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Ayrton Senna's McLAREN HONDA

Watercolor on Arches 14 X 18"

Powered by a 1500cc V6 twin-turbo engine, this machine dominated the 1988 F1 series, winning 15 of 16 GPs.

It set the record for number of GP wins in a season and won both the Constructor's and Driver's championships.

Winner of the Belgian GP. Driver: No.12 Ayrton Senna

Engine: Water-Cooled
4-st. 80° V-6 DOHC 4-Valve Gear Train / Twin-

Displacement: 1,494 cm3

Max.output: over 600PS/12,500rpm

Weight: 540kg(Formula Weight)

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wonderful work! beautiful watercolor!
GuitarWars's avatar
great work, We have the Molson Indy in Toronto this July.
deviantmike423's avatar
Hey Luigi....I was reading thru my e-mails and came across this article about the race you mentioned earlier......sounds like a nice event....
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ART-havoc's avatar
I love it!!!!!
deviantmike423's avatar
So glad you like !
Meggy-SJ's avatar
Wonderful work!!!!!
I miss Ayrton Senna sooooo much!! :hug:
Meggy-SJ's avatar
Thanks a lot for the links!!!

We Brazilian people miss him so much, do you believe that when his body arrived, all the country stopped! And everybody was sad! :(

So, do you like Fomula 1?
deviantmike423's avatar
I remember that. It was a time of mourning for the whole country of Brazil.
YES...I've always loved F-1 racing. I was watching the race when he was killed. I knew right away something was horribly was like 3 am my time when I saw it.....very VERY sad. The suspension of the front wheel penetrated his head right thru the helmet. A lot of news stories say he just died if the trauma of the sudden stop.....but , ya.....the suspension rod went in right above his eye. I watched the funeral too.
Do you like Formula one also or just Ayrton? :lmao:
Meggy-SJ's avatar
I still like Formula One.
Have a great weekend :love:
deviantmike423's avatar
Thank-you...he was my favorite....something about the Brazilians!
brunette-from-oz's avatar
I am admiring it, again!
deviantmike423's avatar
He was loved by all...
brunette-from-oz's avatar
deviantmike423's avatar wasn't the going fast that killed him it was the sudden stop.
brunette-from-oz's avatar
He was my hero! This is a great angle!
kanaruaizawa16's avatar
Pretty colors :3. And that MP4/4 I think it very beautiful and epic :D.

Good job! :D.
deviantmike423's avatar
Thank-you for the compliment!
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