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Published: July 23, 2013
© 2013 - 2020 DevianTN7k1

Compass is the alternative icon theme for Nitrux. Add quality to your project with these neat icons that'll bring your desktop to life.

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Icons are Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International 4.0 License.
Please read the README Inside for more information.

Get your icon bundles now!, add more icons to your Nitrux collection.

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version 1.3.8:

  • Featured:
  • Revised Icons
  • Fixes:
  • New Icons:

: If the icons don't show up in your menus make sure the .desktop file points to the icon, e.g: Inside Python2.7 .desktop file locate the line Icon= and replace the value with "python" or "python2.7" (without the quotes). 
So it looks like this: 
  • Icon= python - This looks for the SVG file and uses it.
  • Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/python3.3.xpm - This forces the ugly pixelated python icon.
This is true for those menu entries/applications that don't display the correct icon even though the icon is indeed available in the Nitrux theme. If it still doesn't display the icon please report it as missing, thanks!.
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DablimHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't know if this is the correct place for requests, but would be nice to have a Bitwig Studio icon for this.
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DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
Thanks for the comment. I'm only adding more icons to this or my other themes (with the exception of Luv) if users show interest in supporting their development.
arielcampos1's avatar
Excellent pack! I will support 
RaptorInTheMiddle's avatar
AMAZING man, I used this pack in at least 2 computers.
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DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
Thanks!, glad you like it!.
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Hi there,

First of all, congratulations for this great iconset. I use it on all 5 machines at home, on 3 different Linux flavors.

I have created for my own use 3 icons :
- Tor (I'm not sure I am allowed to use the original design which I found through Google image, but ... )
- Qarte (an app for downloading Arte  French/german TV channel
- dPluzz an app for dowloading french national TV programs

Juste in case someone need them, here they are :…

The logo part are just png files which I imported. Not sure this sticks to your guidelines, but, well, works for me ! :)

DevianTN7k1's avatar
DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer

I've added your icons (after creating the vectors from the bitmaps) to the theme. There was an existing Tor icon so I skipped that one.

Thanks for contributing. 
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I try to install it from AUR (yaourt -S compass-kde-icon-theme) but this link is broken:…
Please fix it.

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DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
We do not (and neither do I) maintain the PKGBUILD in the AUR you may contact the maintainer in the comments section of the AUR. You can however download the file directly from our site and use the icon theme.
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DablimHobbyist Digital Artist
My favs icons on KDE, thank you!
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DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
eRRoOs's avatar
Can you add icons for network manager applet and power manager in xfce4.12 ?
DevianTN7k1's avatar
DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
Please report missing icons on Github, thanks!.
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Hello, my favorite icon theme, Dress tint and sober design, icons fine and clean records, unique style and well integrated.

The only little problem , does not pass with bar black spots due to black icons .

But I have made ​​my mark transparent spots waiting to change that by delving a little.

I look at your work with interret , I'm french and I started on ubuntu, sorry if this is not enough understandable.

(I read the reviews and the taskbar issue is already requested , problem solved )
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Leelee316 Writer
We Need a link for fedora linux
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Last time I checked, I thought the Manual said for typical Linux users of Gnome/GTK to use Nautilus.

And when working with KDE/QT to use Dolphin.

LOL... ;)

There is a word and I'm sure you know it called; Cruft, now it might seem small to you for just this one project,
but imagine every project out there did the same thing, well we'd have a hell of a lot of excess cruft lying

Now with no disrespect to you, you really should be looking at it this way.

And don't worry, I'm not down on you or whipping you, I'm lauging with a good heart!

Get another file manger to use for this iconset.... ;)

Gentoo & Cruft, have you been around long enough to remember those days?
DevianTN7k1's avatar
DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
It'd would seem a bit too much to be switching between DEs just so that the packages don't have that particular file.

It sure is cruft (to you), an unnecessary file, a 100 bytes unnecessary file. There would need to be literally speaking a lot of these files to be considered as something that really harms the distribution of the TARs or the end user by taking up space, which it does, 100 bytes of the hundreds GB of freely available space on a typical drive.

Now, like I said before, If I don't have that file I won't have previews in Dolphin, so I need to have that file, you can remove it if you somehow feel it's affecting, or creating a problem (which it doesn't because Nautilus, Thunar, PCManFM, Caja, elementary Files, etc. don't use it) or for whatever reason you don't want to have the file there. Just like OSX adds hidden files and folders when moving stuff between it and other systems like Linux or Windows where these hidden files are visible, and do absolutely nothing and are safe to remove.

I also won't be using another file manager to package the TARs just because of that reason, again, that's a bit too much for such an extremely minor side effect of using Dolphin and having file previews, which I need.

And by the way, you can just reply to the comments, no need to create a new one each time.


You can also, just delete the files running a search for them in Nautilus.
DevyGrl's avatar
Ahh my bad, forgot about the reply button...

Oh yeah sure, I didn't say switch DE's I said File Managers :)

Well if you ever get into a playing mood to checking something out, check out SpaceFM, really light weight, been my main file manager since it came out.
To bad the developer isn't active at the moment.…

it runs from either udisks, or udevil which he developed, I use udevil, nice and light...
DevianTN7k1's avatar
DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
I've tried it, I didn't keep it, I instead continued to use Nautilus and now Dolphin. It's geared towards users of midnight commander as it resembles its UX a lot. I'm not particularly fond of those types of file managers, although ironically I use Dolphin's split view a lot. I prefer PCManFM as my light browser of choice, I'm eager to see it completely ported to Qt.
DevyGrl's avatar
PCManFM is a bit bloated...

I never considered SpaceFM as having any relation to MC, hmm I don't even like MC...

You've obviously not tried out SpaceFM using the split views...

SpaceFM is really easy, it's just a simple light weight GUI FileManger, not sure what confused you otherwise into
thinking this was some complicated file manager. It doesn't resemble MC because it's not ncurses, it's only mulit pane
if you want it, and there are a lot of file managers out there that are multi view/pane too...

For a really nice light weight multi view file manage it doesn't get any better! ;)

Here's a screen shot from my box;
DevianTN7k1's avatar
DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
It has changed from what I tried. But anyways, I meant the UX (user experience) not the GUI. Dolphin is really fast for me though so I doubt I'd use another file manager other than just to check it out.
DevyGrl's avatar
I only run Openbox so I just use small apps...
DevianTN7k1's avatar
DevianTN7k1Professional Interface Designer
There was/is a distro based on Arch that had Openbox and many custom made apps, I can't remember the name.. but it was REALLY fast and very very light. 
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