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Nitrux KDE 4 Suite


KDE Suite (Plasma, QtCurve theme and Color scheme - Light and Dark).

Themes are Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International 4.0 License.
Please read the LICENSE Inside for more information.

What's included:

* Nitrux Plasma 4 theme (3 variants - Default, Alternative, Dark)
* Nitrux QtCurve theme (2 variants - Light and Dark)
* Light and Dark color schemes (N4 and N4-dark)
* 2 exclusive wallpapers for the Light and Dark variants


We recommend you to use this theme with the Nitrux for KDE icons (obviously :P) for the light theme, if you want to use the dark theme you'll need Nitrux-Dark which is available in the bundles for Nitrux such as the Basic bundle - Nitrux, Super bundle - Nitrux and Mega bundle - Nitrux.

Please read the README Inside for installation instructions.

- Changelog-

version 2.1

- Added dark variant of QtCurve theme and Plasma theme (Nitrux-Dark) along with an exclusive wallpaper
- Fixed scrollbars in QtCurve theme (N4/default)
- Fixed check/radios in QtCurve theme
- Fixed Plasma notifications blending with maximized app windows using default color scheme
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