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Dashboard - Nitrux

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The complete makeover done to the main component of the UI - the Dashboard - now presents a design inspired by car instruments such as IVIs (infotainment systems), gauges and web-admin panels.

As the expanded version of the Mini-Dash, the Dashboard presents more information to the user complete with weather information, RSS feeds, quick overview of notes, resource monitor, expanded notification center and a larger list of recently accessed documents. To the top the currently logged user and its avatar is displayed (that's me :D ).

Other categories in the Dashboard include the expanded app launcher, the complete settings section, a user profile manager and the control panel for the cloud storage service integrated in the OS.


25/02/14 - Updated mime-type icons to newest Nitrux revision.
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Hey DevianTN7k1.. I am a developer and i am currently developing my own operating system based on Debian. it will be to target a large number of desktop users like Ubuntu does. 

In the development process i came around the idea of creating a dashboard to the shell of its custom built desktop environment and while search the internet for some great ideas i came across this... and i liked the design you have done.

So i would request if you currently have some css and html files for this kinda interface so please could you share it with me.
My dashboard will be using the web-kit framework and will be a standalone application installable in all kinds of GNU/Linux. It will also include various APIs to bring to it many third party development framework like the ideas of Ubuntu's Scopes..