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Lüv is the spiritual successor to Flattr, a flat but complex icon theme for freedesktop environments.

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- Changelog-

version 0.4:
  • Featured:
  • Revised Icons
  • Fixes: 
  • New Icons:
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any way to port to windows? awesome work btw
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Thanks!. I don't have any plans to port them to Windows. However, they're SVG files and can be edited and exported to PNG and then to ICO.
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Very nice work!
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You are welcome , i like your works .
How exactly can I download and install this on Fedora 22? I tried downloading it from the Nitrux store, my details were taken bu ti wasn't given a download link. The zip download from GitHub doesn't have any icons! What exactly should I do? Help would appreciated.
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After you click "Place Order" you're given the link. It's right below the name and above the subtotal.

The ZIP form Github contains files, I just downloaded it.
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Hi, congratulation for the fantastic icons.
I am on arch xfce and i have a problem with the set
In menu entries/application miss some icons:
accessori - giochi - grafica - istruzione - sviluppo - ufficio (accessories-games-graphics-education-development-office).
I don't understand the notes:

If the icons don't show up in your menus make sure the .desktop file points to the icon, e.g: Inside Python2.7 .desktop file locate the line Icon= and replace the value with "python" or "python2.7" (without the quotes). 

Thanks for your time and sorry for my english.
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Hi; thanks. Those icons are missing in Flattr, what the notes mean is that in the case of launchers that use hardcoded icon paths in them you will have to edit them to point tot he icon instead of the full path fo the image the application is using.
Is there a color palette and style guide? That'd help folks contribute additional icons that fit nicely with the theme of your set.
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There was but I removed it. I have to make a new one.
Love the new folders. the best icon theme, yes.
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there are still a lot of icons missing but it looks great so far, but i wish there was a version for dark themes

best icon theme I have found so far in my opinion
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Yes there are a lot of icons missing; thanks!.
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Looking better with each version Dance! 
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The new folders are just sick. Excellent work!
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What are those hardwareish icons for?
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Those in the preview are for virtualbox and hwinfo.
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That's brilliant.
Keep it up fellows.
First off gotta say that I love this set of icons. I am running in to one issue that I am not sure how to fix. I use a dark theme with Google Chrome, and the nav buttons are really hard to see. They are just barely lighter then the background of the topbar in chrome.
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