks! It`s nice!