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Nitrux KDE 4 Suite

By DevianTN7k1

KDE Suite (Plasma, QtCurve theme and Color scheme - Light and Dark).

Themes are Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International 4.0 License.
Please read the LICENSE Inside for more information.

What's included:

* Nitrux Plasma 4 theme (3 variants - Default, Alternative, Dark)
* Nitrux QtCurve theme (2 variants - Light and Dark)
* Light and Dark color schemes (N4 and N4-dark)
* 2 exclusive wallpapers for the Light and Dark variants


We recommend you to use this theme with the Nitrux for KDE icons (obviously :P) for the light theme, if you want to use the dark theme you'll need Nitrux-Dark which is available in the bundles for Nitrux such as the Basic bundle - Nitrux, Super bundle - Nitrux and Mega bundle - Nitrux.

Please read the README Inside for installation instructions.

- Changelog-

version 2.1

- Added dark variant of QtCurve theme and Plasma theme (Nitrux-Dark) along with an exclusive wallpaper
- Fixed scrollbars in QtCurve theme (N4/default)
- Fixed check/radios in QtCurve theme
- Fixed Plasma notifications blending with maximized app windows using default color scheme
© 2014 - 2021 DevianTN7k1
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This was deprecated in January. You can still perfectly use it on KDE 4 however.
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 so still no ETA for Plasma5?
because, arch kinda forced me to upgrade to Plasma5 and breeze cant compete.
DevianTN7k1's avatar
I just finalized a new revision of the Breeze Plasma theme that helped me figure out some things that didn't work with the Nitrux theme and now I can actually start to update the theme. Right now it works but things like the system tray icons are not the same size since that changed from KDE 4.
nekottami's avatar
are you guys planning to support Plasma 5/KDE Frameworks 5?
DevianTN7k1's avatar
Yes but I have a DPI bug with Plasma 5 and I can't particularly work on it. I have a semi-functional version of the Plasma theme but it looks like it'll have to be redone. So I'm going to have to wait for a new monitor or a patch for that bug.
dpcdpc11's avatar
looking quite nice... just make the preview 100% pixel perfect clear.
DevianTN7k1's avatar
thatcriticguy's avatar
My question is, for the bottom panel, how do you theme it differently or are you using something like plank or dockbarx?
DevianTN7k1's avatar
It is part of the Plasma theme, you just need to place a panel.
Dobbie03's avatar
What iconset do you recommend to use with the dark theme?
DevianTN7k1's avatar
Nitrux-Dark, available in any of the linked bundles for Nitrux in the description.
Dobbie03's avatar
Ah very good.  Love the new theme.
le-zurdo's avatar
Which color scheme are you using in this screenshot?
DevianTN7k1's avatar
The one included in this download.
le-zurdo's avatar
Nevermind, just discovered that info was already posted in comments :D
gusbemacbe's avatar
How many dollars does it a point?
DevianTN7k1's avatar
You don't have to use deviantART points you can also get it from our store… - it's just an option for those that do have points.

The minimum that you can buy however is 800 so unless you plan to buy other stuff with those extra points I'd recommend you to buy it at the Nitrux Store.
gusbemacbe's avatar
I'll add it to list of buyings. 
gusbemacbe's avatar
Menubar inspired by the iOS 7 and 8? :-p
gusbemacbe's avatar
Yes, it's the white menubar. 
DevianTN7k1's avatar
No, actually this is how I've made my top panel on my UI mockups (check the Xperience UI folder on my gallery and the Old stuff folder).
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